Aries Compatibility

Every sign is compatible with every sign. The only point is how much. Some signs go along well with each other but still fight. Some signs don’t go well with each other and fight more! All signs love and fight with each other. It is all about learning about other person’s strong and weak points.

Like someone said – compatibility is all about dealing with incompatibility. Lets check out Aries compatibility.

Aries Good:

Adventurous – Aries love to take risks and not afraid of them.
Courageous – No braver sign then the Aries!
Lively – Extremely energetic, you cannot match them.
Positive – Very positive of almost everything, this is why they are so popular in the social circles.

Aries Bad:

Arrogant – Aries are insensitive of others’ emotions.
Stubborn – This trait makes them hard to deal with!
Impulsive – Very Very impatient sign!
Indiscipline – They are very unorganized people in the world.
Confrontational – Love to argue even if there is no scope!

Aries – Aries:

Aries is Mars ruled sign. Mars is warrior, fighter. So naturally Aries people have fighting tendency either together or against each other.This relationship could be explosive, in a positive way also. Being the same sign, they understand each other, at the same time you must have seen two rams butting heads with each other. At times, these people may compete with each other to prove their leadership (ego clash) and go into fight. To make it work they have to learn compromising skills. They are hot-headed people with fire sign, and want to make things work in their own way. It is not their style to go into problem solving communication. They take decisions.

Aries are very straight forward with their emotions, they speak as it comes into their mind, so there could be an outburst of anger or emotions between two resulting in some hasty judgement, however, they cannot hold the grudge for a long time and have great ability to ability to make up after disagreements. Aries is a Fire Sign. So they have tremendous energy level. They rarely get tired. They can be adventurous in their life style as they love extreme things. They love action, sitting is not their favorite. They do what they want, simple!

Two Aries will never be bored!

Aries – Taurus:

One is too fast another is too slow,
But there is something between these two,
Which keeps them on the go!

Aries is a Fire Sign and Taurus is an Earth Sign. This can be a good combination between Venus (love) ruled Taurus and Mars (action) ruled Aries creating balance for each other. In astrology also there is no enmity between these two planets and they go well. Aries love action, whereas Taurus prefers to go slow. This will be a problem as well as opportunity to both of them. Taurus can teach Aries more subtle things, Aries can teach Taurus be more spontaneous and adventurous. Aries is attracted towards Taurus sensuality, stability and patience, one who can relied upon.

Taurus is attracted to Aries love for action and adventure. Think of like this a ram continuously striking and pushing the bull to play with him, bull is too lazy to get up and come into action but when it comes they have gala time together. Aries brings excitement, Taurus brings stability into the relationship. Aries love to argue things, but Taurus will play low and they are good at debating so Aries may not get the things done in his own fashion. Both Signs want to be the leader in the relationship, so compromise is essential.This is an excellent balance of energy between masculine and feminine, contrast personality traits can make it a giving and satisfying relationship.

Aries – Gemini:

Aries is fire, Gemini is air, and air helps fire to spread its wings and so is with this relationship. When Aries and Gemini come together, they connect well on a physical and mental level. Both signs love discussion, activity, and adventure. Gemini values the independent approach of Aries to venture into new things, sometimes even without thinking! Together they make a good team to discover all the opportunities of life. Gemini love talking almost about anything. They have good energy to talk and argue every aspect of a discussion, sometimes they are blunt. Aries are always on the go looking for anything new to get their hands dirty. Gemini support Aries in their action, fast pace and wild ideas! The thing is Aries are very straight forward whereas Gemini is an intellectual sign. Both need to learn to respect this phenomenon.

Aries is ruled by Mars and Gemini ruled by Mercury. Mars is action, Mercury is communication. Aries initiate new plans of anything and Gemini is always up for anything. Aries and Gemini together make sure that their points are noted. They have very low level of competition among each other personally.

Interesting part it both are talk hungry, Aries love to talk about his day and Gemini is all ears to prolong the discussion, what else one wants!

Aries – Cancer:

Aries is fiery and impulsive sign, Cancer is watery and emotional sign. Aries is rash while Cancer is sensitive. Aries is Mars, Cancer is Moon. At first, the logical interpretation is relation between water and fire. Aries fire of enthusiasm can be slowed down by watery reactions of Cancer. Whereas watery emotions of Cancer can be evaporated by fire of Aries fuming them. So they both need to understand their element. Cancer likes to give or take time to understand the relationship, it is a peaceful process. Aries approach is too fiery and impetuous and they can suddenly reach on any decision which will make Cancer uncomfortable. Being opposites, they also tend to like each other’s distinct approach. Aries will find Cancerian sensitivity appealing against their bluntness. Cancer on the other hand will like action oriented approach of Aries. But this is it, they need to invest good understanding to put their in each other’s shoes as they are coming from different directions.

