12th House Lord in Different Houses

L-12 in 1st House:

As per ancient books of astrology when 12th house lord is placed in 1st house native is physical weak, suffers from disease, will be devoid from wealth and knowledge.

Technically speaking, 1st house is house of self, L 12 placed here means loss of self. Native could be physically weak, he may not have good stamina and may be frequently sick. This formation creates 2-12 relationship which is again not good as 2nd house become Marak for the native. However, it is said that 12th house lord occupied 1st house makes the native very handsome.

Native may be very spendthrift and spend on the luxurious lifestyle. He may also develop drinking habits or other bad habits. Native may be fickle minded as 12th house lord will affect his focus and decision making ability.
This combination may give a lot of foreign travelling. 12th house lord in the 1st house also create some connection with hospital. 12th house belongs to sleeping so it is possible that native has some kind of sleeping problem.
1st house is the beginning of the life, 12th house lord placed here will create frequent obstacles in his life.
However, one has to check malicious and benefic planets effect to get some conclusion.

L-12 in 2nd House:

Sage Parashar Says “In this combination native always spend on auspicious deeds. Native is religious and lovely speaker. And native is full with good qualities and have happiness in life.” 12th house is house of dissolution where everything dissolves and so the ego, arrogance; 12th lord in 2nd house (wealth, material) will make the person to spend on good deeds which will improve his Karma. 12th house makes the person humble. This placement generically shows that your wealth is coming from Foreign Lands (12th house). Spirituality, Isolated Places and places like Hospitals & Jails can bring wealth to the native.

2nd house and 12th house make 3-11 relationship with each other which may seem good as both are Upachaya Houses. However, at the same time, this placement is not considered good from astrological point of view. 2nd house is strong marak. It may give many different types of problems of wealth and health, financial losses, family trouble, bad food habits, eye sight problems, tongue problems, false speaking. Native may not have good relationship with his family members.

L-12 in 3rd House:

3rd house is sibling house, native may not have happiness of sibling, he may not have good relationship with siblings, sibling may be staying away from him, native may face some problems due to siblings, siblings may have health issues and native must be spending lot of money on them.

3rd house is your initiatives, boldness, 12th lord will affect the initiatives for different matters of life, and native may not have enough courage to execute his plans. 3rd house is related to sex and it is belong to sperm counts or eggs counts so 12th house lord in 3rd house may cause problems in sperms counting or problems regarding productivity of native. Such as native loss his productive energy or waste his productive material in just to get pleasure.

3rd house is travel house and 12th house is foreign land, native may be doing a lot of travel to foreign lands for his profession or may be for religious reasons. 3rd house belongs to communication, 12th lord may affect the communication ability of the native.

L-12 in 4th House:

12th lord in 4th house affect the native on domestic front i.e. family, mother, property, vehicle, education, family happiness etc. Even though he may be trying his best and spending money to keep everybody happy but it may not work.

4th house is primarily for mother and family, 12th house is loss house, so it indicates loss of mother means native could live away from his mother, or his mother may be seriously ill, or if placement is really bad, then there could be death also.

4th house belongs to mind or mentality means mental state of the person, 12th house lord can give trouble related to mental peace, person may have worries or sleep disorder or he may be emotional person thinks unnecessary about the things.

12th house is foreign land, 4th house is mother land, it is strong possibility that native will go to foreign lands and will be frequently travelling. He will not have comfort of homely life easily. 4th house belongs to property, vehicle etc. 12th lord here means loss of property in some way it could be either not having any parental property or some legalities include in the property matters. Loss of vehicle means not having comfort of vehicle or there could be some issues due to vehicle. It may also cause education related problems in the life of native, it may be break in education, incomplete education etc.

L-12 in 5th House:

5th house is for children, L 12 in 5th house may indicate some kind of loss related to children, child may be severely sick in the deathlike situation and heavy money is being drained, or it could be loss of child due to any reason, or it could be problem related to child birth or delay in child birth or no child birth. Even if there are children there could be unhappiness from them or children may not live with native.

