Atmakaraka in Astrology

Atma means ‘soul’ and Karaka mean ‘significator’. Atmakaraka means planet that is significator of the soul’s desire in this life. We are made of desires, so it is Atmakaraka which decides the fulfillment of one’s desires. The Atmakaraka planet (after the Sun) is the main planet through which the overall strength of the kundli is judged. In case, Atmakaraka planet is weak or afflicted, the native will have tough time to fulfill the wishes and may take wrong decisions in life.

There are two types of Atmakaraka – the natural Atmakaraka and the movable Atmakarka. Sun is by default natural atmakaraka for all the natives in all the charts. Sun is the soul of the universe and center of our personality. It has the complete influence on the human body. To get the success in life, Atmakaraka needs to be strong.

Movable atmakaraka is the planet with highest degrees in the chart. For example, if Mercury is at 27.50 degree in the chart and no planet is above this degree then Mercury will be the atmakaraka planet. Only exception is Ketu which is the significator of Moksha and not considered Atmakaraka.

It is from the Atmakaraka that the Ishta Devta of the person is known.

Following are the interpretations of different atmakaraka planet:

    Sun as Atmakarka indicates the desires for success, fame and power.
    Moon as Atmakaraka indicates the desire for happiness, love and satisfaction.
    Mars as Atmakaraka indicates the desire for being brave and courageous and put the energy in the right direction.
    Mercury as Atmakaraka indicates the desire for intellect and communication.
    Jupiter as Atmakaraka indicates the desire for spirituality and wisdom.
    Venus as Atmakaraka indicates the desire for beauty and romance.
    Saturn as Atmakaraka indicates the desire to perform the duties.
    Rahu as Atmakaraka indicates that the native will be cheated in his life quiet often.

Gautam Trehan

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