Both signs are very protective whom they love. Cancerians are homely and family persons and love to offer their humbleness, love and care. Aries uses their aggression. Cancer can provide Aries with a happy domestic life. However, they like to keep everything in their shell which does not suit independent Aries.If Aries learn to listen to Cancer it will help Aries to plan and execute their action in a productive way as Aries don’t know what is planning. Aries’s open, passionate nature appeals to Cancer, who often internalizes emotions and feelings. Cancer can have intense, feminine energy and Aries can help them learn to release it. Cancer tends to be sentimental and can teach Aries to slow down and appreciate life instead of always rushing on to the next thing.

Aries and Leo:

The Aries and Leo are Fire Signs full of passion.Their zodiac attributes such as behavior, attitude and interests are almost same which gives them good bonding. Both signs are lively, enthusiastic, ambitious and determined in their approach. Aries are unpredictable and love adventure, Leo loves this unpredictability and go along well to uncover new projects. Together Aries-Leo partnership may create a lot of fun and excitement in their relation. They respect and admire each other. Leos are realistic and sensible, they can teach Aries the lessons of stability which is a serious lack in Aries. On the other hand, Aries can teach Leos a lesson of courage to step ahead and take chances. These guys are very alike in many ways, have a lot to learn from each other. On the other hand, Fire can be explosive too. Both these signs are temperamental especially Aries.

Problem part is both signs have Big Egos! Both signs are Bossy! and Stubborn! They have a hunger to retain power in the relationship. Leos are very dominating, loves to give orders, and do the things my way or highway. Leo seeks and demands respect, attention and applause. Unfortunately, Aries are foreign in this field as they can be quite selfish giving attention to themselves. Furthermore, Aries are impulsive, indecisive, and don’t think when they speak what they speak, and can say hurtful things. Leos are also very sensitive sign about how people talk to them or criticize. Likewise, Aries may find Leo too dominating (which they actually are), this can frustrate Aries who loves independence. They need to find a middle ground for all these matters and rest is perfectly fine.

For this relationship to work at its best they both have to be friendly competitors for each other rather than being a fierce competitor.

Aries and Virgo:

These are really opposites signs having a different approach to life. Aries are Fire and Virgos are Earth sign. They have many things uncommon in each other. There will always be a sense of uncertainty in this relationship for a long time as both are altogether different creature from different planet. Aries are adventurous, unpredictable, extravagant and impulsive, whereas Virgos are prudent and very settled in their approach. Aries Fire will always contradict with diligent Earthy Virgo. There will be frequent disagreements and mutual criticisms as they will easily see one another’s mistakes. Aries’ spontaneous nature will find it difficult to deal with Virgo’s calm and thoughtful attitude. Virgos will find it difficult to rely upon Aries due to their unpredictability.

However, they may find each other interesting for their attributes. Virgos will be very curious towards Aries way of confidence, creativity and attitude to win. Aries will be surprised by the sophisticated and well-cultivated behavior of Virgos. Aries can teach Virgo to have fun and take things less seriously. Aries will feel that they need Virgo to maintain balance in their lives. Virgo can teach Aries the benefits of planning and management. Virgo’s analytic mind work out all the details before acting upon a project, while Aries will do the things in unplanned way always.

These kind of relationship needs good amount of time to settle.

Aries and Libra:

Aries and Libra are two opposing individuals. Librans are serene, peace loving, soft nature creature, opposite to Aries impulsive, impatient, and rude nature. Aries let’s do it and risky nature will not gel with conservative Libra. Aries will rush into things, Libra loves to create balance in the life, they don’t like rushing. There will be a lot of conflicts in this relationship. Libra’s analyzing and then take a decision will not match with Aries impulse. Aries will go anyway he thinks is right for him to have fun and excitement. This is not the style of Libra, they first calculate all the possible outcome and then move ahead which can be a waste of time for Aries. Librans believe in fairness and justice two sides of balance. They love to create harmony whereas Aries love to go aggressive; Librans love stress-free and conflict-free life. Aries somehow love conflicts.

However as we know opposite attracts too. Aries zeal for life, their leadership qualities and optimism will attract Libra. Libra’s charm and harmonious nature will attract Aries. Librans will try to calm down Aries head-on attitude with their gentle approach to create balance and Aries will appreciate it. Libra can make Aries realize that not everything is won by being abrasive. On the other hand Aries will teach Librans to let go the fear of calculations and manipulations, and enjoy the life as it comes. Both signs love socializing which can help them to build their compatibility level.

