Blue Sapphire – A Mysterious Gemstone of Saturn , One of Its Kind

Natural Blue Sapphire

Arguably, Blue Sapphire is the most potent gemstone among all. Although, it is known to provide fastest results, it does not suit everybody and consequently can cause great harm.  This gemstone should be worn only after the careful consultation of your birth chart, Saturn positioning and Saturn Vimshottari Dasha by a learned astrologer. In case you are further interested to know the Saturn effects in different houses, it is all here a click away:

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Initially, it is worn on trail basis to check good or bad effect. There are a few popular tests like wrapping it around one’s arm in a blue colored cloth for a week, or placing it under the pillow for a few nights. If it does not suit you, it will tell. There is a lot of myth around Blue Sapphire and how to know if it suits you.

In case it does not suit you, it will show cracks or change of color, or uncomfortable daily life. However, if it suits you, it will give you the fastest and the quickest possible results. Let’s gem-lore more.

Four Types of Blue Sapphires:

It comes in different shapes like oval, cushion, emerald cut, round etc. It is known by different names in different languages such as in Sanskrit, it is known as Neelmani or Indramani and Trishagrahi. In Farsi, it is called Nilambil, Yakult and Kabud. In Hindi, it is called Neelam. Blue Sapphires are available in different shades from whitish to deep blue and from purplish to blackish blue. 

Brahmin Varna

Sapphires that are whitish blue  in color belong to the Brahmin Varna and known as Jal Neel. Since they resemble the color of water, it makes the person very peaceful and spiritual just like water.

Kshatriya Varna

Sapphires that have a purplish tint  in color  belong to the Kshatriya Varna.  These gems give power, position and status. 

Vaishya Varna

Sapphires that are deep blue in color or resemble the color of the peacock  are known as Vaishya Varna.  These gems are very expensive and should be worn by people who seek wealth.

Shudra Varna

Sapphires that are dirty blackish blue  in colour with no radiance or lustre are known as Shudra Varna. These are the cheapest amongst all the Blue Sapphires. It may be helpful in getting employment and stability in life. 

How to Wear Blue Sapphire

Like any other gem, it could be worn as an earring, ring, necklace or pendant. Astrologically, it should be worn only as a ring studded in Silver or Ashta Dhatu (an alloy of eight metals), and worn on the middle finger on Saturdays. It has to be purified before putting on. Blue Sapphire gets continuously vibrated power from Saturn and this power is absorbed to the individual’s aura protecting the individual from any external negative energy.

Benefits of Wearing 

There are following benefits:

1. It is said to enhance fertility in a barren woman.
2. Saturn governs the long and chronic diseases, hence it could be supportive in diseases like kidney problem, lung problem, heart problem etc.
3. It also helps in the diseases related to obesity, nervous system, muscles, bones, and legs etc.
4. It also protects from accidents, travel problems, terror, thieves, storms, fire, or natural disasters.
5. If suited, it will bless you with fortune and happiness.
6. Saturn controls our nerves, hence wearing sapphire give you patience, discipline, and public grace.

Rules for Wearing 

There is lot of buzz around as-

  • how to wear this gemstone?
  • what is the correct method?
  • which metal it should be worn?
  • what is the correct timing?
  • what blessings are required? etc.

There is a lot of content on this topic on the internet and everyone has its own way of interpretation. Let’s look at some of them:

  • Wear it either in Iron or Silver. 
  • Wearing a Sapphire in Gold is not likely to be favorable.
  • It should be worn on a Saturday at midnight. 
  • Wear Sapphire on your left hand.
  • You must also wear a gem of the water element with it. 
  • Wearing a square-shaped sapphire is good and auspicious. 
  • Before wearing sapphire, you must offer it to Lord Shiva and Lord Shani.

Make It or Break It:

One of the articles published in Hindustan Times mentions it as

“the most dangerous gem, may either make or break your life”.

It further adds

“It mainly controls the air element. This gem is worn to take the benefits from Saturn, however, it requires great care before it can be worn. Wearing it without a proper investigation and consultation can be very harmful. It starts showing its effects in about 24 hours.”

Read the complete article here.

Precautions for Wearing Blue Sapphire

As per expert astrologers and ancient literature, if a person faces any of these conditions after wearing it, it should be taken out immediately:

  1. If the person is having pain in his eyes or catch any skin infection.
  2. If the person is getting nightmares every night.
  3. If the person meets an accident.

