7th House Lord in Different Houses

L-7 in 12th House:

  • You may also want to read about 7th house and 12th house, as 7th house Lord placed 6th from own house you may read First house lord in 6th house.
  • 7th house belongs to partner and 12th house belongs to expenses. When 7th Lord goes into 12th house native’s wife will be spendthrift. It is also creating 6-8 relationship as 12th house is 6 from 7th and 7th house is 8 from 12th. It is not considered good relationship. It also suggests expenses through wife may be medical bill or other bills. 12th house is foreign house, L-7 in 12th suggests partner may be from far place or from other culture – could be from lower standard.
  • 7th is marak house, L-7 placed in 12th which is one of the dushsthan increase the capacity of marak ability of L-7 improving evil nature of 7th house, so ill placed 7th house may cause death or death like situation of wife like suffering from diseases. If marak is created for native then native will suffer from death or death like situation. 12th house is related to hospital so it could be in the hospital like place. 7th and 12th are travel and foreign houses. So death may occur during traveling or in the foreign land. This placement may also cause dispute or separation with wife.
  • 7th house relates with sexual desires and L-7 placed in the dushsthan so it is possible that native is not satisfied with his sexual life and he may look for other options with other women. If 7th Lord is Venus or Venus is in 12th house then results may vary as Venus is considered excellent in 12th house. This placement may also cause more than one marriage.
  • 7th is bhavat bhavam (10th from 10th) of 10th house which is profession and 12th and 7th gives foreign travel so native may go foreign country for livelihood. 12th house belongs to sleep and it is in 6-8 relationship with 7th house so native will have sleeping disorders and wrong habits of food.
  • L-7 in 12th with L-12 may cause native and his partner life in foreign land. Native is possible to inclined towards spirituality.

L-7 in 11th House:

One should also read about 11th house features for better understanding.

  • At first this combination suggests that native will be benefited (11th house) through his wife (7th house). 11th house is one of the upachay houses, upachaya houses help to increase the significances, and so L-7 and 7th house itself will improve its natural significant in 11th house.
  • 7th and 11th are kaam kona (sex house) L-7 in 11th house will increase the native’s sex drive and make native more Sexual. Native will easily attract other women, and may have more than one marriage due to 11th house effect or affair with many women. L-7 placed in 11th house will benefit native from marriage, he may get good dowry, or he will have ‘bhagyadoya’ after marriage, or his wife may be good earner etc.
  • 7th house is partnership house, and it is bhavat bhavam of 10th house (business/profession), so native may have successful partnership in business. It is also possible that native will have profession/business in foreign land (7th house). 7th house is one of the marak houses, L-7 placed in 11th will increase its marak ability, and in case placement is not so good then native may have short life span or life threatening desease.
  • L-7 in 11th house will aspect 5th house of children which may give girl child or evil related to sons. Well placed planets will give very good son who will help in his personal and professional life. 11th house belong to elder brother, 7th house is 9th (fortune) from 11th so native elder brother may be lucky, however if planets are not well placed then it can cause marak effect to elder brother. L-7 in 11th with L-11 makes the person rich and native will have good success in his professional life.

L-7 in 10th House:

One should also read about 10th house in detail.

  • One should also read about 10th house features. According to one ancient shloka, L-7 in 10th house makes the person wealthy; however his wife is not in the control of native. 7th house is 10th from 10th house means as per the bhavat bhavam concept. So L-7 placed in 10th house is considered good as it is giving strength to 10th house.
  • Good 10th house means native is successful in his profession or business. His wife may play an important role in his professional life. Native could be socially popular. It is possible that his wife is a well earner and professionally successful. 7th house being ‘far-away-from-home’ house may take the native to the foreign land or to towns other than his mother land to achieve professional goals. In such cases people get successful when they leave their houses.
  • 7th house is also one of the politics house, L-7 placed in 10th may give political career. If planets are well placed, native will get success in politics, else it will indicate profit obtaining through Government. When L-7 and L-10 both are placed in 10th house native will get good name and fame in society. Native’s wife will be religious.

