8th House in Astrology – Your Life Span

Technically, it is the most powerful house which controls the end of your life when everything comes to a halt and no other house can help you to continue your life neither finance, religion, career, nor fortune. 8th house in astrology is all about Wealth through Easy Gains & Inheritance, Longevity or Your Age Span, Partnership & Marital Tie, Obstacles, Debts, Setbacks, Accidents, Death Like Experience, Misfortune, Disgrace, Disappointments. Eighth house talks about native’s birth, re-birth and death, or a death like situation.

– Occultism, interest in mystical sciences, MOKSHA, past and future events, litigation, and bankruptcy etc is all strong features of 8th house.

– Body parts such as outer sexual organs are represented by this house. That is why this house also represents SEX pleasure, sexuality and the sexual act whether obvious or hidden – the secretive ones!

– People with strong 8th house is very good with Social work and counseling, they also have very good understanding in astrology and psychology.

– 8th house gives your lessons in life which makes your more humble and understanding to realize the hardships of life and how you can assist others in this same purpose.

-Remember 8th house is 12th of the 7th house which means every feature of the 7th house is at the stake in 8th house.

– Being 8th house, it represents Scorpio sign which is ruled by Mars. However, karak planet of 8th house is Saturn. Saturn is the most natural planet for death and longevity. The placement and health of Saturn in the chart gives you good insight about the features of 8th house.


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