5th House Lord in Various Houses

L-5 in 1st House:

  • It is also considered as first house lord in 9th house. 5th house is past life; intelligence etc so native will be benefited from his past deeds and use his intelligence to get name and fame. Being 1-9 combination, native will be lucky if planets are positive. 5th and 1st are 5th and 9th from each other, so overall it is 1st, 5th, 9th house combination which is considered very good and powerful and makes the person very religious soul.
  • Generally 5th house lord in 1st house gives less children, but children are very bright and native gets a lot of happiness from children, however, it lords are afflicted then it could also mean no child. 5th house is speculation house, and 1st house is 9th from 5th, so native will be lucky in speculative jobs and will earn money through it.Native will be lucky in love affairs and romance. He may have interest in music and arts.
  • If lords are well placed, native will be highly educated and this education could be in a particular field giving him a good position in the particular profession. 5th house gives very good advising ability, if lords are good then native may become Minister (advisory), or join any profession requires advising ability in an MNC or Govt job such as Judge, Professor, adviser etc, or person may be interested in occultism such as tantra-mantra, astrology etc.

L-5 in 2nd House:

  • It is also taken as 1st house lord in 10th house. Both the houses are 10th-4th to each other so it is again good combination from career point of view, and family point of view. 5th house is education, intelligence, and 2nd house is wealth house so native will be wealthy through his intelligence and speech.
  • 2nd house is also related to social status and government status; he will be socially much respected and may also join government positions on higher level. 2nd house lord with 5th house lord in the 5th house is very wealthy combination.
  • 5th house relates to digestive system, 2nd house relates to food so native will be fond of food, if there is any affliction then it may cause stomach related problems due to bad food habits. 2nd house signify the spouse, 5th lord in the 2nd may give good and beautiful wife, could be love marriage also as 5th house also gives love-affairs.
  • 2nd house is related to all features of face such as nose, throat, mouth, tongue, teeth and eyes etc, so 5th lord (being auspicious) in 2nd house makes the person pretty and attractive. In case it is afflicted then it may give problems related to these organs. 2nd house is related to family, and 5th house is children and house of moral values, so person will have children with good social and moral values.
  • Since it is 10th-4th combination which shows that person will be caring for his family and earn comfort for his family.

L-5 in 3rd House:

  • It is also taken as 1st house lord in 11th house. 3rd house is short travel, 5th house is education, so native may have to live at distant place for his education. 3rd house represents siblings, 5th house lord in 3rd house gives good, supportive, and careful siblings, however, if this combination is afflicted then it may create trouble from siblings.
  • 3rd house belongs to self-efforts, 5th house is your past deeds, and it interprets success to the native in his self-efforts supported by his past karma. 3rd house is physical strength, initiative, and entrepreneurial nature of the native. 5th lord will add to these features and native will be physically fit, strengthful, ready to take initiative, courageous and having entrepreneurial skills.
  • This person could be writer, singer, journalist, media-person etc.

L-5 in 4th House:

  • It is also taken as 1st house lord in 12th house which may not be considered good primarily, however, it is said to be indeed one of the best combinations.4th house represents all the material comfort such as vehicles, immovable properties, and also represents domestic peace, comforts, having 5th house lord placed here makes the native lucky in material world if placement is positive.
  • Since 5th house carries past deeds, native will be lucky from his past karma. 5th house is children, and 4th is 12th (loss) from 5th; which may signify no children, less children, only girl babies, or adoption of a child.
  • This combination, if positive, is excellent for education, knowledge, and intelligence. Both houses belong to education and intelligence. Native will have good higher education which could make him teacher, professor, or advisor with big positions.
  • 5th house is religion and spirituality; 4th is moksha sthan, so it makes native very religious and spiritual. This combination is also good from mother point of view.

L-5 in 5th House:

  • It is also taken as 1st house lord in 1st house.5th house lord in 5th house will strongly support all the significations of the house. Native may have many children; he will be intelligent, religious, and spiritual as well. He will be highly educated with good knowledge and intelligence.
  • He will be socially well respected will have good social status. He may be inclined towards politics, astrology, or teaching. He could be singer or writer also. He will have good digestion power.

