12th House in Astrology – Your Losses

12th house in astrology is technically end of the kundli, hence it represents ‘End of Life’ and End of anything in life. Also known as Vyay Bhav/Mukthi Bhav, it is the last and strongest moksh sthan in the kundli.

Confinement, Hospitalization, Imprisonment, Expenses, Losses, Separation from Family, Betrayal, Obstructions in Life, Bed Pleasures, Abroad Journey, Foreign Residence, Longevity, Research, Marital Tie/Happiness all belongs here.

  • It corresponds to the ordeals underwent your whole life, your hidden enemies, and serious illnesses.
    In the body parts, it represents left eye and feet.
  • 12th house is one of the Dussthan (other being 6 & 8).
  • 11th house gives you income and 12th house makes you spend it. So in case you earn a lot but all income disappears, check your 12th house. Loss of your wealth, property, income, any financial loss is related to 12th house. However, on a positive note donation, charity, dowry, gifts are also part of 12th house as expensed.
  • As 12th house is the end of kundli, i.e. end of life circle so any kind of loss; loss in business, loss of job, loss of someone, any of your personal loss, loss of health or life, all is seen here.
  • Good sleep or sleep related diseases, sexual enjoyment, sex vigor or problems related with sex belong to 12th House.
  • It is 9th (religion) from 4th (mind house) and 4th from 9th, and tells the religious status of your mind. It tells your status after death. Since it is travel house (9th) from home (4th) so it also indicates long travel from your home, foreign travel etc.
  • Anything related to foreign such as immigration, visa, foreign citizenship, foreign stay, foreign import & export related to 12th house.
  • Misfortune also belongs to this house such as damage in your social or professional reputation, respect, behavior etc.

Karak planet for 12th House is Saturn regarding expense. A strong Moon and a strong Venus can help. Planets in the twelfth house may send you foreign lands or distant places.


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