6th House Lord in Different Houses

L-6 in 1st House:

  • You may also read First house lord in 8th house. It is not considered good as 6th house gives obstacles (ripu, roga, debt) so native may face a lot of obstacles in life path. 1st house is personality house so ill placement in 1st house may give weak physique, weak health, diseases etc. Bad placement of the planets may give long term disease depending upon the lord of the house and zodiac itself.
  • However, well placed 1st house and 1st house planet in own sign, excellent sign, mooltrikona sign, own house, friends’ sign will reduce the evil effect and native will enjoy good and sound health and strong physique.
    6th house belongs to legal matter so native may suffer from legal issues. If this placement is good then it may give career in in law fields. 6th house makes the person argumentive, and well placed 6th lord make the person very good in arguments.
  • 6th house belongs to Uncle (mamaji) and good placement will get him benefits from uncle side.
    Native may have a few enemies creating problems in his life path. Well placed 6th house lord will make him win over his enemies. 6th house belongs to quarrel, diseases, 6th house lord in 1st house indicates native may be quarrelsome, thief, robber, etc., at the same time well placed 6th house may give career in army, police, medical line or any such type of profession. Well placed 6th lord makes native mentally strong, but ill placed 6th lord gives unnecessary fears regarding future.
  • 6th house belongs to disease so 6th house lord in 1st house indicating native may be belongs to medical line. In same way 6th house belongs to thief and it is placed in 1st house so native may be thief,smuggler, robber or doing other such type of work if well placed then may be working in jail as a jail staff. So it is depending on planet natural nature and other combination.
  • 6th house lord and 1st house lord in 1st house may give a lot of struggles in the life regarding health, wealth, mental problems. In this case lagnesh has to be strong. In this placement, native feel victimized by others, there are strong chances of injury or disease, conflicted environment, health challenges.

L-6 in 2nd house:

  • Also read it as 1st house lord in 9th house. 6th lord in 2nd house, if not well placed, is not good placement in terms of wealth, family relationship etc. Native’s relationship with family members may not be on friendly terms, there could be legal (6th house) battle, dispute, misunderstanding, or even fighting within family.
    It is possible that native may lose wealth due to enemy, disease, legal problems given from 6th house. He might have taken loan or borrowed money from others which he may not be able to repay and suffer harassment or penalties. If well placed then native may earn through legal profession such as judge, lawyer, or court staff etc.
  • 2nd house is one of marak houses (other being 7th house), this placement gives strength to marak feature, native may be seriously ill or affected with some incurable disease, spending a lot of money on diseases, can cause even death in some cases.
  • Native may be suffering from eye related (2nd house) diseases (6th house). If eye karak planets (Venus, Sun and Moon) are also in bad shape then it may cause loss of eye sight. 2nd house belongs to speech, 6th lord may give here speech related issues such as false speaking, bad speech, argumentive nature etc. Native could invite trouble due to his speech. If Mercury (speech lord) is also afflicted then native may even have speaking disability.
  • As 6th house gives defect to the features of other house where its lord is placed, native may have immoral ways to earn the money or wealth. Even if he has wealth, he will not spend it. Further, there could be defect in his moral or ethics (2nd house sanskar).
  • 6th house is 12th from 7th house, and 2nd house is 8th from 7th house so 6th house lord in 2nd (12th house lord in 8th) house may cause for loss of wife from death, separation, or divorce. 6th lord with 2nd lord in 2nd house becomes strong marak – may give severe health issues, spoiled family life, bad relationship with family members or friends, bad food habits causing health issues, loss of wealth due to above reasons or enmity, native may be suffering from eyes and dental problems.
  • If this placement is good then evil effect may reduce. It may be cause for a huge gain or good financial condition depending upon the planets.

