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Problems are part of life; no life is without problem of any kind. In astrology, our life has been designed in such a way that there are specific houses assigned to create problem in our life such as 6th house in astrology. It does not mean they just create problems, it means they teach us karmic lessons to grow in our life and become a better human being.

6th house in kundli is one such house. You must wonder we are generally affected with these three problems in our life i.e. enmity (ripu), disease (roga), debt (ari/udhaar). Now suppose someone is always taking loans to meet the urgencies or otherwise and always indebted paying EMIs, check his 6th bhav. Someone is severely affected by a prolonged disease, look at the 6th house.

Following significance can be read through 6th house: Dispute, Conflict, Opposition, Litigation, Enemies, Debts, Kidney problems, Insolvency, Loss by Fire or Theft, Nervous Control, Female Reproductive Organs etc.

Let’s look at more elaborately:

  • Not only bad things, 6th house also stands for friends, health, attachment, maternal relatives, cousins, servants and inferiors. Means good things also come from here depending upon the strength of your planet. The 6th house protects against enemy, sickness, sorrow and debt.
  • 6th house also makes you strong in the process of going through hardships of life. Albert Einstein who suffered the accusation (6th house) of daydreaming and being stupid at the school became one of the greatest scientists on the earth.
  • It is 12th (loss) from 7th (marriage/relationship), so there could be unjust, unfair, mistrusting relationships or chances of divorce. For divorce related matters, consult this house. Poverty and crime related matters discussed here.
  • When 6th house lord is debilitated, and 10th house lord is exalted, one of the very prominent ‘Jaya Yoga’ will exist. This yoga makes the native happy, long lived, successful in all his ventures, and victorious over his enemies. 6th is one of the dushsthans, and its lord debilitated means all the ill effect is removed.
  • In astrological books it is said that it is better to have no planet in 6th, 8th, and 12th houses. The more graha residing in bhava-6, and the more influential the drishti incoming to bhava-6, the more the native is involved with medicines, toxicity, and conditions of imbalance.
  • At the same time, placement of 6th house lord also makes you wealthy as 6th is one of the ‘artha’ houses. It is 9th from 10th and 10th from 9th house which indicates highest professional placement in medicine, law, divinity, and teaching. Further, it is 11th (profit) from 8th (hidden/unexpected wealth) which indicates gain from mysterious resources.
  • It is said in vedic astrology “bad planets in a bad house may give good results”. Papa graha (malicious planets) i.e. Sun, Mars, Saturn, Rahu may give truly excellent results, under the right circumstances in dushsthanas. The hardness of malicious planet provides courage to fight the indicated debt, animosity or illness. Ironically, a papa-graha in Ripu Bhava often signals long-term success in difficult situation. For example, physician’s success in treating complicated medical conditions.
  • Benefic planets in these houses become victim of toxic and imbalanced environement. Managing our daily routines, conditions surrounding the work and the behavior of co-workers, employers or employees are part of the sixth house. Body parts such as waist, intestines and kidneys are represented by this house.

A strong Mercury or Mars can help.

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