Timeline of Corona Virus Symptoms

World Health Organization advice for avoiding spread of coronavirus disease (COVID-19) Hygiene advice Clean hands frequently with soap and water, or alcohol-based hand rub. Wash hands after coughing or sneezing; when caring for the...

Pizza: 9 Reasons Not To Eat Pizza

Pizza is mostly carbs and fat, pizza taste great because it is loaded with various fats and made from white flour used to make pizza dough which is high on...

Guava Leaves stop Hair Fall, Health Benefits

Guava Leaves Tea Prevents Hair Loss, Premature Greying, Wounds, Cholesterol, Allergies, Diarrhea, Weight Loss, Food Poisoning, Dengue, Acne, Black Heads etc Source: Guava Leaves stop Hair Fall, Health Benefits

Jalebi – Most Fattening Food Item

One of India’s favourite sweets, jalebi, has featured on American news website’s list of 10 most fattening food items across the globe. Why…read here

10 Minutes Morning Yoga

Morning is the best time to practice yoga. Establish a home practice daily or every other day. It will make you productive, healthy, and positive. This little morning yoga sequence...