L-7 in 9th House:

Read 9th house itself.

  • Also read about 9th house itself first for better understanding. As per some old books, L-7 in 9th house gives very good wife, native may have many relationships. 9th house is 3rd from 7th house, 3rd place is considered dushsthan so in general it may not be good. 9th house is very powerful Dharma kona and 7th house is powerful kaam kona so kaam kona planet placed in dharma kona may keep native away from Dharma and push towards kaam.
  • Further, this placement also suggests that native has low moral regarding sexual conduct as 7th lord is placed in 3rd house from it. At the same time, it also means that native will fortunate in sex matters and he will have many relationship with women depending on the 2nd house of sanskar. Overall being 3rd house from 7th will give good stamina and strength to the native as 3rd house is strength house.
  • 9th house is father’s house and 7th house is marak so if L-7 is not well placed then it may cause marak for father such as serious health problems. It may also cause separation from father or father may live far from native’s place. If 9th house is weaker than 7th lord then it may cause danger to father’s life. If 9th house is stronger than 7th house then father may be wealthy and rich due to 11th (7th is 11 from 9) house planet is placed in 9th house.
  • L-7 in 9th house may give a very good and religious wife. Wife may bring a lot of fortune to the native, in other words native will have ‘bhagyodaya’ after marriage. However, to work this L-7 has to be well placed or aspect by benefic planets. Bad or afflicted planetary placement will give troubled married life.
  • 9th house is bhavat bhavam for 5th house which is house for children. 7th house is marak house and 9th house is 3rd from 7th house, so this combination may not be good for children. It may affect children health. If Jupiter is also not good and L-5 is also afflicted then it may cause problem to the life span of children. 9th house also gives long travel, so it is possible that native will go for a long religious travel. But regarding mental peace it is not consider good.
  • L-7 with L-9 in the 9th house creates a Rajyoga due to Kendra and Trikona combination. If it is well placed then native may be fortunate after marriage. Native may be religious person, visiting religious places and give donations. Native wife will have good moral character.

L-7 in 8th House:

  • One should also know about the 8th house itself. Generally, 7th lord placed in 8th house indicates loss of marriage or wife may be suffering from acute disease. Wife may be of bad character and not obedient. It may also cause separation or unhappy married life due to misunderstanding or lack of trust and respect.
  • 7th house is one of the marak houses, L-7 placed in 8th house (house of death) will improve marak lord strength, and in case it is afflicted then it may cause short life span. 7th house is kaam kona, 8th house also belongs to sex, and this placement also suggests sexual disease to the native if L-7 is badly placed or Venus is afflicted.
  • L-7 in 8th house may also give a lot of stress to the native as it represents litigation, misfortune, disgrace, and disappointments. It may come from partner, government body, or trade etc.
  • In women horoscope 8th house is Mangal Sthan i.e. house of happiness after marriage. Well placed L-7 may bring marital happiness as it suggests husband is good, physical fit for relationship. If not well placed then results may turn evil. 7th house lord in 8th house may also cause two marriages depending on sign and planet.
  • 7th house is far place from birth (1st house), its lord placed in 8th may also suggests native’s death in foreign place. L-7 with L-8 in 8th house could be marak for both husband and wife. They may be suffering from serious health issues, or may go for divorce. In case it is well placed then native may earn a lot of money from immoral activities and also get support of his life partner in this immoral act.

L-7 in 7th House:

  • One should also learn about 7th house and its significance. This placement suggests marital bliss to the native. House lord in its own house is always good and reduce the evil effects. So 7th lord in its own house, with good placement, will reduce the marak effect of the 7th house and increase the significances of the house.
  • L-7 in 7th house may give early marriage to the native; he will have happy married life and sexual pleasures from his partner. In man’s kundli L-7 in 7th house indicates a good wife from reputed family who likes the freedom of living but at the same time respects his husband. In woman’s kundli it means brave and fortunate person.
  • 7th house is bhavat bhavam for 4th and 10th house, so L-7 placed in the 7th house encourages the significances of both the houses which mean native will have good education, intelligence, family, he will have good professional skills and will be socially respectable. Both the houses are connected with power: democracy (4th house) and government (10th house), so 7th house is an important house for political connection.
  • 7th house is travel house, L-7 in 7th may send native to foreign places. In case 7th house is afflicted then all the above results will be affected accordingly.