L-5 in 6th House:

  • It is also taken as 1st lord in 2nd house. 5th house in natural benefic house and 6th house is natural malefic house. 5th lord in 6th may not be that good if placement is not strong or supportive.
  • It could be harmful for children as 6th house is also one of the marak houses (2nd from 5th). It is also possible that children may have enmity with father as 6th is one of the dushsthans. 5th house belongs to past karmas, and 6th is dushsthan, so it is possible that native has to suffer the consequences of past bad deeds in this life time and life may not be easy going.
  • 5th house belongs to faith and religion so 5th lord in 6th may give no faith in religion and spiritualism. 5th house belongs to digestive system and abdomen, 6th house may cause trouble in stomach related issues.
  • This combination is also not good for marriage and may give troubled marriage relationship with delayed marriage, outcaste marriage, or marriage with foreign women. 6th house gives litigation, dispute, opposition, so native will have to face problems from his opposition, and there may be hidden enemies too.

L-5 in 7th House:

  • It is also considered as 1st house lord in 3rd house. Generally, this combination is not considered good due to many reasons. One of them is 5th lord Sun is debilitated in 7th house, another one is 5th is religion house and 7th is kaam house, so it is kind of mismatch.
  • 7th house strongly represents marriage, 5th house is love and romance, so both the houses create a non-conventional approach towards marriage where native does not follow the traditional boundaries. He may have affair before marriage, he can go for love marriage, or he may have troubled marital relationship. It all depends upon the planetary placement.
  • 5th house is children house and its lord placed in the 3rd (dushsthan) house from 5th, and most important in the marak bhav (7th), so it may not be good for children point of view. Children may be living away from native, he may be disconnected from children, children may not be healthy or he may even not have children depending upon the planetary placements.
  • 5th house belong to children and 7th house is marak for lagan and 3rd(dussthan) from 5th so in general it is not consider good regarding children. Native and his children lives away from each other means native is living in different place and children is living different place. If 5th house lord is well placed then native will have good children.
  • 5th house lord in 7th may sent native abroad for higher education as 5th house is knowledge (study) and 7th is foreign country (travel). It is an excellent combination from wealth point of view as it creates Kendra (Vishnu) –Trikona (Laxmi) relationship, and may even give you king like wealth. It can give you good fortune away from home-land (foreign land).
  • 5th is abdomen, and 7th being 3rd from 5th may give abdominal related problems. 5th house is politics, diplomacy which may give native diplomat positions in foreign countries.

L-5 in 8th House:

  • It is also read: 1st house lord in 4th house. 8th house is one of the dushsthan carrying bad deeds and 5th house is auspicious one. So in general, it is not considered good for native.
  • 5th house lord in 8th is not good from children point of view, it limits the number of children, no children (if Guru is ill-disposed, Shani in 5), or not the wanted ones (adopted). There could be dispute with children or difference of ideology. Exceptions can occur if there are many planets in 5th house.
  • Ill placement of 5th lord in 8th house gives dramatic end of life at the height of success if Shani is not strong or aspecting 8th house. Such person may also be interested in studying the occult sciences, tantrik and magical practices through creative performances and literature.
  • 5th house is intelligence, and 8th house is gambling; such person is very skillful in gambling and speculation. He may acquire wealth from skillful management of money i.e. stock market gambling or betting. This combination may also give wealth from inheritance, will, estates etc. At the same time if placement is afflicted, native may not be able to take right decision, have problems in understanding, may face mental stress, or loss of peace.
  • 8th house is also one of the moksha houses. 5th Lord in 8th house makes the native religious and spiritual. 8th house creates obstacles; native may face a lots of obstacles in his lifepath.

