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11th house in astrology represents gain or income. It tells if your dreams related to higher education, business, litigation, job, or speculation will come true in this house. This is also house of your friends, quality of your friend circle or social circle can be seen from here.

– When we talk about wealth matters, it is 2nd house which represents fixed assets in your life. But it is 11th house which tell your earning or money making capabilities not necessarily your profession, it could be anything such as foreign sources, inheritance, speculation etc.

– if 2nd, 11th and 9th houses are connected with each other in one way or another, it creates tremendous wealth scope in the kundli.

– L-7 in the 11th house reflects the gain through partnership like marriage.

– Body parts associated with 11th house is Arm/Hand, Ear/Hearing, ankles, right leg.

– Famous people, successful people, wealthy people can be seen from here.

– 11th house also governs stepchildren, foster children and adopted children.

– 11th house represents your social circle, friendships, clubs, organizations, social groups, networking organizations and professional associations. Whether you make friends easily or take your time, whether you prefer seclusion or are a social animal, what kind of people do you make friendship with, whether these friendships turn out to be fruitful or not are a few questions that 11th house answers.

– Sun is the natural significator of this house.

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