How to do Bhramari Yoga Pranayama (Buzzing Bee Breathing Exercise)

Bhramari word is the origination from Sanskrit word Bharmar which means humming bee. In this buzzing-bee pranayama, we make a sound of buzz, like honeybee, while exhaling. It can be done by any age group at anytime of convenience. It is very effective pranayama to calm your buzzing brain and throat as well. Equally effective for the conditions of insomnia, stress, anger, and depression.

Steps to do Bhramari Pranayama

Sit in any of these sitting postion: Padmasana – Lotus, Swastikasana- Auspicious, Vajrasana – Thunderbolt, or any Cross legged position in which the body can be relaxed and spine is erect. Close you eyes, place the tips of your thumbs over the ears without pressing it too much. Now place your index fingers above your eyebrows on your forehead. The two middle fingers should be placed gently over your closed eyes. The little fingers should be against the sides of your nostrils comfortably.

Inhale for 4-5 seconds, while exhaling, make a humming sound in the throat for at least 6 seconds. It will gently vibrate your mouth, tongue, teeth, and sinuses. Feel this vibration in your brain also. Do this practice for a few round as per your comfort, and then return to the normal breathing.Practice it about 5 minutes initially, then increase the time.

One can also try this exercise while chanting of Om, in Omkar. Once you have mastered the humming sound in the exhalation, you can try to create similar sound while inhaling which is very difficult, but possible.

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Bhramari Pranayama Benefits

  1. The buzzing noise can help settle your mind for meditation purposes. Longer exhalation is very helpful in anxiety, depression, anger, insomnia and quiet the mind.
  2. Very effective in sinus infection, nasal congestion, and in thyroid problems.
  3. It facilitate easy and trouble-free childbirth, if practiced during pregnancy.It also speeds up the healing process, and may be practiced after surgeries with consultation of your doctor.

Bhramari Pranayama Precautions

  1. Once you feel dizziness or headache, return to the normal breathing.
  2. Do not force the breathing and sound.
  3. Do not apply pressure on the face.

[highlight]It is advisable to perform any asana in the supervision of a qualified yoga instructor.[/highlight]
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