8th House Lord in Different Houses

L-8 in 1st House:

As per old books: The lord of the eighth house occupying the ascendant produces ill health and disease. It makes the individual frustrated in life, critical of everything. He may however unexpectedly receive some monetary reward from the state.

L-8 in 1st house is not an easy placement. Such persons are very difficult to understand, their actions are unpredictable, secret and sometimes may be self-destructive, their circumstances of death may be very different and unusual e.g. Indira Gandhi.

If placement of planet is favorable, it may give long life to the native as life house lord (8th) sits in the life house (1st). There are strong chances that native will have some secret source of income, he may inherit money from some sources such as will, donations etc. He may be inclined towards healing and spirituality. However, if placement is not good then person may have serious life issues, overall 8th lord will create its share of obstacles in the native life path like frequent ups and downs, some unexpected events.

Native may have good investigating or researching abilities. Such people are in secret jobs such as Spy and Detectives. Such person will have secretive personality for example Indira Gandhi who had her 8th lord Saturn in the 1st house was very secretive person dealing with secret matters.

If placement is bad then it may indicate some kind of physical (1st house) deformity (8th house) too.
Such person will have different attitude towards religion, he may have his own definition of God and will not accept standard belief. Results may be different due to aspect, conjunctions of other planets. Also check the strength of the 1st house itself as L-8 will be sitting there.

L-8 in 2nd House:

As per old books, the lord of the 8th occupying the 2nd house from the lagna will make a person witness his or her wealth decline or get squandered.

This could be a great dhan yoga (if planets are favorable) as it shows sudden wealth (2nd) from sudden event such as lottery, inheritance, business (8th) etc. If planets are well placed then the native may be making great money from business may be occult one or other where you serve the people i.e. service industry. Retrieval of lost property is also possible with this placement.

However, 2nd house is marak house and 8th is life span, moreover, 8th lord is placed in the 7th house from its own sthana which is again marak so placement of planets should be read carefully. It may suggest (if badly placed) family (2nd) related misfortune (8th) or some kind of disappointment from family, it could be any family member falling seriously ill or any sudden death (8th) in the family (2nd). Also bad placement may make the person insolvent or bankrupt due to drainage of money on bad events in life.

If well placed, native will enjoy support from Government related matters, if badly placed it may cause trouble from Governament. Continuance of married life can also be seen from this combination as both the houses represent continuity in married life. 2nd house belongs to speech and 8th house is your social environment, native may be popular in the social circle due to his oratory skill. Bad placement will affect his speech and vision related matters. He may be stammering.

Remember that Ava-yogas indicating poverty basically involve an affliction to the 2nd house or bhava and/or its lord, Saturn is the karak planet of 8th house and placement of Saturn matters.

L-8 in 3rd House:

3rd house is Upachaya House which improve with time. Any planet in these houses show their results after the age of 30. As we know, all the malefic planets perform well in Upachaya Houses.

Important fact about this placement is 3rd house is 8th from 8th house means 3rd house is bhavat bhavam for 8th house so 3rd house displays the energy of 8th house and this position may be immensely strong depending on the planets. Native may have good longevity. Afflicted placement will affect the courage of taking initiatives, he may be weak in decision making, lack in determination, shy, jealous etc.

3rd house represents father and 8th house (life span) is 12th (loss) from 9th house (father) so there may be father related issue. 8th house is mysterious things and 3rd house represents writing, native may be writer on mystery and mystical subject, involved in marketing and sales of esoteric subject, uncanny or mysterious communication. If planets are in good shape then native may be very skilled in the creative activities such as art, music, acting, dancing, and writing etc, and earning through the same. He may be a very good blogger or journalist. Writings and media publications (3) from secret knowledge (8) or from self-destructive behaviors (8) 8th lord can also give younger siblings (3rd house) related issues, and problem in communication.

For example Saturn in the 3rd house is a very good placement as it is malefic and karak planet of 8th house sitting in the 8th house from 8th house, it makes the native very creative, gives love for long writing, native loves short adventurous travels. Native will have strong interest in occultism and mystical sciences. This person will have very good understanding in astrology and psychology.

However, this placement is not good for father native relationship, and relations with siblings.

L-8 in 4th House:

This is not a bad placement provided planets are in good condition. 4th house is 9th from 8th house which may be fortunate for the native. 4th house belongs to real estate and 8th is property related inheritance so there are very strong chances that native will get the property from inheritance. Bad placement may give property related issues. If 8th lord placement is good then native will be very attached to homely environment and parents, if not then native may be distant from home.

This placement gives some jerk in relationship with mother, as moon representing mother is in the 8th house so in mother’s life there may be frequent ups and downs related to other which may affect the native psychologically. Because 8th lord is sitting in the 4th house of family or home it also includes your married partner as part of your complete family or home. So good placement will give good relations with spouse and bad placement will spoil the relations.