L-6 in 3rd house:

  • You may also read 1st house lord in 10th house. This placement could give enmity (6th house) with siblings, neighbors, or colleagues (3rd house). The bad relationship with siblings may land in some dispute or legal trouble. It is also possible that native does not have any siblings as per the 6th lord.
  • 6th house belongs to maternal uncle (mama), its lord placed in 3rd could mean that uncle is playing the role of baddie among siblings and creating troubles. However, good 6th lord will provide good life to siblings.
    6th house promotes argument and 3rd house being communication house increases this pattern, native will be very argumentive in nature in most of the cases. 6th house is opposition, and 3rd house is initiative, self-effort etc., native will have to face opposition/competition in his initiatives, however, he may overcome this if 6th lord is good.
  • 3rd house is hard work, 6th house lord makes him lazy in doing hard work. Technically, any planet placed in the 10th house from its own house increases the strength of that house. So, native’s self-confidence, stamina, inner strength (3rd house) may be weak due to 6th house lord fueling it.
  • 3rd house is one of the sex houses (other are 7 and 11), 6th house lord placed here may create lack of sex interest or sexual problems related to sperm, production power etc. 3rd house also represents neck, shoulder, arms, hands, ears etc. So, one needs to be careful for these body parts and related problems.
  • 6th lord in 3rd house will also aspect the 9th house, which may not be good for general fortune or father. Also, 6th lord with 3rd lord in the 3rd house is not a good combination for overall specifications of the 3rd house.

L-6 in 4th house:

  • It also works as first house lord in 11th house. 4th house is upachay house (11th) for 6th house so 6th lord in 4th house may gain strength. However, generally speaking 6th lord placed in any house in kundli will create trouble in native’s life.
  • 6th house lord may create obstacles in the 4th house significance of study and education in native’s life. 6th house enmity brings loss in happiness in the 4th house takes away peace of mind of the native. There may be fear in his mind (4th) due to enemy (6th). This placement gives a flow of negative thoughts to native which creates restless mind.
  • 4th house is the prime house for mother and it is occupied by 3rd lord from it, 3rd and 6th both are dushsthan, so it is not good for mother’s health. Native’s mother may have dispute with family members. It is also possible that native’s mother has problems with her siblings. At the same time being a 3rd lord she will be courageous and brave with fighting spirit.
  • As L-6 placed in 4th of mother, native may not be at good terms with his mother and living separately. 6th is mamaji house, so it is possible that native will get happiness through his mamaji if it is well placed.
    There could be dispute (6th house) over the real estate (4th house) matters among family members. Native may be struggling to get his own house.
  • 4th house vehicle may cause accident, legal problems or dispute (6th house). It is also possible that native is indebted (6th house). L-6 in 4th house may cause dispute from servants (6th house). L-6 and L-4 both in 4th house may create problem of mother’s health, family dispute over property or other real estate, education problems, mental stress, accidents, and problems related to chest or heart etc. Well placed L-6 in 4th may become you a physician or doctor.

L-6 in 5th house:

  • One may also read 1st house lord in 12th house. Generally it is also not considered good as 5th house belongs to your past deeds and it is occupied by L-6, it is possible that native is suffering in his current life due to his past deeds.
  • 5th house is prominent children house, occupied by L-6 which may cause disease or illness to children and even in some cases – death as 5th house is markesh (2nd from 5th) for 6th house. 5th house is intelligence; L-6 will take over this intelligence and replace it with the 6th house attributes of quarrel, argument etc. Native will easily get into arguments, fight over small issues and not use his brain to settle the things.
  • 5th house is religion and faith, it is possible that native does not regard these things and does not obey the traditional rules. Also 6th house belongs to Uncle (mama) so it is possible that his uncle has very good influence on his life, native may be very loyal to him, getting benefits from him etc.
  • 5th house relates with powerful person such as minister, it is possible that native has enmity with any such person. L-5, L-6 in 5th house may give bad father-children relationship, loss of peace of mind, disease etc.

