10th House in Astrology – Your Professional Life

10th house in astrology is also known as karmasthana – house of action, profession, promotion. This is perhaps the most powerful Kendra house as man is identified by his karma only. His karma makes him grow, make popular, and moreover provide the means of livelihood. It also talks about our social status in the society, how much society value you as an individual.- It is one of the Upachaya houses representing ‘growth’, ‘advancement’, ‘increment’ etc.

– This is the best place for the action and malefic planets like Mars and Saturn are best suited here where it puts all its brilliant energy in the single goal of achieving the success.

– Career is the most focal point of the 10th house. What will/should you do. What will be the success ratio. All about your bread and butter, professional goals, your employer, your workplace, relations with colleague, your career growth, ambitions etc.

– 10th house tells your reputation, popularity in the society, how much others will seek you help or advise. How much you will contribute to the social cause.

– Body parts of knee and joints are represented by 10th house.

– Foreign travel, father, government, banks, powerful people all belong here.

One should also study the 7th house strength, from bhavat bhavam, to study the results of the 10th house.

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