8th house represents some kind of fear, native may be fearing from some unexpected events in life and due to this lacking peace of mind. 8th house shows sexual interest, native will be enjoying sexual activities for relaxation and peace of mind. Native will also be interested in occult mystical studies, research or education as represented by 4th house.

The great thing about the 8th lord in the 4th house is that it allows us to conceive of our inner self in a way that others are simply blind to. It will help you see the inner self that is invisible to common people.

L-8 in 5th House:

This placement may prove very good if placement of planets are favorable and affliction free as 5th house is 10th from 8th house, 10th house will act as one kendras house and may increase the power of 8th house.

If placement is good then this person might be very good at using his intuition power (5th house) in speculative gains e.g. share market, lottery, trading etc as 8th house represents wealth through easy gains and 5th house is also speculative gains. Also native will be lucky to have inheritance (8th house) may be from his father (5th house) or somebody. Both houses are related to occultism, so this makes the person a successful astrologer or expert in tantra mantra or even a good psychologist. Native will be very interested in the research related education or work. This person may be a very good advisor and people may come to him for taking suggestions or advice.

8th lord is placed in the 10th house from its own place, 10th is primarily your career house, if placement is not good then it may give troubles-setbacks (8th) in professional career (5th) or with Govt jobs (5th). Also all 10th house feature will get affected/benefited as per the placement of the planet. Bad placement will also affect the pregnancy of the mother (5th) or health of the newborn & happiness from/of children (5th). Bad placement will also give huge financial setbacks (8th) to the native due to his speculation habits and it may lead to some tragic end e.g. suicide (8th) or litigation (8th) etc.

Both houses represent Moksha, past events (8th), past life deeds (5th), spirituality (5th), devotion, faith in religion, God (5th); overall good placement makes this native a very kind hearted religious & spiritual person who believes in the past life deeds, such person is very good at social work & counseling. Native may have stomach, liver or digestion (5th) related problems (8th).

L-8 in 6th House:

Two negatives can make a positive. In astrology when lord of one bad house (trik bhav – 6, 8, and 12) goes into another bad house it creates a possibility of Viparita Raj Yoga. Albert Einstein is a perfect example of Viparita Raj Yoga, he was a Gemini ascendant, and his trik lords are Mars, Saturn and Venus. In his chart, 6th lord Mars is in the 8th with Rahu. Mars is exalted so this qualifies for the Viparita Raja Yoga. However, before making any conclusion one should also carefully study the rest of the planets and its aspect on 6th or 8th house. 6th house is 11th from 8th house which is an upachaya house, and 6th house itself is an upachaya house so it works as double bonus, not only this, 8th house is 3rd from 6th so you can also read 3rd house lord placed in 11th house; 3rd, 6th, 11th all are upachaya housed so now you can think how powerful this combination may become and increase the significance of the lord and its houses placed here.

It does not mean that having 8th lord in 6th will give you all good results, native will have his share of problems as signified by the house like litigation, enmity, losses, threat to life, however if placement is favorable then native will come as victorious.

6th house primarily represents enmity, disease, debt whereas 8th house is hidden things, longevity, easy gains, setbacks etc. If we interpret the features of these two houses, native may be victim of hidden or sudden things in life such as fire, theft, accident, disease, financial setbacks etc. Native’s life will be associated with sudden events and urgent situations, it could be his life or others. Emergencies of 8th house and Diseases of 6th house are exchanging energy, it shows someone who is in emergency care and services dealing with sudden events e.g. police, defense, fire fighters etc. Native can also work in counselling services for people in depression or trauma.

L-8 in 7th House:

7th house is marriage, partnership; 8th house is hidden things, marital tie etc. 7th house is 12th (loss) from 8th house and 8th house is 2nd from 7th house so it can also work as 2nd – 12th house relationship. As we know 2nd, 7th, 8th and 12th houses are very critical for the continuity of marriage, this combination is important to study your marital status. The activities of the 8th house serve the agenda of the 7th house. Depending on the good or bad placement – your marriage can be quite an event with this kind of placement, marriage may give you debt, and marriage may give you sudden wealth (8th); marriage may give you desired partner or it may give you cheating (8th) partner. Sexuality will be a prime factor for your consideration of the life partner. Sex could become an issue in the marital life. The desire to be involved in a partnership or relationship (personal/business) is your topmost priority. Native will go extra miles for this. However, he needs to be alert to avoid any disappointment.

