Combustion in Astrology

Whenever a planet comes very near to the Sun, it is burned by the massive heat and fire of the Sun – loses its luster and shine- and almost become powerless. This state is called combustion and affected planet is called combust planet. Combustion in astrology is considered weak and affected planet is not able to deliver its 100 percent result for the particular Kundli. It is very important to identify the combust planet in any chart before making any conclusion, it is possible that kundli looks great but due to combust planets it will not be able to deliver its 100%. Amongst the various sources of planetary weakness, the greatest is the state of combustion.

Combustion means ‘planet under fire’. The Sanskrit word for combustion is “kopa” which means angry. As a result, combusted planet makes the person angry or frustrated at psychological level in terms of stability, peace and contentment in life. To put in a simple way native will receive something unpleasant related to the significance of the planet. The combust planet should be in the same sign as the Sun then only combustion is applied.

Astrologically, planets are said to be combust when they are within the below mentioned degrees on either side of the sun:


In modern astrology, most of the astrologers take the average of 10 degrees either side of the sun for combustion calculation for any planet as it is not easy to remember the specific degrees as mentioned above.

combustion combustion2

As you can see in the above images, in the 1st image Mercury is combust at 9.43 degree while Sun is at 8.39 degree; in the 2nd image Venus is combust at 5.03 degree while Sun is at 7.40 degree.

There are a few other points to be noted:

  • Retrograde planets never combust as they are going away from Sun so Sun will not affect them in any way.
  • When Sun and the combust planet are functional benefic planets, the significations of the houses they rule will flourish. Native will feel some disappointments in the short run malefic transit influences in the dasha of combust planet. However, when the slow moving planets move to malefic house, the transit influence can be for a longer duration e.g. Jupiter one year, Rahu or Ketu 18 months, and Saturn 30 months influence the malefic effects.
  • When dispositor of the Sun is combust, the Sun indirectly hurt itself by causing combustion to its own dispositor, in this case both the planets will be more weak.
  • To deal with combustion there are a few remedies one can discuss with his astrologer i.e. wearing gemstones, chanting specific mantras, or doing graha shanti etc.
  • Rahu and Ketu are never combust as they are shadowy planet. Moreover, if Sun is under the influence of Rahu, it gets weak so is its capabilities to affect other planets.
  • If planet is exalted, sitting in his own house, friendly sign, under benefic influences in navamansha (D-9), combustion won’t hurt rather it will just create issues related to the ruling houses.
  • If combusted planet is getting in the house where it gets Digbal (Directional Strength), it will be relieved from combustion.
  • If Combusted planet is getting strong benefic aspect from the well placed benefic planets i.e Jupiter, Mercury, Venus, Moon, it can give relief to the combusted planet.
  • At the same time, kindly also remember that above conditions will only help if concerned planet is not affected by combustion in D-9 chart.

Here are the possible interpretations of the combustion effect of the following planets:


Moon is the mind itself, combust Moon will give restless mind, affect the peace of mind and there will be a fear of being receptive to the life.


Combust Mars may give lack of strength courage to face the challenges of life. In the process, native may not be able to support his decisions and become argumentive.


Combust Mercury may give feeling of not being understood by others due to miscommunication/ misunderstanding. This will give them the feeling of right and wrong or if this is their fault or not. In turn, this will teach native a few lessons about communication.


Combust Jupiter native feels frustrated as they think they are not getting God’s grace, and they feel unworthiness, and lack of hope. Atheism may develop in the native.


Combust Venus may give hard time of feeling less valued and appreciated. They may feel life has not given them enough love and affection they deserve in spite of giving the beloved everything in order to feel appreciated. Native will feel disrespected and unappreciated.


Combust Saturn gives hard time meeting life’s day to day duties. Native will fell to be given excessive amount of responsibilities and workload than what they can afford in personal or professional situations. This will result in unwillingness to assume the worldly responsibilities.

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