Dragon Love-Relationship Compatibility with Other Signs

According to Chinese Zodiac Dragon Compatibility; Rooster, Rat, and Monkey are the best compatible with Dragon. Whereas, Ox, Sheep, and Dog are the least compatible. Read more about Dragon Personality. However, relationships are very complicated concept and it cannot be described in numbers, rating of five stars or one stars. As you can see most of the compatibility chart are shown as best match & worst match. It will be a lot more easier if you know the traits of your partner and your’s too so that there could be an alignment in the relationships. Let’s check the Dragon Compatibility in detail.

Dragon and 12 Chinese Zodiac Compatibility – Love & Partnership


  1. Dragon and Rat compatibility is a joy as they have a lot in common and know each other very well no matter what happens. They trust each other very well.
  2. Dragon loves to show off and Rat loves to appreciate. These two love glamour and glitz, and enjoy dressing up and going out. They love to host lavish parties and get-together in their home.
  3. Rat is witty and humorous; Dragon is charming and has an appeal. Both attract the people but neither is jealous of the other. In fact, each is proud of their lover’s qualities.
    Rats are good strategy maker and Dragons are full of ideas to do innovative things.
  4. When Dragon will come up with a brilliant idea Rat can execute it in the best possible manner. There could be some problem as Dragon has high ego and Rat does not like it. Still, these two get along wonderfully well for the most part.
  5. As far as sex is concerned, both possess healthy sexual appetites. They will express their desire to each other very well.


  1. Dragon and Ox relationship is difficult one since Ox is very stubborn animal, and unwilling to give in. This does not go along well with Dragons at all. This is a complicated alliance and requires lots of compromises.
  2. Dragon loves to impress and dominate others, however Ox is neither impressed so easily nor can be dominated so easily. They are not penetrable easily. Ox does not like the Dragon’s desire for the attention at all.
  3. On a positive note Ox is impressed by Dragon’s money making abilities and lavish lifestyle. However, Ox is not so party kind of animal and loves to stay at home doing some small and friendly gatherings and chit chat.
  4. Dragon’s ambitious and risky lifestyle, doing things just by intuition does not go well with Ox. Ox is careful planner and has its feet planted firmly on the ground. While Ox might appreciate Dragon’s money, it never appreciates how Dragon burn it. The Dragon enjoys expensive things, while Ox is economical.
  5. Sex could be another difficult area for this couple. They can satisfy each other, however both have different approach towards the sex. Ox is conservative whereas Dragon loves to command the bed.


  1. Dragon and Tiger combination emit sparks when together. Both are majestic and adventurous animals and if these two get together, they will accomplish great things together. They love to take risks in their life.
  2. Tiger has a courage to say or do things which is highly appreciated by Dragon. Both love glamour, luxuries and extraordinary thing. Tiger’s courage impresses the dashing Dragon.
  3. Both are restless source of energy which makes this couple very productive. They can embark on any big projects together whether its a new business or new property or far-flung trips. They simply dont love doing ordinary things.
  4. However, since both are equally dominating in their own way as Dragon loves to be the one in charge, while Tigers has his own way of doing things. This can cause problems if the two don’t agree to compromise.
  5. Both are great at sex. Tiger appreciates and enjoys the powerful sex drive of Dragon. They may have a very hot and passionate love making together.


  1. Dragon and Rabbit relationship will work if one partner is ready to compromise on other’s personality. Since both are of a very different nature, it will require quite an effort. If this can be done, life might be peaceful for them.
  2. Rabbit and Dragon compatibility is tricky but workable combination. Rabbits are sharp and intelligent and do not get impress easily. Dragon has a tendency to show-off and impress people around with their gimmicks.
  3. Rabbit knows that Dragon is not always what they try to appear. Dragon will soon understand this view of Rabbit and would be anxious to take their opinion or agreement quite often.
  4. This relationship will work more on the trust, honesty and giving space to each other. Rabbit is not always going out of nature and love spending time at home doing creative things. Dragon needs to understand this. Sexually, it is the same case both need to win the trust of each other before going to make love and Dragon should not dominate the Rabbit on the bed.
  5. Rabbits are good to create and make homes and welcome their partner at home. Dragon needs to give their warmth and affection to Rabbit’s effort. The Dragon-Rabbit compatibility will lead to a good relationship if they focus on their similarities and not differences.