L-5 in 9th House:

  • 9th house is Bhavat Bhavam of 5th house so 5th house lord in 9th is a good placement of 5th lord. It is also 5th from 5th house or 1st lord in 5th house: an excellent placement as 5th and 9th house both are Dharam trikona and most auspicious house of a horoscope. 5th house belongs to past life good deeds and 9th house belongs to fortune house so person will be fortunate from his past deeds.
  • It makes the person charismatic, political, creative, gaming, and regal. Native will be a creative intelligence and a mix of politics, performance arts, humanism, and ideology. Native could be a Royal or Regal Celebrity. He could even be worshipped such as Mother Teresa.
  • This is an excellent placement for politics. Native’s father (9th) is highly intelligent, a creative artist, scholar etc. He will have good relationship with his father. If placement is good, such person will not have any money trouble, and he will be fortunate in money matter. This combination makes the person very positive thinker who can take on any situation.
  • 5th is children house Lord placed in most auspicious 9th house, native will have obeying and cultured long lived children. They will get good name and fame. Both houses are dharma house, native is very religious person involving in religious work for helping others. He is kind and liberal loves to help needy people. Overall native is a Punyatma.
  • Both are study, knowledge houses, make the native highly educated. 9th house is one of the travel house sending native to foreign places for many purposes. It is one of the strong moksha houses, a well placed 5th and 9th Lord in 9th house may be indication of liberation from life.

L-5 in 10th House:

  • You may read First house lord in 6th house. 5th is trikona (Laxmi sthan) and 10th is Kendra (Vishnu sthan). It gives professions in education, religion, politics, games, creative arts etc. 5th house is past life good deeds and 10th house is our karma house, native will enjoy good fruits of past life in this current life while performing his karma. Native will be successful in his professional life and achieve higher status in his profession.
  • Sun is 5th Lord and it is considered very auspicious in Capricorn (10th house). 5th house is Dharma house so 5th Lord in 10th house may involve native in religious work, he may be working in religious organizations.
    However, it may not be good for children being 6th house from 5th. If not well placed then native children may be suffering from health problems. Native children may live away from him.
  • Native will be very knowledgeable and may get good name and fame in society. 5th Lord with 10th Lord in 10th house creates Rajyoga. 5th house belongs to politics, diplomacy; if planets are well placed native may be advisor/minister in government or famous organizations.
  • 5th lord in 6th (ripu) may create conflicts and accusations made by enemies. Sometimes it may end the public career.

L-5 in 11th House:

  • You may read First house lord in 7th house. 5th house is past life and 11th house is current life desires. So, 5th house may help in native success to fulfill his desires. Native will be bestowed with intelligence, good luck, and winning ideas.
  • 5th house is creative house, so native will get income through dramatic performance and creative literature. He will have creative confidence, artistic performance, and political empowerment. He will be very well interconnected within wealthy world.
  • Native will be genius of network-building (11) by using charismatic persona. He will have leadership role in large. 11th house is an upachay house so 5th house matters benefited here. Native will be intelligent and knowledgeable. He will use his intelligence in his profession to earn money. Native will have many children.
    5th house belongs to speculation and 11th is profit, native will get profit through speculation. He could be a successful businessman.
  • Native may be interested in tantra mantra vidya (5th house) and use this as profession. Native will be long lived with name and fame if lords are well placed. 5th house is romance house, and 11th house may give love marriage or more than one affairs. 5th Lord with 11th Lord in 11th house is one of biggest Dhanyog. Also, native may benefited from elder siblings.

L-5 in 12th House:

  • You may also read First house lord in 8th house. 5th house is Dharma house and 12th house is most important Moksh house so 5th house Lord in 12th house makes native very religious and spiritual person.
  • 5th house is intelligence, 12th house is expense means expense of knowledge which means native will be wiser and contribute his wisdom to others. However, if 5th house Lord is afflicted then native may not be able to use his intelligence in proper direction. Native could be emotional, imaginative, and sometimes loss of judgment abilities.
  • Native may be suffering from abdominal diseases or mental problems. Well placed 5th house Lord with 12th Lord in 12th house makes him great spiritual and religious person. L-5 resides in a dushsthan and if it is only L-5 (without any other planets) in 12 may be a concern. For better clarification one may also look at the role of L-5 in Navamansha and Saptamansha. Child-karaka Guru residing in 5th or 9th house reduces or eliminates children, however, Guru aspecting 5th and 9th house is a positive indicator of having kids.
  • L-5 in 12th is 8th, dushsthan for parent. If things are pointing in the same direction then native may not wish to produce own children. Over all L-5 going into actual bhava-8 is less problematic than L-5 going into 12th.

But always remember predictions are never based on one factor!

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