9th House in Astrology – Luck & Fortune

Ninth house in Astrology, also called the Dharma Bhava, is one of the trikona houses and your fortune house. Auspicious placement of a planet in this house or having this house without any malicious effect tells if person will have his share of good luck in this life. This house is primarily shows the wisdom and religion related features – a person’s interest in spirituality, philosophy, religion, pilgrimage, meditation, charity, law, higher education is seen from here.

– Higher values of life such as religion, good deeds, ethics, morality, spiritual inclination, higher studies, charity are all part of ninth house. It shows attitude towards religious beliefs if person will follow the set rules and respect them or questions the same and make his own rules.

– Ninth house is considered strongest trine house and house of luck, it determines whether fortune would favor you or not. Its relationship with 10th house, strongest angle house, creates a powerful Raj Yoga of wealth, name and fame.

– Like 3rd house, 9th house in astrology is a strong indicator of travel primarily foreign and long distance journeys. 9th house tells if person will go to pilgrimage or on the journey of research, exploration or he will wander country to country in search of his answers of life.

– Being 12th from 10th house, this house also represents retirement from career, resignation or job loss. One can also see mother’s health status from here as it is 6th house from 4th. Ninth house also represents publishing and import/export businesses.

– 9th house is very prominent house representing father, his relationship with native, how fortunate and helpful he is for native, whether he will inherit the property. It also signifies your guru, grandchildren, brother-in-law and sister-in-law.

– Ninth house deals with higher education means higher vision – journey towards the unknown, to discover what is beyond and above us. Travelling to other places, understanding different cultures, interacting with other peoples and cultures and develop our philosophical bent of mind.

– In the body, it represents thighs, left leg, and hips.

To study the effects of 9th house, one should also keep in mind the 5th house from the bhavat bhavam concept. A strong Jupiter or a strong Sun can help. Sun is considered the karak planet for 9th house. However, placement of Sun in 9th house needs to be studied carefully from the principle of ‘karako bhav nashya‘.

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