  1. Dragon and Dragon compatibility: here comes the same personalities. Two Dragons make a very fiery and passionate combination. Since both have fire power so there will be angry times and passionate fights too. But it will not stay for a long time and soon they will forget it.
  2. Since their nature is same, they both will love throwing parties, going out, doing adventurous things and return home together. However, their home will not look like a home though since Dragons are not good with home making abilities and spend most of their time outside the home.
  3. In a same way, both are very good at money making abilities which means a lavish lifestyle and lavish vacations. However, both will earn and burn money quickly without thinking much about their future savings.
  4. Both are dominant in nature and who will take the number one spot will be a challenge. Sometimes their will be competition for the same which can lead to a heated argument which should not last longer as Dragons don’t carry resentments for long.
  5. Now imagine Dragon’s sex drive and now imagine two Dragons together, this couple is hot in the bed. There will be unmatched sex play between these two since again they will try to compete with each other here too.


  1. Dragon and Snake compatibility exhibit good understanding to each other and take responsibility of a partner both in career and life. This could be a smooth relationship based on mutual appreciation of each other’s personality.
  2. Snake appears to be attractive and Dragon has a flashy personality and life style. Snake holds a philosophical view towards life. Whereas Dragon sees life as a party. However, they both are captivated to each other’s view which holds them together.
  3. It is said that to make an interesting pair there has to be contrast in the personalities. Dragon is full of fire power but Snake loves to chill and pass time idly. Dragon is party lover and would like to take Snake on the roller coaster ride. Whereas Snake is kind of slowing down the Dragon and enjoy the beauty around us.
  4. Moreover, Snake might have his or her own views regarding quality of friends Dragon has. The Dragon must be aware that the Snake might be possessive about their friends. Dragon should know that Snake has a tendency to hold the grudge so they can talk about their differences to sort it out.
  5. With regard to sex, Dragon is an aggressive lover, while the Snake is the more of a relaxed kind of. Still, they appreciate each other’s strengths. Dragon might have to put a little effort to make a mood of Snake.


  1. In Dragon and Horse relationship Dragon is a flashy zodiac whereas Horse will be down to earth about any choice. Both are extremely brilliant in many ways. Both have high octane energy, they are good with cash earning, both are lively and courageous and love to try new things.
  2. A wise, hardworking Dragon knows how to make money in any circumstances. However Dragon will earn fast and burn fast. Whereas Horse is talented to use the money in a most optimistic way. These two could be a very successful partners professionally.
  3. The Dragon and Horse will attract one another naturally. However, both are free spirits and want a certain level of freedom in their life. They hate to be dominated or tamed. There may be a struggle of wills which they need to overcome.
  4. Horse has a tendency to loose interest quickly, Dragon needs to understand and customize it. They are quite well matched but they will also come across challenges frequently which makes this relationship quite an effort.
  5. These two signs may be physically and sexually attracted to one another quicker than other signs, over the time keeping this intimacy will require a lot of efforts if they choose to be a partner.


  1. The Dragon and Goat match is very fluctuating relationship with a lots of ups and down, hot and cold moment. Dragon’s personality and Goat’s compassion will attract each other. However, this is only one aspect, they will have their different and contradictory agenda of life.
  2. This is workable combination. Both needs to give each other freedom to do what they like. Dragon needs to control its flirtatious nature in order to create trust to the loyal and sentimental Goat. Dragon can show Sheep how to come out of their shell and enjoy the life at fullest while Goat can teach Dragon how to slow down and keep a calm.
  3. Goat is creative and possess a craftsmanship. They are an expert to create a nice and cozy home with the help of Dragon’s fortune. They love attention and romance. However, Dragons themselves are great attention seekers so they need to understand this feature of their partner to pay some attention to their small gestures and create more romantic gestures to blossom the love.
  4. Dragons are fast, dominating, spendthrift, love action, move very quickly from one to another, take risk, and love grand things. The Goat is wise, kind-hearted, sensitive, cautious and economical. Goat will be very worried to see the Dragon’s irresponsible way of life style. Dragon might not understand but sensitive Goat is always checking their relationship in a hidden way.
  5. Goat is cautious and worried about their love life. If things go out of control and cannot be settled there are possibilities that they will withdraw and find another partner.