12th house and 5th are 6th- 8th to each other so when 12th house lord in placed in 5th house it’s making 6th-8th relationship. Although it can be taken as some kind of viprit raj yog combination, however, 5th is very auspicious trik house so 12th house lord here will give very mix of results. It will affect native’s past life deeds which will not yield good fruit in this birth. Native will not have higher education or he may be trying for one but not getting through.

As far as intelligence is concerned, it is possible that native’s decision is turning wrong for him or he is dependent on others for his decision as he does not have judgment capabilities. It is possible that native may be very emotional or arrogant or sensitive due to this placement as he will have lack of control of thoughts.
5th house also belong to religion, this combination makes the person very religious. Due to problems in his life, native may turn religious and spend on religious activities, charity, and religious travel.

L-12 in 6th House:

Technically this creates a ‘Vipareet Raj Yoga’ called Vimala Yoga in kundli. L-12 in 6th house signifies loss of any type (mental, physical, and financial) due to conflict, disease, unlawful actions.

6th house represents argumentation, L-12 in 6th house will suggest inability of argumentation means lack of ability to negotiate. Such person may fall victim of unintentional criminal consequences of their actions. 12th house is house of imagination, L-12 in 6th house may suggest that person falls victim of disagreements, injuries, and illnesses due to his imaginative reflection. It is possible that some foreign assistance is bring into picture such as medical and legal practice.

6th house represents military, medicine, and service, native may have some kind of relation with these profession in some way or other. For example he may be doctor serving to underprivileged, or she can be a nurse in some institution to serve people. This is a supportive placement for service to anybody who is in the last stage of life and looking for calm & peace. Native can bring astral intuitive support to such persons.

However, as constructing ‘Vipareeta Raja Yoga’, L-12 loses most of its malefic powers in the 6th house, and can give some good results to the native. In other words, this combination will work in favor of native creating some fortunate event out of unfortunate.

Being the 7th house from 12th, 6th house also indicates about being faithful to the wrong people, wrong partners. One needs to be cautious regarding the partnerships, contracts and agreements. Native may also suffer from illness and disagreements and involve in lawless or underclass behaviors. 12th house is related to bedroom and other private environments, L-12 in 6th house may give trouble in such private environments such as bedroom, hospital, foreign country etc.

L-12 in 6th house strengthens the personality, provide good social visibility. This placement is very supportive for physicians. This placement also suggests military professions. The more graha in bhava-6, the more agents who complain and criticize. If there are several graha in bhava-6, each will cause its own variety of illness, poverty, jealousy, and suspicion.

L-12 in 7th House:

7th house is typical marriage house. 7th house is 8th from 12th which is not a good position for L-12. L-12 in 7th house represents loss of marriage, disappointment or betrayal in the first marriage or such conditions. It also represents loss of partnership means person needs to be aware while going for partnerships. 12th house is 6th from 7th house which technically causes animosity in partnerships. In such planetary combinations, partners are naturally hostile towards each other and native may live in tense suspicion toward the partners.

In the marriage, native may marry and attempt to conduct business as usual, but indeed no-one seems fully trustworthy, no matter how intimate the relationship is. There has to be some foreign connections in the marriage. Marriage may be affected by long absences esp. foreign travel. There are strong chances of extramarital affairs (betrayal).

Lord of 8th-from-5th occupying bhava-7 may have ill effects on children like losing children tends to provoke additional marriage conflict and infidelities. If Ruler-of-12 is a benefic and vidyapathi-5 is reasonably healthy, other children may arrive.

If L-12 is a benefic planet, the spouse may be extremely pleasant taking care of outside liaisons for native.
In this combination native’s financial style will be at odds with the spouse i.e. one of them will be luxurious and other will be miser. L-12 in 7th house gives good sexual desires to both the persons.

L-12 in 8th House:

Again an event for protective Viparita Raja Yoga or Vimala Yoga when L-12 goes into 8th house. It is generally good for longevity. However, effects of planet in 8 are sometimes mysterious and magical or shocking.