L-7 in 6th House:

  • Know more about 6th house features. L-7 in 6th house may give disease or sickness to the wife, native will be devoid of marital happiness. 6th house is 12th from 7th house which is not considered good for 7th house significances. It may cause bad results regarding 7th house.
  • Since 6th is disease house, it may indicate that partner is physically weak or diseased. It is possible that partner is admitted to the hospital due to this. It is also possible that partner is from other caste, religion, or culture. Weak 7th lord may give separation or divorce from the partner, or even cause death of the partner. If 7th lord is in good position then it may cause two marriages.
  • 6th house is related to something bad or evil, 7th house represents kaam kona which indicates native has bad habits regarding in sexual matters or has some kind of sexual problems.
  • 7th house is marak house for native and 6th house is a dussthan so it improves marak capacity or L-7. This marak will justify itself in terms of some critical disease to the native so native may be suffering from life threatening disease depending upon the planetary placement. Bad L-7 may cause death of the native or it may also cause loss of body parts.
  • 6th house is ripu (enemy) and legal problem house. 7th house is life or business partner house. So L-7 in 6th house may give legal trouble from the life or business partner. It could be court case for separation or divorce or any legal issue out of misunderstanding. 6th house is debt, and 7th house is profession (10th from 10th), so it is possible that native will suffer from debt problem in his profession.
  • L -7 with L-6 in 6th house is not considered good as markesh gets strength in dushsthan. It may work as marak for native or his partner depending on the planetary placement.

L-7 in 5th House:

  • Also read about 5th house. Generally this placement is considered good giving good qualities and wealth to the native, but not considered good for marriage.
  • As per kalpurush, 7th house is owned by Venus, and 5th by Sun, and both are natural enemies. Secondly, 5th house is 11th (upachaya) from 7th, so being an upachaya bhav it will increase/grow the significances of the 7th house i.e. marriage and marak. It could mean that person may be married to more than one woman, and also due to increase in the marak ability L-7 will increase causing danger to the native.
  • 7th house belongs to marriage and 5th house belongs to love so 7th house Lord in 5th house may cause love marriage. 5th house is mentality and 7th house is a kaam kona which suggests native will have sexual mentality and attracted to sexual matters. If 7th house is afflicted native will have extra marital affairs or more than one relationship. In this case native may not have happy marriage. He may experience late marriage or no marriage. If planets are good then native will have wealthy partner.
  • Again, 7th house is 3rd from 5th which is not considered good. 5th house is children so it may not be that good for children being also one of the marak, and it may not be good for child birth if 7th house is afflicted or 5th house is afflicted. If both the houses are afflicted then it could be death of children or having no children. However, well placed 7th house Lord in 5th house may give good child and children will be fortunate to the native as 5th house is also one of the trikona.
  • Good L-7 in 5th showcase native’s good wealth, social respect, and good quality, association with great and knowledgeable people. If L-7 and L-5 both are well placed in the 5th house, then native may have good children and good wife and happy life. Afflicted houses may give bad marriage and health problems to the wife and children.

L-7 in 4th House:

  • Read also about 4th house to know more about its significance. 7th and 4th both are Kendra houses, thus placement of L-7 in 4th house is generally good. 7th house is bhavat bhavam for 4th house and 4th house is 10th from 7th house so overall it is it is good placement for L-7.
  • As per our old books, it is said that L-7 placed in 4th house gives dominant wife. L-7 placement in 10th from own house i.e. 4th, makes the wife working and independent thinker who will not like to be controlled. She will earn herself and help native to run the house. So it is possible that native will be fortunate after marriage.
  • Depending on the planets, it is possible that native may go far from home (4th house) for profession or study purpose. 4th house is education house and good L-7 here will give good education. Native may be intelligent. 4th house is happiness, good L-7 will give happiness of wife and children and happy married life. He will have pleasure of vehicle and property.
  • If 7th house is afflicted then it may cause bad marital experience. L-7 placed in 4th house also works as marak for mother in terms of dispute or ill health etc. It may also cause problems from vehicle such as accident. L-7 in 4th makes the person possibly rich and benefited from maternal property. Kaam kona (7th house) planet placed in mind (4th) makes the person interested in sexual matters or easily attracted towards opposite sex.
    Good L-7 in 4th house gives good education, materialistic happiness, and marital happiness, foreign tour for business or education purposes.

