Bizarre and Weird Buildings Around the World – 50 Pics

The Hallgrímskirkja Church
Let’s start the list of bizarre and weird buildings as mentioned on this twitter page: One of the most visited churches, the Hallgrímskirkja church is the largest in Iceland situated in Reykjavik. Designed by famous Icelandic architect Guðjón Samuelsson, the church was commissioned in 1937 but completed in 1986. So it was a long 49 years in the making.
Independence Temple
Independence Temple, in Independence, Missouri, is a house of worship and education. Headquarters of the Community of Christ, the completed structure was dedicated on April 17, 1994.
Zayed National Museum
The monument and memorial to the late Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan, the founding president of the UAE, is located on Saadiyat Island,Abu Dhabi, UAE. The museum is set within a landscaped garden, based on a timeline of his life.
Basket Building
This 7 story Longaberger Basket Building is located in Longaberger Town, Newark, Ohio, United states. It is the corporate headquarters of the Longaberger Basket Company, specialized on baskets and has a shape of exactly a basket. It is a magnificent sight especially at night.
12 ugly ducks
Popularly known as ’12 ugly ducks’, origin country of this building is not known, however, it is frequently listed as one of the most weird buildings in the world.
Earth House, Switzerland
These are energy saving eco-houses promising a nature-friendly lifestyle in a very organic living space that reminds us of Simon Dale’s hobbit house. Earth House Estate Lttenstrasse is located in Dietikon, Switzerland. Earth has the homes tucked in beneath, keeping them almost hidden. Quite spacious inside featuring three 3 bedroom, a 4 bedroom, a 5 bedroom, three 6 bedroom and a 7 bedroom house. There is even an artificial lake, parking lot, and room to grow vegetation on the property.
Bubble Palace
Designed by Hungarian architect Antti Lovag in the 70s for french industrialist Pierre Bernard and was bought in 1992 by the late fashion designer Pierre Cardin. Bubble palace comprises a cluster of interwoven bubble spaces and includes ten bedroom suites, gardens, water ponds, a swimming pool and a 500-seat outdoor auditorium.
Habitat 67
A housing complex in Montreal of 354 identical, prefabricated concrete forms arranged in various combinations, reaching up to 12 stories in height. This stacked concrete cubes looks like a child’s building a block project. More than 50 years after Israeli-Canadian architect Moshe Safdie built the block, it remains one of the city’s most recognizable landmarks.
Prague Dancing House
By the architects Vlado Milunić and Frank Gehry, this curious building is located on one of the Vltava River’s side, the longest river in the Czech Republic. The building was designed in 1992 and completed in 1996. Design was controversial at the time because in the opinion of some it does not accord well with architectural styles of Prague.
Stone House – Guimaraes, Portugal
It is a “prehistoric” house located in the north of Portugal. Built between four giant stones originally found in the area, the castle was built in 1972 by engineer Guimarães. The structure soon attracted the attention of travelers, forcing the owners to move elsewhere. Today it is a small museum full of photographs of the history of the building. It is completely without electricity. The two storey house is small in size but it is quite cozy. The ground floor has a kitchen and small living room, and concrete made sofa which weighs almost 800 pounds. The top floor is the sleeping area. There is also a swimming pool outside. It has suffered substantial vandalism over the years, mainly due to its isolated position. The current owners have reinforced the doors, window fixtures, railings and added bulletproof glasses.
Kansas city library
Kansas city library is the one of oldest and largest library in the world, located in Kansas city of Missouri, founded in the year 1873. Strikingly famous for array of large books wall which makes it the most beautiful library of United States. The exteriors of building decorated through marble and mahogany, the interior of the library has stunning 35 ton steel door. Each sections of library target for different kinds of readers with a collection of books from all possible areas.
Atomium, Belgium
This building is situated in Brussels, capital city of Belgium. The 102 meters high Atomium was designed by Andre Waterkeyn. The entire building was designed through stainless steel, by7 joining columns with clad spheres.
Each spheres have diameter length of 28 meters, tubes have length of 2298 meter. There are escalators installed inside these tubes for the visitors. The top of building have all needed facilities like restaurant and viewpoints.
Nativity of the Giraffe – Paris, France

This French building, serves as a childcare center, features a number of animal sculptures, including a massive giraffe that appears to be walking right through the building. The idea behind the sculptures was to inspire imagination and creativity in the children attending the center. 

The Dubai Frame – Dubai, United Arab Emirates

The Dubai Frame is the world’s biggest picture frame; 150m tall by 105m wide. This architectural landmark frames the existing monuments and emphasize the city’s past, present and future.  

Casa Batlló Hotel

Barcelona is full of historical monuments and buildings. One of such buildings is Casa Batlló, a building located at Passeig de Gràcia, the center of Barcelona.

Casa Batlló was declared a UNESCO world heritage site in 2005, and today, it is visited by tourists from all over the world. This masterpiece was designed by the great catalan architect Antoni Gaudí.
It has a unique view from the outside, which makes you feel as if the building has been made using skulls as balconies and bones as supporting pillars. The colors used in this building are inspired by marine life that are found in natural coral.
The Nakagin Capsule Tower Building
It is a mixed-use residential and office tower designed by architect Kisho Kurokawa and located in ShimbashiTokyoJapan.
The building is a rare remaining example of Japanese Metabolism It was the world’s first example of capsule architecture built for permanent and practical use. The building still exists but has fallen into disrepair.
Eschenheimer Turm

The oldest and most unaltered building in the foreground of Modern High Rises, Innenstadt district of Frankfurt, Germany. Erected, 15th century (1426-28).

This House Covered With Overgrown Ivy In The Botanischer Garten Gießen, The Oldest Botanical Garden In Germany
The Small German City Bad Vilbel Hadn’t Enough Space In The City Center For A New Library Building. So They Build The First And Only Library Bridge In Europe
This Is The ‘Neustadt Kunsthofpassage’ A Building In Germany That Plays Music When It Rains
A Black House In Germany
Cat Shaped Kindergarten, Germany
3D-Printed House, Germany
Cool Building In Berlin Painted By German Artist Michael Fischer
This Old House In Germany That Has A Different Number Of Floors On The Left And Right Side
This Upside Down House In Wertheim, Germany
The “Rizzi Haus” In My Hometown Braunschweig
There Is A 23 Store Building In Duisburg, Germany With Absolutely No Windows (German National Archives)
The Paint Job On This House In Mannheim, Germany

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