Donald Trump Birth Chart Analysis

Born on 14-06-1946 at 10.54 AM in Queens, New York. Here is the birth chart of President elect Donald Trump.


Donald Trump Birth Chart

Let’s take a look into the US President Donald Trump birth chart analysis. Let’s start with the ascendant. His ascendant rising at 6.49 degree is strong. However, his ascendant lord Leo is comparatively weak at 29.49 degree. Moon, Rahu, and Ketu is functional malefic planets for Leo ascendants. Overall, his Sun is weak in degree afflicted with Rahu and Moon also. Weak Sun makes the person loud, impulsive, dominating, arrogant, and extravagant which suits Trump personality. Weak Sun may also give heart disorder. It also mean that Trump did not have good relationship with his father.

Mars is sitting in ascendant makes the Trump an aggressive man who likes a lot of action around him. Mars in ascendant means daring or hot headed people full of courage with fighting spirit always ready to take on anybody.

Then comes the 2nd house ruling by Jupiter and lord by Mercury which is ruling the 11th house in its own sign of Gemini. This formation gives lot of wealth, power, status, and makes him socially famous. Jupiter and Mercury both are benefic and auspicious planets in his case. 2nd house in astrology describes the financial matters and possessions, way you will earn money and material goods, and how you will manage them. We already know about the wealth of Trump. His Mercury is very strong at 15.45 degree sitting in 11th house which is one of the Upachaya houses fulfilling your wishes. His Jupiter is retrograde which gives him exceptional name, fame, and financial success.

Let’s see the effects of 3rd house where no planet is sitting and it lord Venus is sitting in the 12th house which is one of the inauspicious houses. Venus is sitting in the house lord of Moon which is functional malefic planet and it is also closely afflicted by Moon at infancy stage of 2.38 degree. Weak Venus give trouble with finances, friendships, personal relationships. This is why Trump is married a few times. Weak and afflicted Venus made the Trump bankrupt a few times.

Now lets have a look at the 5th house with Mooltrikona sign of Jupiter. As discussed above his Jupiter is retrograde at 24.21 degree lord of one of the trikona house and ruling the 2nd house. His Jupiter is fairly strong although towards the old age but still good. It give him good and a lot of children and they will be rich of course!

7th house is lord by Saturn which is although functional benefic planet is in very infancy stage at 00.42 degree sitting in the inauspicious 12th house. Moreover it is badly and closely afflicted by functional malefic planet Moon. Being the lord of 7th house it brought the trouble in the continuance of his marital relationships. Trump has five children by three marriages, and has eight grandchildren. His first two marriages ended in widely publicized divorces.

Then comes the 9th house (fortune) which is lord by Mars and ruling the ascendant. Mars in strong in his kundli sitting in the friendly sign of Leo. Mars controls ambition and desires. Mars people do well in business, strong Mars gives tremendous self confidence, combat nature, and organizing ability.

Mars is prime significatory of real estate and business. In his case it clearly suggests that person will find his fortune in the real estate business (Lord of fortune sitting in ascendant). In 1971 Trump took over the family real estate firm, and renamed it The Trump Organization. He greatly expanded its real estate operations venturing into numerous other business activities. It eventually became the umbrella organization for several hundred individual business ventures and partnerships.

10th house is occupied by Taurus which is Mooltrikona sign of Moon. Moon is functional malefic planet ruling the 4th house. 10th house is your career or profession. Bad Moon will give you setbacks in the same. His hotel and casino businesses have been declared bankrupt six times between 1991 and 2009. It will also affect the relationship with mother and health of mother. Malefic Moon in 4th house suggests not so good family and married life. Trump is known for his fickle temperament due to weak moon. Weak moon also affects your social status as Trump and his companies are involved in more than 3500 legal cases in US.

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