Sunfa, Anfa, and Durdhara Yogas

Sunfa, Anfa, and Durdhara yogas are considered very auspicious in Vedic astrology. These are related with the placement of the Moon in your kundli. However, one needs to understand carefully the pre-requisites of the formation of these yogas. If you will go by the definition only then every second kundli will have one of these yogas. But the native never feels any such auspicious result in his life.

Sunfa Yog:

If there are one or more planet present in the 2nd house from the Moon, except Sun, Rahu, and Ketu, Sunfa Yog may exist. It gives wealth and fame.

Anfa Yog:

If there is one or more planet present in 12th house from the Moon, except Sun, Rahu, and Ketu, Anfa Yog may exist. It makes the person spiritual, gives good health, and fame.

Durdhara Yog:

If there are planets present on both sides of the Moon in a horoscope i.e. 2nd and 12th house from the Moon, except Sun, Rahu, and Ketu, Durdhara yog may exist. It blesses the native with wealth and prosperity.

As we discussed above, as per the definitions these yogas will exist in most of the kundlis. But results are very different benefic results associated with these yogas are never seen or felt by the natives. It is obvious that there are some other conditions which have to be met in order to truly experience the auspicious results.

The strength and placement of Moon in a horoscope is an important factor in deciding these yogas. For example, Moon in Cancer in 4th house creates more possibility of the existence of these yogas than Moon in Leo sign in 11th house, or in the sign of Scorpio which is the sign of debilitation for Moon. Malefic Moon does not create these yogas.

In all the cases planets around Moon in 2nd or 12th houses should be benefic, aspected by benefic, or accompanied by benefic and not malefic. For example, if Moon is in 4th house, and Mercury is in 5th house, Sunfa yoga exists, however, if Sun is in 5th house, the yoga is cancelled. Presence of malefic planets in the house next to Moon will either cancel or minimize the opportunity.

Another rule, Moon itself should act as a benefic planet and its place or placement should not be inflicted. It should not be placed with any malefic planet, and/or receive a strong aspect from a malefic planet in the horoscope; it may affect/reject good effects associated with these yogas. The best results are experienced when Moon is placed alone or with benefic planets.

In Durdhara yoga, if one of the two houses on both sides of the Moon is benefic and another is malefic, a weak Durdhara yog is formed with less benefic results. The presence of one or more malefic planets in any of the house is likely to give more weak results. Presence of malefic planets in both the houses will almost cancel the yoga. Other yogas like Gaj Kesari yoga in a horoscope can increase the strength of Durdhara Yog.

Gautam Trehan

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