L-6 in 6th house:

  • You can also read it as L-1 in 1st house. Generally, it is a good placement if L-6 is in good shape it will help to increase the significances of the 6th house. It said in astrology that lords of inauspicious houses are better placed in its own houses.
  • The powerful Trik (3rd, 6th and 8th) lords in their own houses provide power and competitiveness to the native. However, native may be affected with health problems, long term incurable diseases. This placement ensures close affinity with the maternal uncles of the extended family, and native may receive great benefits from them. It is possible that native does not have good relationship with other relatives.
  • L-6 placed in its own house provides protection from diseases, native will have healthy composition, a good health, strong immune system, sound mentality, ability to overcome enemies and adversaries, disease free life. Its lord will also provide great courage to the native to fight with enemies. If Mars is in relationship with L-6, then native may be in the army or police.
  • 6th house belongs to servants and employees so native will have favorable relationships with employees and have good servant. It is also possible that native is skilled in the medical services such as doctor, nurse etc. However, bad shape L-6 makes the person aggressive and disease prone. Only one malefic in 6th house is welcome, more than one will severely affect the native.

L-6 in 7th house:

  • It may also read as 1st house lord in 2nd house. L-6 in the seventh house creates difficulties in the marital relationship may end up in divorce. It is possible that native partner is of calculative nature, over passionate, aggressive and always in dispute with native. Either native or his wife character may be suspected.
    Remember 6th house also gives debt and litigation, so partner may be the source of debt and legal problems. Partner may be interested in high living standards causing financial instability to native due to the sixth ruler being the twelfth from the seventh.
  • However, if this placement is in good condition, native will get dynamic or intense partner very active sexually as 7th house is one of the kaam kona. It is possible that native is very prone to sex as L-6 may give an immoral push to his sex drive.
  • 7th is also a marak house, L-6 placed here will increase its marak ability; it is possible that native is suffering from some acute disease which may also cause death. At the same time, it may also cause health related troubles for native’s wife or death or death like situation.
  • When 6th lord and 7th lord are placed in 7th house it may be a strong marak for native or his wife or both. 7th house is travel house, so native may be facing trouble during traveling. Native may be living in the foreign land (7th house) but may not be happy due to L-6.
  • 6th house is related to dispute, quarrel, bad temper etc. so native may be affected with these problems and his social image may not be good. Also, bad L-6 may give sexual problems or sex related diseases.

L-6 in 8th house:

  • You may also read L-1 in 3rd house. 6th is obstacles and 8th is also obstacles to it is like minus multiplied by minus equals to plus. Since 8th house belongs to hidden or secret things, if L-6 sitting in 8th house is in good position, the person could work in secret organizations, in medical field (6th house), he may earn money from litigation, lawsuits (6th) or inheritance (8th).
  • However, this placement also gives serious health problems, long term debts, legal problems, and hidden enemies. Such person will not be faithful in relationship. He will have strong drive towards sex, and may be indulge in immoral sexual activities.
  • 8th house is life span; if placement is not afflicted then native will have average life-span else it could affect the life span. On the negative part, native will have interest in the wealth of others; he will also have wrong intentions towards the wives of other.
  • If L-6 with L-8 is placed in the 8th house, it forms Vipareet Raj Yoga which brings good fortune to the native. However, it will only be activated during mahadasha-antardasha period. Native will be highly reactive towards the speech or actions of other due to the combination of Mercury and Scorpion. Such person is cruel and unkind in his behavior and feels pleasures in the pain of others. He has a bad mouth. Such person may indulge in the illegal activities.

L-6 in 9th house:

  • It can also be read as 1st house lord in the 4th house. Generally, it can be seen as unstable fortune for the native. 9th house is father house; it may cause health problems for native father. Native may not have good relationship with father. Well placed L-6 in 9th house may reduce this effect. His father would belong to judicial system (6th house belongs to litigation), or he may have some illegal source of income (6th house belongs to income from some mysterious sources).
  • 6th house belongs to maternal uncle (mama) so L-6 in 9th may indicate good fortune to mama. 9th is foreign land, so either native will have to live remote from hometown to earn money, or he will get good fortune in foreign land. 9th house gives higher education, L-6 in 9th may give problem in higher education or native may not be able to complete his higher degrees.
  • 9th house is religion, and 6th house is connected to bad deeds, so native may be doing wrong or immoral things in the name of religion, or he may be criticizing the religion. 9th house also gives social fame; L-6 in 9th house may give some dent in it due to his wrong actions.
  • L-6 in 9th house gives the business of construction materials, or related to wood or stone; native could be a carpenter or a handicraft man. Good placement can make him artisan. L-6 with L-9 in 9th house may give multiple problems to father.

