Hrithik Roshan Birth Chart


He is born in Pisces lagna; Sun, Saturn, Venus, Rahu, Ketu is his functional malefic planets.

His Mars is svagrihi (in its own home) in 2nd house at a strong degree, hence features of 2nd house will get highly benefited.

2nd house represents eyes, he has great looking eyes. 2nd house describes the financial matters, way you will earn money. He was born in a wealthy family and has tremendous wealth himself. 2nd house also represents organs such as nose, throat, mouth, tongue, teeth and eyes are represented by second house means overall face structure is represented by 2nd house. He has extremely well structured face and is considered Greek God due to his good looks.
Strong Mars make him muscular, sporty, and adventurous and gives good confidence. You can read the Mars (internal link) features here.

His 6th lord Sun is placed in the 10th house. 6th & 10th both are upachaya house so this combination is good for getting wishes done. However, his Sun is weak at 26.07 degree & 6th house is natural malicious house. There may be professional enmity in his career.

Moreover, Sun is his functional malefic planet, Mercury is also very close to Sun at 26.41 degree and not contributing much to 10th house significations. Rahu is also playing functional malefic. Malefic Sun, Rahu and combust Mercury may take time to produce desired results in his career.

These planets are together aspecting the 4th house where Saturn and Ketu, both are functional malefic, is sitting. Saturn is the lord of 12th house (malefic) which again contributes to the continuance of marriage. Saturn & Ketu is also aspecting the 6th house. Venus although well placed in 11th house is functional malefic and 8th lord (again continuation of marriage).

Overall his marriage significations are weak in long term that is why he was divorced.

His Moon is well placed at 20.53 degree in 5th house, he will have good kids.


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