Best Corona Images Around the World by The Guardian

Chennai, India Police officer Rajesh Babu wears a coronavirus hat as he enforces the country’s lockdown
Hong Kong, China
Tables and chairs at Starbucks are taped to enforce physical distancing
Kabul, Afghanistan
An boy sells protective face masks
London, UK
An empty Piccadilly Circus on Saturday evening, when it would normally be teeming with people
Wuhan, China
A woman passes eggs over a barricade
Mumbai, India
People bang utensils and clap from the balconies of a residential building to thank the medical staff and others working to keep Indians safe
Glasgow, Scotland
James and Frances Welsh take the air during lockdown in the Easterhouse area
San Fiorano, Italy
Schoolteacher Marzio Toniolo’s two-year-old daughter Bianca paints his toenails as they while away time at home in one of the original ‘red zone’ towns in Lombardy. His wife, Bianca’s mother, Chiara Zuddas looks out from their balcony
Santander, Spain
Two children look at the merchant ships docking at the port from the window of their house during the emergency lockdown
Barcelona, Spain
Dogs cross an empty street
Rome, Italy
A feature film is projected on the facade of a building to entertain confined residents
Stuttgart, Germany
The flights departure board at the international airport
New York City, U.S.
A lone commuter enjoys the sunset on the upper deck of the Staten Island Ferry

All Image Courtesy:

Gautam Trehan

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