Gemstone of Venus – Diamond (Heera)

Diamond, also known as Heera or Indramani in the Vedic astrology, is a magnificent gemstone of Venus. It is a very expensive and effective gemstone; even small size of diamond will cost you a good amount of money. Venus is all about beauty & luxury; diamond too symbolizes the women & feminine beauty and has been favorite of women for centuries. It gives you the benefits of planet Venus such as happy married life and luxuries of life. This could be one of the reasons why people prefer diamonds in the engagement rings.

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It comes in many shades like white, yellow, blue, pink, green, black, brown, etc. These colors are worn as per the recommendation of an astrologer. One can wear diamond in the form of earring, ring, necklace or pendant, however, in astrology, only ring is recommended. Only an astrologer, after reviewing your natal chart, will let you know the suitability of this gem to you. Being an expensive gemstone, most people wear its substitute; Opal is the most authentic and potent substitute of diamond. Many other substitutes of diamond are also available in the market, however, in such cases effects are not guaranteed.

How to wear Diamond

Diamond is the hardest known substance on the earth. Studded in a gold or silver ring, it is worn on the index, middle, or little finger, as per the suggestion of astrologer, of right hand on Friday. However, do consult an astrologer for the most suitable time to wear it according to the Panchaang. Before wearing it needs to be purified from a learned astrologer.

Benefits of Wearing Diamond

This gemstone is especially suitable, based on your natal chart, to the people associated with the profession of jewelry, clothes, cosmetics, furnishings, film, television, and modeling. Writers, poets, reporters, politicians, priests, and sports person can also get benefited. It is also helpful in the diabetes, and skin problems impotency, hydrocil and epilepsy etc.

Natural Diamond

One should always wear good quality and unblemished diamond. Self luminous and crystal clear, natural diamond is very radiant & dazzling, and emits a glittering lustre when exposed to light. High quality natural diamonds are rare, most of the diamonds in the market are synthetic or man-made. It is said that if you throw the light in the front of its face, a pure diamond will reflect all the lights from the back in the series of mirrors. Hardness is an other important factor of pure diamond.

Like most of the gemstones, diamond too is a mineral and mined in Botswana, Namibia, South Africa, India, Tanzania, USA, Canada, Zimbabwe and Russia. Diamond should be purchased from trustworthy sources.

Natural DiamondNatural Diamond (Wikipedia)

Malicious or Inauspicious Diamond

Beware of purchasing the dull diamonds with dark spots, red spots, black spots, webs, sandy appearance, lack of luster and extreme color. In any case, it should not be damaged, cracked or chipped. It should be uniform in color with good lustre and acceptable transparency. Impure or imperfect diamond will do no good to the wearer and may cause trouble instead.

More About Diamond

Word diamond comes from the Greek word Adams means unconquerable. Diamond is a natural mineral and an allotrope of compressed Carbon which makes it the hardest substance. It has a hardness of 10 on the Mohr’s Scale. Chemically diamond, coal and graphite are all equal. But the unique atomic bonding makes it the hardest of all. That is why it is used in making the cutting tools, being the hardest material it cuts the harder things conveniently. In the Vedic culture diamond is known as Vajra which means indestructible. It is said that it saves from witches, black magic, and ghost.

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