  1. Dragon and Monkey is a good combination. Their compatibility and cooperation in romantic and social life can make this combination a success. They are protective to each other. Monkey is happy to appreciate the Dragon’s personality traits which make him even more fiery.  In exchange Dragon encourages the Monkey with his innovative ideas and  plans.
  2. They are fun-loving social animals and love to do small fun visits to circus, zoo, and park. While the Monkey will sometimes jump quickly to the different ideas as per their nature; Dragon will always fix them. Dragon knows this sign needs a lot of freedom to thrive and survive.
  3. Monkey is very resourceful animal. Dragon knows this and takes his or her chances knowing that Monkey will always find a solution to any unforeseen problems.
  4. Both are a constant source of amusement and protection for each other and one keeps the other engaged.  Monkey is always full of new ideas to the Dragon, whereas Dragon shows enthusiasm to these ideas.
  5. Sexually, Monkey and Dragon Compatibility is excellent. These two will experiment all the positions in sex book and also all the new sexual positions they’ve invented. The Dragon knows how to switch on the Monkey; the Monkey thrills the Dragon with their acrobatic abilities.


  1. Dragon and Rooster compatibility is good. Both of them are independent and they can help each other in career and relationship. They are also equally concerned about their finances.
  2. Rooster is conservative in relationships and dont create much excitement which is liked by Dragon who does not like interference. In exchange, he will focus on the career, earning money and good lifestyle for Rooster.
  3. Rooster will always keep an eye on the risky Dragon for his risk appetite. Meaning when the Dragon will take too much risk in his career or relationships, Rooster will pull their back.
  4. Rooster is reliable and plays along well with the energy and high standards of Dragon. However, Dragon needs to first win the Rooster’s heart before going to the bed or making love.
  5. Once Rooster is convinced from Dragon’s honest efforts, he or she will give 101% to make and keep this relationship.


  1. Dragon and Dog compatibility is an uneasy alliance. Both of them will try to dominate each other. They dont feel love to each other. There is great probability of heated and nasty arguments frequently.
  2. Dragon is impulsive, but the Dog does not work on impulse and is careful with the plans. The Dragon loves attention, but the Dog is a loner. Dragon loves a lavish lifestyle whereas Dog prefers the minimum requirement and practicality.
  3. Dragon loves flattery and admiration and Dog does not know how to do this. Dog loves to pick faults which is not liked by Dragon. Dragon is not so monogamous and loves flirting whereas Dog likes to be in a trusted relationship.
  4. On a positive note Dog is known for its loyalty and Dragon love loyalty. They can count on each other at times. Dog can help Dragon to look at the things in a justified way. Dragon can help Dog to come out from its safety net and enjoy the things. However, Dog does not like the Dragon’s bossy style dealing.
  5. Sexually, this could be a mismatch too. Dragon’s lusty and commanding approach is not suited to Dog’s soft and romantic nature of having sex. However, their physical relationship can be very intense if they come to the terms of each other.


  1. The Dragon and Pig make great friends and lovers. Pig can easily absorb the fiery Dragon’s brave and independent nature. Pig is soft in nature however a bit lazy by nature.
  2. Like Dragon, Pig is also very social animal. Unlike Dragon Pig prefers just to be a part than be the center of attention which goes very well with attention seeking Dragon.
  3. Pig is very honest and stick to their commitment; they never lie or deceive someone and they expect the same from their partner too. Dragon could be bit tricky at times with their commitments and words.
  4. Pig likes to plan everything before going into the tasks. Dragons take risks and sometimes they act without thinking much based only on intuition. Here Pig partner will come very handy to the telling Dragon the consequences of the high and low of a proposed risk.
  5. Dragon is charismatic and sexual and they behave very confidently. However, it is only one side, another side they need support, They need loyal and honest person around who can truly admire them. Here Pig personality comes into the picture.
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