24 Best Medicated Soaps For Skin Problems

What Are Medicated Soaps?

Skin problems are very common now a days and most of them are easily treatable using the medicated soaps. Market is full of such medicated soaps for skin problems. Different from routine soaps, medicated soaps use ingredients such as Monosulfiram, Clotrimazole, Aloe Vera, Glycerine, and other such compounds which help in treating common skin problems such as dry skin, acne, eczema, dermatitis, rosacea, hyperpigmentation, sun burns, dandruff, itching and rashes etc.

We have listed the best 24 medicated soaps for most common skin problems. However, you must also visit to your doctor for better advice.

24 Best Medicated Soaps For Sking Problems – Available in India:

  1. Tetmosol

    First in this list of medicated soaps is Tetmosol medicated soap. It has Monosulfiram which deals with a variety of dermatological issues such as itching, sores, crusting, flaking as well as rashes. This soap is extremely effective against scabies mites providing instant relief. Tetmosol Soap can be used by all: adults and children on the body as well as the scalp.

  2. Abzorb Antifungal Soap

    Abzorb is very popular antifungal mediated soap is used in the treatment of fungal skin infections such as ringworm, athlete’s foot, nappy rash, sweat rash, and vaginal thrush. Abzorb consists of two medicines, namely: Clotrimazole (antifungal) and Lidocaine (local anaesthetic). Clotrimazole is an antifungal medication whereas Lidocaine is a local anaesthetic that reduces pain.

  3. Psorolin

    Psorolin medicated bathing bar, enriched with Wrightia Tinctoria and Aloe Vera, is prescribed for those suffering from psoriasis, allergic skin disorders, Seborrheic Dermatitis, Dandruff, Pityriasis Versicolor, and Dry Skin.

  4. Vanicream Z Bar

    Formulated with Zinc Pyrithone Vanicream is best for Dermatitis, Dandruff, itching, irritations, redness, flaking, and scaling. This cleansing bar is all body soap suitable for the face, hands, body, and scalp.

  5. DermaHarmony

    Sulfur & Salicylic Acid Bar especially formulated for skin problems. Safe for everyday use, it is very effective against acne and dandruff.  Does not contain Tetrasodium (ETDA) made from the fat of slaughtered animals).

  6. Getrid

    Another soap with Salicylic acid & Sulphur clears the pore that reduces the acne & sebum. Salicylic acid and sulfur combination is used to treat acne and other skin disorders.

  7. Azac Soap

    Azac Soap has Azelaic acid which is used in the treatment of acne (pimples). It relieves symptoms such as lumps, redness, and swelling caused by acne. For acne, it works by killing the bacteria that cause acne and by keeping the skin pores clean.

  8. Liscab Soap

    Due to the presence of 98% of pure glycerine this soap helps to treat dry skin problems.

  9. Murtela Glossair Soap:

    Glossair Soap Contains Vitamin E, Tea Tree Oil, Aloe Vera, Olive Oil, Glutathione Shea Butter, Cocoa butter, Light liquid paraffin & Glycerine like ingredients. A good choice for dry skin or eczema skin. The soap control skin-friendly PH balance. Also, the soap helps to remove the bad skin cells and make skin fairer internally.

  10. Sebamed

    Although it is named as Clear Face Cleansing Bar naturally effective against pimples and blackheads; it is equally effective against other skin impurities. This soap has combination of amino acids, vitamins and moisturizers.

  11. Candid

    Candid Soap contains antifungal agent clotrimazole to treat skin infections such as athlete’s foot, jock itch, ringworm, burning, itching, cracking of the skin etc.

  12. D Acne Soap

    D Acne Soap contains emollients, moisturisers and nourishers such as Palm and Coconut Oil, Glycerine, Aloe Vera Extract, Willow Extract, Olive Extract, Tea Tree Oil, Ethyl Lactate, and Zinc PCA etc. It is an effective soap to treat acne and reduce keratinisation, sebum and other skin impurities.

  13. Dove Cream Beauty Bathing Bar

    Dove is an easily available drugstore bathing bar that’s great for those who are suffering from eczema or dry skin, in general. It is a syndet bar that is mild and gentle on the skin, having a pH of 6. The bathing bar is formulated with gentle cleansers and ¼ moisturizing cream to give you softer, smoother skin. It relieves dryness and leaves the skin intensely nourished. It is known to have a TFM of less than 60%.

  14. Margo Neem Soap

    Neem has medicinal properties and is an excellent skin healer to fight skin infections. It also helps with pimples and anti-fungal infections. Margo is a refreshing soap that leaves the skin super fresh. This is a very affordable soap and has a TFM of 71%. Margo Neem Soap is an ayurvedic soap that’s infused with 100% Pure Neem added with Vitamin E Oil.

  15. Splendor Santa Barbara Pure Coconut Oil Soap

    This is Gluten-Free handmade soap with food-grade coconut oil, activated charcoal, pumice and alkanet root. It can absorb impurities from your pores and neutralizes odours. It does not contain any palm oil, alcohol, paraben, sulfate, soy, and phthalates. This is daily use bar.

  16. African Black Soap

    African black soap is great for acne, fungus, yeast, eczema, athlete’s foot, jock itch, ringworm, psoriasis and more. It contains tea tree oil, shea butter, skin nutrients, vitamin E and A, and has natural extracted oils.

  17. Neko Daily Hygiene Soap

    Neko daily hygiene soap contains triclocarbon and glycerine to keep you safe from body odour, germs, pimples, rashes, and boils etc.

  18. Boroplus Soap

    Boroplus Antiseptic Moisturising Soap, by India’s No. 1 Antiseptic Brand, is a regular bathing bar. It is doctor recommended Grade 1 antibacterial soap with the goodness of Neem, Eucalyptus and Honey. It is free from paraben and silicones.

  19. Himalaya Neem and Turmeric Soap

    Himalaya Neem and Turmeric soap is a family soap which blends all the goodness of powerful oils of Neem and Turmeric known for their antibacterial and antifungal properties. It relieves dry skin, soothes itchiness, redness, irritation and cure acne, boils and ulcers.

  20. Nivea Crème Soft Soap

    One of the best unisex bar soap for dry skin. It is indeed very soft, creamy and silky and has a good fragrance too. It contains rich almond oil along with sodium palmate which helps to keep your skin moisturised.

  21. Anchor Active Health Soap

    This is a Germ Protection Soap with ingredients like Glycerine, Methyl Chloro Isothiazolinone, Paraffin Sodium Lactate and Methylisothiazolinone etc. Thus, the soap helps in getting rid of dirt, dust, pollutants, harmful bacteria, viruses and germs to give way to clean and fresh skin. It is a daily use soap for all family members.

  22. Dettol

    Dettol soap contains more than 80% naturally derived ingredients and glycerin to keep skin moisturized and germ free. Dettol products are recommended by Indian Medical Association (IMA). It comes in different variants: Original, Skincare, Cool, Aloe Vera.

  23. Savlon

    Savlon works same as Dettol with almost same ingredients. Both soaps are competitive to each other.

  24. Pears:

    Pears is recommended by Dermatologists for its moisturizing and cleansing properties, best for dry skin. It contains 98% pure glycerine. Glycerine softens skin. It is very delicate and gentle on the skin. It cleanses the skin deeply without disturbing the PH balance. Soap is free from most of chemicals like paraben, sulfate, and paraffin.

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