L-7 in 3rd House:

  • One should also read about 3rd house itself. 3rd house is one of the dusshsthan, but it is 9th house away from 7th, similarly 7th house is 5 houses away creating 9-5 combination. So L-7 placement in 3rd house needs to be read carefully. As per old books it may suggests loss of children. Apart from this it is also combination of marak house lord and dussthan house which may not consider good.
  • L-7 in 3rd house is 5th house lord placed from 3rd house which may be considered good regarding 3rd house matters. 3rd house primarily belongs to siblings who may be fortunate and living abroad (7th house) due to this placement. 3rd house is self-effort and L-7 placed here may indicate native’s success in professional life.
  • 7th house belongs to foreign place and 3rd house is short travel so it may give frequent short travels related to professional purposes because 7th house is also one of the karma sthan. Native may be working in the media or communication related areas.
  • 3rd and 7th house are related to kaam kona, and 3rd house is related to production capability (sperm counting) of the native. It may cause some sexual problems related to productivity of child. As per old books native may have problem to get the child depending upon the planetary placement. 3rd house may be marak house for father as 7th is 11th from 9th which may cause trouble of life span.

L-7 in 2nd House:

  • Read about 2nd house itself. L-7 in 2nd house may give many wives; 2nd house belongs to wealth so native may get wealth through his wife. It is possible that native will have working wife or native may get wealth in his marriage or this wealth may come from the succession of life. Overall his ‘bhagyodaya’ is possible after marriage.
  • 2nd house is sanskar house and 7th house is kaam kona. Native could be interested sex matters and involved in multiple relationships and have corrupt character in sex matters depending upon the placement of the planets. 7th and 2nd house both are marak house so placement of 7th lord in 2nd house may become stronger marak. So it may possible native may suffer from health related serious problems. If this placement is badly afflicted then may cause death of the native.
  • 2nd house is 8th (life span) from 7th house, if 7th house lord is badly placed in 8th house then it may cause death of life partner. 2nd house also belong to the continuance of marriage, so 7th house lord in 2nd house may also indicates separation or divorce from wife.
  • 7th house is foreign place and partnership, and 2nd house is wealth which could mean native may earn through foreign land and through partnership. 2nd house belong to eyes, mouths, dental problems and 7th house is 6th from 2nd house so it may cause the problems related to the above organs.

L-7 in 1st House:

  • According to old books, L-7 in 1st house does not give good mentality towards other wife. Native may be fickle minded. It is possible that native may marry someone known, but marriage will have multiple problems regarding understanding. L-7 in lagan may give sex oriented brain as 7th is kaam kona which will interest native in other women.
  • L-7 in the first house (self) gives too much obsession about self. Native thinks too much about self than other. Gives too much importance to his social image and does not care about the thoughts of others. This placement does not have stable mind and native will be confused in most of the times. Native may be wicked.
    7th house lord is markesh, if lagan or laganesh is afflicted or 7th house is afflicted then it may affect life span, otherwise well placed L-7in 1st house indicates long life.
  • It is also possible that native will get the wealth after the marriage and materialistic happiness through his wife in any way. L-7 (foreign places) in 1st house (self) indicates foreign tours for native for the purpose of education or business, or even he could settle there as per the planets.
  • L-7 with L-1 in the 1st house is a good combination which makes native fortunate after marriage. However, if lagnesh is weak in strength and 7th house lord is powerful then it may cause marak and native may suffer from health problems.

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