3rd House in Astrology – Courage, Initiative

3rd house deals with siblings, colleagues, schoolmates, primary and secondary education, and communication etc.It also discusses short trips, transportation, and all practical things. This house plays a vital role in native’s education and profession. It represents courage, physical strength, initiative, entrepreneurial nature, writing and communicative capability etc. A strong Mars can help.Also known as Bhatru (भातृ) House/House of communication, this is the first karam (कर्म) house of your kundli. 3rd house is also one of the Dusthsthan (दुशस्थान) and Upachaya (उपचय) house. You can read this house for the following matters:

  • Matter related to siblings (brother & sister), especially younger siblings, belongs to 3rd house. Good bad relationship/any dispute/legal matters with siblings are consulted through this house.
  • Your strength, physical power, stamina, working capacity, boldness, courage, passion, risk taking capabilities all belongs here. It represents right side of your body so right side of neck, shoulders, hands, ears, and arms in your body.
  • 3rd house is house of death as it is 8th house from 8th house (मृत्यु), 12th house from 4th (mother’s house), 7th house (मारक) from 9th house (father’s house). So death of the native or his parents can be consulted here.
  • Communication is another strong feature of this house as it is 2nd from 2nd (speech) house. Anything or anyone related to communication comes here. Communication with your family members, friends, colleagues, neighbors, society etc; and medium of communication such as post office, phone, internet, and news paper etc.
  • This is 12th (loss) from 4th house (सुख स्थान), so planets in this house may also responsible for the loss or interference in the features of 4th house as discussed here; loss of property, loss of mental peace.
  • 3rd house is house of your short traveling. It is house of creativity too: writing, singing, press, media belong to 3rd house. Servant also belongs to this house.

This is one of the upachaya houses so malefic planets are considered good here.

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