Bhavat Bhavam – Astrology Principle

Bhavat Bhavam means ‘house to house’; it is one of the key principles of the vedic astrology. As per this principle matters/effects of one house is also readable/governed from the house which is of the same number counted from the original house. For example, if you are studying the 4th house then also study simultaneously the 7th house which is 4th house from the 4th house.

In same way:

Along with bhava 2nd also study the bhava 3 (2nd from 2nd)

Along with bhava 3rd also study the bhava 5 (3rd from 3rd)

Along with bhava 4 also read the bhava 7 (4th from 4th)

Along with bhava 5 also read the bhava 9 (5th from 5th)

Along with bhava 6 also read the bhava 11 (6th from 6th)

To study the matter of 7th house also read the 1st house (7th from 7th)

To study the matter of 8th house also read the 3rd house (8th from 8th)

To study the matter of 9th house also read the 5th house (9th from 9th)

To study the matter of 10th house also read the 7th house (10th from 10th)

To study the matter of 11th house also read the 9th house (11th from 11th)

To study the matter of 12th house also read the 11th house (12th from 12th)

Gautam Trehan

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