Sudden wealth (8th) may also come through business – partnership or it business/partnership may bring loss (8th). When the 8th lord is associated with a malefic, there is loss in business and suffering at the hands of wife. You level of deep investigative or emotional interactions may influence other including your partner. However, it may turn negative too. Native will use his research and investigation abilities to carefully choose his personal or professional ventures, still it may hurt. It is possible that either native or his wife will have some serious health issues which will affect the longevity. If 7th house lord is strong it will give foreign travel and may give health issues in foreign land. This placement also suggests two wives and abdominal disease. On different front, your interest in occult/hidden things may affect/influences your partnerships.

L-8 in 8th House:

As per old books “When the lord of the Eighth Bhava occupies its own sign in the eighth, it fortifies the life force of the individual and gives him special skill and extraordinary intelligence for unraveling hidden matters. The marriage partner however will prove unfaithful”.

Dushthamsha lord residing in a dushthamsha generally gives good outcome. There are both easy and difficult implications. 8th house lord in 8th house is just creating Viparit Rajyog or Sarala yoga. 8th house lord in 8th house becomes obstacle for obstacle means fortunate and is considered a Vipareeta Raj Yoga. In this case of 8th lord in its own house, 8th lord has to be strong for favorable results. Weak planet will give immoral character to the native i.e. violation of moral laws, norms or standards. Native may be blessed with the inheritance. It also shows native’s gain through marriage as 8th house is also gain from other resources. 8th house is sex house so this placement will make the native sex enthusiast or too much into the sex, if planet is badly placed then native may have trouble due to his sexual conduct. Native may be fearless as fear lord (8th lord) is in its own house. 8th house is 4th from 5th house so L-8 in 8th house means 4th lord from 5th house is well placed and native will be blessed with/from happiness from the children as part of his home life.

Most of the events will happen suddenly/unexpected in native’s life, could be positive or negative. On education front, native could be a top class researcher, astrologer, phychologist, a person using his intuitive & research powers for his career. Strong placement will give good and long life to the native. If randhresha-8 Shani in 8, typically a very long life. UK-PM Winston Churchill had Shani in the 8th house. Despite lifelong alcoholism, odd work schedule, and close involvement in several wars, Churchill died aged 90.

8th house is the house of in-laws, secret liaisons, healers, surgeons, occultists, mystics, detectives, disaster-responders, emergency workers, revolutionaries, secret operatives etc. The end of life may be shockingly fast, with little or no warning. May come via accident or rapid-onset of terminal illness.

L-8 in 9th House:

It is 2-12 relationship which is not considered good. Moreover, 9th house is trine house so L-8 placement here is also not good. As per old books “In the ninth house, the lord of the eighth may make the individual to lose his parents early in life. He may lack moral integrity, coveting the financial wealth or spouse of others.”

8th house (secrets) goes in the 9th house makes you Guru of Secrets or high-priest of some institution. This placement suggests that native may not have harmonious relations with his father, father living away from son, separated, father has some secrets which native may not know in his lifetime, and these secrets may create obstacles to claim parental property. This placement may suggest the premature death of the father or father figure.

9th house is laxmi house, 8th house is bad house, favorable placement suggest native is prosperous, however, native may earn the income through hidden (gambling etc.) or immoral way (bribery, blackmailing etc.). Native will also have eyes on the other’s wealth and may hijack other’s wealth. However, this placement will give him sudden financial setbacks leading to bankruptcy, poverty etc.

8th Lord of longevity, death, hidden, eruption, emergence, upheaval, mystery, enters the 9th house of fortune, wisdom, religion, spirituality, philosophy, religion, pilgrimage, meditation, charity, foreign travel and higher education etc. This person will be interested in getting degree or post-grad in any Occult Related Subjects. He will have good intuitive powers and he may use it for his or others benefit. Native’s life will have its good share of secrets – secret wealth, secret information, secret discovery will have influential impact on his life.

Native will have good connection with sex to understand the philosophies of life. Native will seek sexual experiences with people of other cultures and backgrounds. At the same time his spouse will also have questionable sexual behavior. Native may apply investigative instincts to journalism. Inheritances go overseas. Your interest in the occult, Research and investigation leads you to travel. Debt or tax evasion causes you to flee to another country. Native will have good understanding to connect with people from other cultures and religions.

Due to this feature native will not have straightforward view of religion and will have his own concept of religion, spirituality, and will follow the same. He may also frequently change view point of religion in his lifetime.

L-8 in 10th House:

As per Planets in Signs and Houses , by Bepin Behari, “”In the tenth house, the lord of the eighth provides the individual with employment in government but his professional efficiency is low, and he is not well spoken of. His mother dies early in his life.””

8th lord is placed in the 3rd (communication) from its place, it is 3rd -11th to each other which is considered auspicious, however, 8th lord will create obstacles in the career of native. Typically this placement benefits the native as one is able to gain employment in a government office. Native has to work harder than usual to gain recognition and this placement will slow down his growth.

