Narendra Modi Birth Chart

Name: Narendra Modi

Date of Birth: Sunday, September 17, 1950

Time of Birth: 11:00:00 PM

Place of Birth: Mehsana

Narendra Modi Birth Chart

He is born in Scorpio lagna, Mars and Moon is also present in lagna, being in Scorpio sign his Moon is debilitated. However, there is also Neech Bhang Yoga as Moon is with Mars in Lagna in its own sign hence debilitation of Moon stands cancelled.

Weak Moon gives problems to mother, problems relating to property (he does not have any property), school education (he had very basic education), marriage (he is unmarried), and mental peace (he is a thinker).

Mars in its own sign with debilitated Moon make him very aggressive in his approach. Mars contributes to his energy, direct and hard hitting speech. At the same time this combination also make him equipped with stability, good memory and ability to fight back or criticize someone sharply.

Moon is 9th lord, 9th house represents fortune, 9th lord in ascendant means he will be a self-made man creating his own fortune and will be blessed with fortune.

Let’s have a look at his mooltrikona signs:

2nd House

2nd house is ruled by Jupiter sitting in the 4th house which is again ruled by Saturn sitting in the 10th house of profession. So his 4th house, 2nd house, & 10th house is very strong.

4th house

His 4th house is ruled by Saturn with Jupiter sitting in it. 4th house is important while analyzing the chart of the nation and its political leaders. Jupiter is 2nd lord (speech & voice) and 5th lord (intelligence) so he is an intelligent speaker. 4th lord Saturn is sitting in powerful 10th house, overall Saturn is in great command in his kundli. Saturn is planet for politicians, struggle etc. Its combination shows that he will raise from rags to riches all by his own. Moreover Jupiter is aspecting his 10th house giving more power to his 10th house.

Jupiter is forming an excellent Raj Yoga – ‘Gajkesari’ making him a sought after man and popular with masses.

Saturn is also his 3rd lord, lord of courage and will power that is why he has taken tough decisions like surgical strike, demonetization, GST etc.

10th House

10th house lord Sun is sitting in 11th house (upachaya bhav) along with exalted Mercury. 10th house is occupied by Saturn and Venus. Saturn gives him sense of duty, commitment with a strong sense of discipline.

11th house is 2nd from 10th too, this combination gives him royal position as Sun, Saturn, Rahu & Jupiter make a person royal & successful in politics. Jupiter is aspecting 10th house from 4th giving him enormous power and authority to be a good administrator


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