L-12 is in the 9th house from its own place which is good in terms of attainment of wisdom, spiritual development and growth means planet in the 8th house may help in these regards. Having L-12 in the 8th house favors long life as dissolving influences of 12th are destroyed in 8th. It is said that Sun, Moon or Mars in 8th house shortens the lifespan, but if these are also Ruler-of-12 some extra longevity may be gained. However, Saturn drishti on the 8th house helps to extend the life.

L-12 in 8th house can give hidden wealth to the native or suggest sudden or surprise gain of wisdom from the ancestral spirits in some form. It may cause loss of normal sleep as 12th house represents sleep. Such natives may be working in some kind of healing services such as hospital work, emergency services, midwives, obstetricians, psychiatrists and other trained healers.

Sage Parashara says if 12th lord occupies the 8th house the native will always gain, will speak affably, will enjoy a medium span of life, and be endowed with all good qualities.

L-12 in 9th House:

When L-12 in 9th house such person may be associated with wisdom teachings, such person will be highly charitable as 9th and 12th both houses belong to Jupiter. There will be some elements of foreign cultural into the religious practice and philosophical view of bhav 9.

Bhava-9 is quite a good place for the malefic Ruler-of-12 due to 10th-4th relationship as native receives the support of religion. Parashara says if 12th lord occupies the 9th house, the native will dishonor his elders, be inimical to his friends, and always be intent on achieving his own goals. When 12th house lord is placed in 9th house native will be jealous about his enemity with his friends.

L-12 in the 9th house signifies redemption through religion or wisdom. Person may be involved into import export business or foreign trade of religion or spiritualism related matters or commodities. He may be into the tour and travel organizer of pilgrimage.

L-12 in 10th House:

10th house is a very strong Kendra house belongs to profession and 12th house is a bad house which may create obstacles in professional life. Native may not have a good stable profession or there may be loss in business in some way. Native may visit/involve in foreign places for his profession related duties as 12th is foreign house. It also shows someone in a spiritual career, career in Medicine or Jails. If placement is bad then it shows that losses may come to Career or Father.

Ruler-of-12 in 11th-from swabhava, 11th stands for increment. 12th is the world of dreams, meditation, distant worlds, and sanctuary. Such person can be spiritual Guru, he can have high connections with well-placed people. At some point such persons’ sex life may be publically discussed. This combination also suggest loss in paternal bliss, father may be distant from children or vice-versa.

This person may face troubles from superiors or government or persons in authority. There may be expenditure through royal persons. Results may be different due to aspect, conjunctions of other planets or the planet being Retrograde or Combust.

L-12 in 11th House:

The native may experience difficulties in fulfilling desires. He may have financial losses. Relationship with eldest sibling (11th house) may not be very harmonious. This placement tells about your friend circle, as 12th being the house of loss, it may mean that either you don’t have good friends around you or you prefer to live in seclusion rather than being social, 11th house is your social circle too. There could be debts or expenses due to friends (11th house). This placement gives more expenditure and individual may become miser. There could be loss of your money making capabilities.

11th house also represents hearing capabilities L-12 in 11th house means there may be some hearing loss to the native such as he may be listening to the high pitch.

L-12 in 12th House:

12th house lord in 12th house indicating Viparit Rajyog. Native may be wealthy and getting all comforts. 12th house lord in 12th house indicating native may be religious and spiritual. Native may be spending more on religious or charitable activities. Strong chances that such native will live away from homeland.

12th house lord in 12th house indicating native may be charming and have good physique, he will have good eyesight. Native may enjoying bed pleasures (sexual), and enjoying sound sleep. However, this placement is bad for health. Native may be fond of traveling.

Through 12th house we discuss the range of topics and their further detailed interpretation:

Sleep, dreams, private imaginations, bed-pleasures, other worlds, redemption, sacrifice, import-export, foreign trade, selflessness, de-materialization, decay, psychic powers, illness or poverty of the spouse, Imprisonment – physical or psychological, enclosures such as hospital, prisons, monasteries, ashram, deceivers, sympathy, empathy, spirituality, places of seclusion.

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