7th House in Astrology – Marriage, Partnership

7th house in astrology is a very powerful house in astrology (4th from 4th, 10th from 10th) as it is just opposite to the lagna house and considered as mirror house of your life. 7th house is associated with Libra being the 7th zodiac; hence its karak planet is Venus.Let’s discuss more:

  • Everybody is excited about his or her marriage; it is 7th house, commonly referred to as the House of Partnership, in kundli which tells almost everything about your ‘would be’ partner. However, partner here does not mean only life partner, it is used in a holistic way for any partner who is another person in your life, so it could be a life partner, love partner, business partner, social partner, contracts, legalities, negotiations, or any other form of partnership for the purpose of achieving something.
  • 7th house dominates the matter related to marriage and partner. 7th house is one of kama (sex) houses, one of Kendra houses, and one of marak houses as well. It may also tell about death. Most of the sexual organs belong here.
  • Time of marriage, early marriage, late marriage, divorce, separation (life or business), relationship with partner (life or business), nature of your spouse all belong to 7th house. It also talks about your moral conduct regarding sexual activity like extra marital affair, sexual desire, break-ups etc.
  • For good marriage 7th lord, Venus for men, Jupiter for women should be free from any malefic influence i.e. Saturn, Rahu, Ketu and Mars. Also, during the mahadasha of Venus and Jupiter the person may get married or have some relationship. In the mahadasha of ruling lords of 7th (marriage), 2nd (family), 11th (gain) houses the person may get married. Planets sitting in the 7th house, aspecting 7th house, and ruling 7th house trigger the marriage in their mahadasha and antardasha periods. Lord of 7th transiting in the 7 house also triggers marriage.
  • 7th house is 12th (loss) from 8th (life span), and 2nd (again marak) from 6th (disease), so it is a very powerful marak house in your life and talks about your age span, your health status in long term. Not only life partner, business partner is also seen from 7th house as it is 10th from 10th house (professionan/karma). So any such business partnership, franchise, chain of business, distributorship etc. is seen from 7th house.
  • Long travel, journey is another important feature of life checked from this house. Any form of long travel, foreign travel for personal, business, or educational purposes are seen here. L-7 in ascendant may give overseas travel. L-9 (fortune) in the 7th house gives wealth in the foreign land.
  • It is 4th from 4th house, so talks about the status of your studies or education overall; also it is one of the prominent houses to check your career in politics of any kind at any level i.e. national, local etc.

    For each ascendant there is a maturity date of the marriage as per the ruler of the 7th house, e.g.

    Sun: 21-22 years
    Moon: 23-24 years
    Mars: 27-28 years
    Mercury: 31-32 years
    Jupiter: 23-24 years
    Venus: 24-25 years
    Saturn: 30-35 years

  • If L-7 is placed in the 3rd, 6th, 8th, or 12th house marriage will happen late. Saturn and Mars ruling the 7th may create trouble in the marriage. Malefic planets in 8th house also create problems in marriage. Apart from this Mars and Venus conjunction in relation to the 7th house creates problem. L-7 in 12th or L-12 in 7th may give partner from other country.
  • Relationship between 7th, 9th and 10th houses lord can create Sreenatha Yoga for native. In this yoga exalted L-7 is sitting in 10th house along with the L-9. This yoga gives virtuous, lucky, and charming spouse. Such native gets fortune after marriage. It may happen with Sagittarius ascendants, where L-7 exalted Mercury sitting in the 10th house with L-9 Sun.
  • In the process of discussing the marriage we cannot overlook the importance of D-9 or Navamsa chart which shows the luck and life after marriage. Overall, 7th house seems to be very lucrative house with all its offering of love, partnership, and future spouse, however, at the same time 7th house works as marak also and it is also controlled by 8th house of death or sorrow.

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