If they both give time to each other and themselves to settle down, it will work well.

Aries and Scorpio:

At first, Aries and Scorpio may seem compatible due to their soldierly and fearless nature. Their personality, attitude, and approach towards life is very similar. But this compatibility is short lived. They both love to control and in this relation there will be constant power struggle. These individuals lack trust. One thing about Scorpions are unique that they hold on to the grudge and make a plan to revenge whereas Aries are very comfortable to fight and forget. Scorpions may look strong from the outside, however, they are emotional and have soft side and they love to be pampered which is not something Aries is familiar with. Aries are self centered people and love themselves first.

Their similarities also make them good partners. From Aries, Scorpio can learn to drive the things and feel liveliness. Aries have tendency to initiate the things but without planning which Scorpions have. The love to fight with each other. Their similarities can either make or break their relationship. If they can learn to compromise, this relation can be looked forward to.

This relation can work only when both the signs maintain a positive attitude.

Aries and Sagittarius:

It is said that the Aries-Sagittarius compatibility is made in heaven. A relationship between Aries and Scorpio stands a high chance of success. Both signs have amazing similarity of features. They love freedom, adventure; both are highly optimistic, confident about life; both love to take un-calculated risks and they are very enthusiastic. Amazingly, they do not have any power struggle between them at home or outside as they both are on the same page. Both are very straightforward signs and believe in direct communication rather than beating around bush.

Another amazing part is neither Aries nor Sagittarius hold the grudges too long, they brush it away and go back to business. However these guys lack patience seriously, and they tend to be restless pushing themselves too far. They need to contain their energies. Aries move very fast on the assignments and Sagittarius get bored very easily. Both are fire element and aggressive signs so they have to work on their short-lived interest to be more efficient. Sagittarius usually see commitment as a form of restriction so they avoid being committed. Aries on the other hand wants commitment and loyalty from their partner. Saggittarius are flirt too.

So they have their down sides as well, but they are perfect match than any other.

Aries and Capricorn:

There is not much compatibility between them. Although, there are many similarities between them such as both are energetic, love to enjoy the life, ambitious, intelligent, motivated, go-getters. Aries are fire sign full of impulse and impatience; whereas Capricorn is earth sign very grounded, patient and thoughtful creatures without any haste. Aries will just go on doing the things in their way unplanned, unorganized; Capricorn will not approve this approach and criticize. Criticism is something Aries are not familiar with and cannot accept.

But they can teach each other different perspective of life the way they see it. Aries can teach Capricorn to accept the life as it comes and enjoy the moment rather than being fussy about the things as there is no such thing called perfection which Capricorn strive for. On the other hand Capricorn teach Aries the beauty of planning, organization, and thoughtfulness accompanied with Aries energy and fire and look what can they achieve!

In short, both will have multiple occasions of conflicts and less occasions of mutual understanding as both are from different planets.

Aries and Aquarius:

Bright-side is Aries and Aquarius both love adventure, wit, innovation and passion. Aquarius appreciates the outgoing, adventurous and positive outlook of Aries. They are energetic and love to discover the new things. Aries are dare devils and Aquarius salute their “never give up” attitude. Aries are born initiators; Aries will motivate action to Aquarius’ innovations which will create an excellent rapport with each other.

This compatibility is achievable keeping in mind that Aries is Fire and Aquarius is Air. Air fuels the Fire which means Aquarius should not provoke the Aries to let the Fire burn everything. Both signs are stubborn. Aries are self centered very much attached with their emotions whereas Aquarians are unique zodiac sign which is not self centered and detached with their emotions and do not mind it, but they think same for others too which is a problem for Aries. Because of this, Aries will feel suppressed by Aquarius’ lack of emotional display wondering how to get attention for their emotions. Aquarians avoid petty fights on petty issues, Aries love it. Aquarius are humanitarian people and look for social cause to help others, this is little alien to Aries.

Still, this can work.

Aries and Pisces:

At first, it does not sound good, aggressive Aries with soft and super sensitive Pisces. But surprisingly it works out. Pisces are emotional people and can provide the needed emotional support to Aries and Aries will love it. Actually, Aries are very simple creatures except their powerful aggression which makes them tainted many times, and they are hurt due to this misunderstanding by other people. Now they need someone who can balm their emotional wounds and Pisces are the best in this. In fact Pisces are the best to absorb the heat of Aries aggression and see the real reason behind that. This approach will simply pamper the Aries and they will have more respect for Pisces and bond will grow stronger.

The only thing Aries need to keep in mind that they should not take Pisces granted. If they will keep showing aggression, Pisces may get irritated. Whatever is the reason but this compatibility is certainly worth keeping.

Gautam Trehan

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