10th house belong to our social image so L 8 may impact native social image means either native’s social behavior is controversial or people won’t be able to understand native due to misunderstanding. Person may have a controversial communication style, or a volatile public image (10) associated in the popular view. The native may very active in the social causes-services, social order, social leadership. He may bring revolutionary changes holding a big position in the corporate or social governance, different social-leadership roles, regulatory responsibilities, law and legislation.

Sudden, unexpected force (8th), find agency in the government officials, boss, legislators, regulators, social policy makers, judges etc. Such leadership responsibilities of keeping secrets (8) and may be a site of self-destruction (8). Native may doing immoral or illegal acts for getting growth or success in his profession. It may also cause loss through thief, legal matters or some unexpected matters relating to his profession. It may cause problems through government or boss in his professional life.

One may do an excellent job in promoting changes in the society, however, others may not go along well with secrecy of such changes (8th house). It is a signification of numerous job changes with a shifting public image that may receive unexpected criticism or remarkable acclaim, a sudden thing! The main value of inheritance from the parents could be highly respected and honorable positions of public leadership. L 8 is placed in the 3rd-from-8th, as an upachaya house its results will improve over time.

L-8 in 11th House:

11th is 4th house from 8th so it will also work as home environment, family, mother etc. 11th house is upachaya house so it will improve the features of the 8th house over the time. It may be good or bad. This placement may impact on native’s profit making capacity as 11th is profit and 8th is loss. If 8th house lord is well placed then this may change. Person may have many different source of income – mystical activities, as investigator, from sex related things, from unearned like will, lottery, inheritance, spying, mines, petrol and taxes etc. Gain through speculative business and gambling. Here, in-laws may help you to gain in life or you may lose money because of in-laws, depends upon the nature and dignity of planet.

Both the houses are ‘kaam kona’ so it may make the person highly active in sexual activities. Sexual activities happen in groups. Group sex. You bring your need for sex to your friends. You complain to your friends about your sex life, or try to hook up with them. Native may be characterless regarding sexual activity, may be indulged in multiple relationship. If placement is bad then it is possible that person is affect with sex related disease and blaming (8th) others (sex partners) for this.

11th house belongs to elder brother, native may have some problem from his elder brother – some misunderstanding, dispute etc. If L-8 is well placed then native’s elder brother may be very rich and having good position in society. Same way 11th house is your friend circle, so native may not have a good friend circle causing problems to native. You try to make your friends interested in occult subjects. He may also have problem related to ear, spouse/partner, and children.

These people will go through any hardship to gain in life. Actually, more hardship they face, more they gain in life. Now, results may be different due to aspect, conjunctions of other planets or the planet being Retrograde or Combust.

L-8 in 12th House:

As per the books, “In this placement the individual is greatly attracted toward the “secret” pleasures of life, spending money much beyond his means; he often dies disgracefully in a foreign land without last funeral rites.”

The 8th lord of secrecy, self- destruction, life & death, sudden gains has entered the 12th house of Sleep, bed-pleasures, sacrifice, foreign trade, psychic powers, Imprisonment – physical or psychological, enclosures, spirituality, Separation, Obstructions, Longevity, Research, Marital Tie/Happiness. 8th lord in 12th creates Vipareeta Raj Yoga called Sarala Yoga. Sarala Yoga means bad place lord residing in a bad place generally gives special opportunities to capitalize upon the misfortune of others.

Usually despite the advantages of Sarala Yoga there are both easy and difficult implications and the difficulties are significant. They may not succeed easily. For these natives loss will be a signal for one to move forward actively in life. Henry Ford (with his L8 in 12th) started numerous engine manufacturing companies, but each time he failed and lost the money. Yet he persisted, until it materialized. 12th is 5th from 8th, so one can also read it as 8th house activities serving the agenda of children, higher education, politics, intelligence of 5th house.

This placement may affect life span as 8th house lord is placed in the house of loss, also 8th house lord is placed 12th from 1st house which is vitality of native so it may be an indicator of age related trouble. But final decision may be depending on horoscope. A well placed 8th house lord may reduce evil effect. If placement is favorable then native will be of very good character, may be an independent person with a respectable profession. L8 in 12th house suggests about native’s expense habit, if placement is not favorable he may be spending on a lot unnecessary and immoral things such as gambling, drinking, sexual pleasure etc. If favorable then he will be very skilled in savings.

There will be a foreign connection in the native’s life, it may cause native go for foreign trips, he may have secret source of income from foreign land, he may die in foreign place. Both houses are moksh kona so native may be a spiritual person or may have deep knowledge regarding spiritual activities. Both the houses are related to sexual pleasure so native may be very active in sex, but it may also cause some sexual or hormonal problems. He may have sleeping troubles, bad placement will make him go to jail, hospital, suffering from legal problems, may lose his wealth.

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