Identification of Natural Blue Sapphire

Natural blue sapphire can only be identified by its color. Color is the most important aspect of blue sapphire’s value. Velvet blue, violet blue, grayish, too light, or too dark sapphires are extremely costly. Moreover, natural sapphire should be unheated. Unheated and unblemished natural sapphire look best in strong sunlight with evenly distributed color. The majority of blue sapphires in the market is of commercial quality and treated. Pure natural sapphire is scarce and very costly.

However, it is not easy to find unheated sapphire in the market and any such stone needs to be tested in the authorized laboratory for its purity.

Getting curious!! then do check this elaborate piece of writing by The Natural Sapphire Company on ‘How to buy the perfect Blue Sapphire’.

Natural Blue Sapphire

Natural Blue Sapphire

Malicious or Inauspicious Blue Sapphire

Gemstones never produce results if there are flaws in them. Do not purchase a blue sapphire that is very dark blue or blackish blue in color. Also beware of a cracked or milky stone, stone with a dullness, two-color, white lines, and red dots. Moreover, since it is very reactive stone, do buy it from a reputed and authorized seller who provides guaranteed and lab tested gem.

Geological Features

Blue sapphire is a mineral and mainly found in Sri Lanka, Australia, Myanmar, Kashmir, Thailand, Vietnam, Afghanistan, Pakistan, and Cambodia. The best sapphires come from Sri Lanka and Kashmir. Blue Sapphire is a mineral and a gem of the corundum family. It is a compound of aluminum and oxygen with a presence of cobalt which gives it blue reflection. Sometimes rubies and blue sapphires are found in the same mine, and that is why astrologers say that Ruby and Blue Sapphire has the same quality. However, blue sapphire is harder than ruby.

Health Benefits of Blue Sapphire

According to Ayurveda literature:

  • Blue sapphire helps cure the diseases of gall bladder, throat and intestine.
  • Also useful to cure heart problems, asthma and leprosy.
  • Put it in water with Kevara and use this water for washing your eyes to cure blurred vision, cataract, weak eyesight and eyesore.
  • This water can also cure the effect of the poison bite.

What if You Can’t Buy Blue Sapphire: Secondary Gemstones for Saturn:

Genuine Blue Sapphire is an expensive stone and not everyone can buy it that is why there are many fakes available in the market now-a-days which are almost true copy of the original one but these are just chemical compound. Gemstone only benfit the person in its original form. There are two main secondary gems for Saturn: Amethyst and Lapis Lazuli


Gemstones for Saturn | Vedic Gem TherapyAmethysts is the secondary gem for the planet Saturn and carries Saturns qualities of discipline, practicality, hard work, focus, concentration, endurance and consistency. 

Hildegard von Bingen used Amethyst in the treatment of skin disease and to pull poison from the body, like in insect bites. For this the person would lick the gem and then place it or rub it over the bite or otherwise effected area. Amethyst can help with headaches when rubbed along the temples or wherever the pain is located. 

Lapis Lazuli

Lapis is another gemstone associated with Saturn. Deep indigo in colour, Lapis is one of the gemstones used in Ayurveda. Lapis powder is used for ailments of the blood, liver, urinary tract etc. As mentioned above a gem for Saturn it will bring Saturn qualities into your life or amplify them. 

How to Check if Blue Sapphire Suits You?

You can see unfavorable or dire consequences from wearing blue sapphire under wrong circumstances. Same goes with wearing low quality or fake ones. Astrology talks about 16 major consequences connected to blue sapphire gemstone such as:

  • accidents
  • ulcers or boils
  • trouble from an enemy
  • eye troubles
  • poverty
  • family problems
  • loss of reputation
  • tragic fall from a high position
  • debts
  • breaking of relationships and others.

Other Checks

  1. Always buy blue sapphire stone from a qualified and experienced gemologist and get it tested if it suits you or not. For this your astrologer could be of help. One popular method is after wearing the blue sapphire, note what happens to you over 72 hours (3 days) period.
  2. An alternative method is to place the blue sapphire underneath your pillow or keep it in your left side shirt pocket for three days.
  3. If nothing happens to you, you feel healthy or normal, you get some good news or get something valuable, means it suits you. There may be sex dreaming which is ok as neelam is working with your Mooladhara chakra.
  4. But, if you get dream of violence, fights and terrible events, headaches and sickness or if you sustain an injury or accident or a bad news, then it is obvious that blue sapphire is not suiting you.

Here is a complete guide about How to Determine if a Sapphire is Real.

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