2nd House in Astrology – Wealth

Wealth, Eye/Vision, Family, Fortune, Speech, Continuance of Married Life, Smoking, Drinking, Over-Indulging to Food, Food Habits, Education Related to Social Status, Government Status, Bad Habits and Vices. 2nd house in astrology describes the financial matters and possessions, way you will earn money and material goods, and how you will manage them. It represents male child, higher education, professional position, spouse, second marriage, continuance of married life, jewelry, cash, fortune, prosperity, movable properties, speech, and vision etc. Organs such as nose, throat, mouth, tongue, teeth and eyes are represented by second house.

  • 2nd house belongs to your childhood basic education/speech/learning/style of talking.
  • Speech is strong significance of 2nd house. Ability of speech, quality of speech, attracting other through speech all governed by this house. How much speech will contribute in your life can be seen here. You can be a speaker, singer or you may have voice problem all depends here.
  • Accumulated wealth (any type such as jewelry, grains, diamond, cash, property) belongs to 2nd house. Wealth earned through your life, wealth gained from parent, family, friends, or other sources belongs to 2nd House. It also shows loss of parental wealth.
  • Second house is karak house for your eyes, problems like low vision, weak eye sight etc can be seen here.
  • Creative activities such as writing, poetry, and singing can be seen in this house.
  • Apart from all above, 2nd house is a marak house as it is 12th from 3rd house (longevity) and 7th from 8th house (life span). So marak factor of the life such as illness, enemies, health problems and other are related here.

A strong Jupiter or Moon can help. One should also study the 2nd house lord in different astrology houses.

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