1st House in Astrology – Your Self

1st house in astrology is called the Ascendant or ‘Lagna’. 1st house is the prime most important house of your chart. It is the beginning of your life, your birth and starting point of your journey of life. This house explores the key answers of the questions like who you are, what will you do, what do you think etc.

  • Your physical body, constitution, body complex, overall appearance, your soul, spirituality, health, age span etc all belong here.
  • It is first Kendra house of your chart. It is also considered one of the trikona (त्रिकोण) houses. It is also known as Vishnu sthan (विष्णु स्थान) or Lakshmi sthan (लक्ष्मी स्थान).
  • It tells about your childhood, your nature, behavior, fame, dignity, state of happiness/sorrow. Your head, brain, hair belongs here.
  • It is house of your self-effort means whatever you will earn through your own. It tells about your knowledge, intelligence, and your ambition status.

A strong Sun and Mars can be helpful. One should also study the 1st house lord in different astrology houses.

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