L-6 in 10th House:

  • 6th and 10th both are artha houses, so if placement is good, it could prove beneficial to the native as a Lord of upachay house placed in another upachay house depending on position and conditions of 6th Lord in 10th house.
  • However, as a natural malicious place, L-6 will create obstacles in native’s professional life. He may not get top position but he will be in better position serving others. He may have frequent changes in his career. He may have enmity (6th house) at workplace (10th house). In case planets are weak, native may experience job loss or loss of reputation due to some reasons.
  • L-6 in 10th house may give joint related problems such as knee etc. It could also give some trouble to native’s mother (10th house). Native may not be very ambitious. He may have to go to foreign land to get success as L-6 in 10th directly aspects 4th house (motherland). In this condition, native may improve his living conditions and be happy. L-6 in 10th house aspects 4th house (mind) so it is possible native is fickle minded.
  • Native will be a good speaker as L-6 placed in 9th and 6th house is also 5th (intelligence) from 2nd (speech) house which means intelligent speaker, he may not have good speaking reputation or speaking wrong or false things. Also native may be fortunate due to other 2nd house significances due to above combination such as family, wealth etc.
  • 6th house being litigation and judiciary house may give career in lawyer, judge etc. Native may also be working in medical line due to 6th house. L-6 with L-10 in 10th house may give multiple problems to the native if 6th lord is stronger.

L-6 in 11th House:

  • This is an interesting placement as L-6 is placed in the 6th house from 6th house. So in some cases it might be beneficial to the native. 11th is your friends’ house, L-6 may give enemies among friends so one has to be careful with his friend circle, may give birth to jealousy among friends. Same goes with elder siblings (11th house).
  • Such placement may give benefits (11th house) through dealing with servant, labor, or lower class (6th house). This benefit may not be in a moral or righteous way. Native may be good at crisis (6th house) management (11th house) meaning dealing with problems such as marital conflict, workplace stress, chronic illness etc.
  • L-6 in 11th house is 6th from 6th so it may give additional benefits to the 6th house significances such as running a large-scale social campaign to eliminate social problems, or advocacy of some social cause etc.
    L-6 in 11th house of benefits provides income through unnatural, immoral, or illegal sources such as criminal activities. Profit may also come from the skillful management of social conflict and disease (6th house). It largely depends upon the nature of planet placed in the 11th house e.g. Jupiter in 11th house will give income through teaching, preaching etc. Venus may give income through women. Having more than one planet in 11th may mitigate the bad effects of L-6.

L-6 in 12th House:

  • It is also interesting placement of L-6 in 12th house – the house of dissolution as both the houses are dushsthan and houses of losses, so loss in the loss also becomes profit sometimes. Which means if planets are in good condition the native will overcome the problems related to enemies (6th), debts (6th), and diseases (6th) easily which will dissolve in the 12th house so this placement provides notably beneficial effects to the native. These benefits will be more visible during the dasha of the L-6.
  • L-6 resides in the 7th house (marriage, sex) which may give conflict in marriage, unpleasant sex drive etc. Native may also suffer from sleep related disorders such as insomnia, sleep-walking, horror dreams as L-6 is placed in the house of sleep 12th.
  • 12th house belong to foreign land, L-6 placed here may create trouble in foreign land. L-6 in 12th house makes good researcher in the field of social issues. L-6 in 12th makes the person very argumentive which can lead to disputes. This placement will also give health issues.
  • Good placement of L-6 in 12th house creates ‘Vipareet Raj Yoga’ which gives wealth to the native. Native will also extend good support in charitable works. 6th house belongs to service, so person could be employed at the places such as hospital, asylum, prison, military quarters, or monastery (12th house). 12th house also gives enlightment depending upon the planets.

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