Dragon Dragon Compatibility in Chinese Zodiac Astrology

Let’s see how the Dragon compatibility with Dragon go by the Chinese Zodiac rules. But first we need to understand Dragon personality as a men and women.

Dragon Men Personality

Physically, he’s attractive, tall, has broad shoulders and lean muscles. You assume Dragon as a fire emitting creature, big and intimidating. So the Dragon men are. Dragon man gives himself a lot of importance and respect, and expects the same from others. This makes him somewhat arrogant. He is dominating and wants to control everything happening around. He behaves and acts by his instinct only. Sometimes, it will be very hard to convince him that his instinct is not right. He won’t admit when being wrong. He does not like to be criticized or contradicted. But he criticizes others badly if his ego is not fed.

In relationship, he can be very possessive, bit unfair, too demanding and jealous. It’s normal for him to hold a grudge and to never forgive. He’s very sensitive and has strong emotions for those he loves the most so he hates being cheated at any time. He can go out of control.

However, just like Dragon creature after emitting the fire there is only smoke around. They are adventurous and always look for something exiting be it professional or personal life. They have good risk appetite in terms of starting any new venture or project, or initiate something big based on their instinct. The confidence and adventurism shown by them will be merely an excitement sometimes without any logic or ground. Inside he’s less confident than he actually seems on the outside.

Jonathan Brandis and Stanley Kubrick are famous Dragon men.

Dragon Women Personality

Dragon woman is charming and easily noticeable. She prefers to dream big and to do things in a Dragon style; may not be successful all the times. Dragon lady is free soul, very independent and any zodiac which comes between her and her independence will not survive long. You have to accept and appreciate her freedom. She is sharp mind and knows how to try success using different resources, people and method. At the same time she is kind hearted and sympathetic; protective and supportive nature person if anybody around her needs the attention, she will not hesitate.

In terms of relationship, because of her aspirations, goals and visions, she generally does not prefer to go into relationship easily. It will take her a lot of time to settle down on such decisions and it will be usually late. She knows the problems of relationships and its consequences. She will prefer alone. If she falls in love, the man will have to live up to her high demands. She would not like to be limited, criticized or interfered. However, she always takes care of the people around and it feels good to be around her.

Adele and Shirley Temple are famous Dragon women.

Year of the Dragon

Years of the Dragon: 1928, 1940, 1952, 1964, 1976, 1988, 2000, 2012, and 2024.

Dragon Compatibility with Dragon in Chinese Zodiac

  1. This could be a very explosive combination as both are fire breathers. The start will be very easy as their interests, passions, and hobbies are quite common. However, their quarrels too could be very violent as both have same temperament and may not surrender to each other easily until one of them is mature. Both of them do not want to go into committed relationship so marrying to each other won’t be easy. Even if they are married, it will not be easy decision for them to start a family. They will prefer to spend time together as both of them like adventure and outing.
  2. They are sure to fall in love with each other at first meeting. Their mutual feelings and emotions will connect them at heart! They are like a mirror personality to each other where one can clearly see how it feels to be in the company opposite sex Dragon. Dragons are not very domestic so no one would care for household responsibilities. Be it laundry, cooking, grocery shopping or cleaning, domestic issues are of little interest to them. This is also one of the reason why they hesitate to start an early married life.
  3. This pair can even live their life without legalizing the union. The compatibility of the Dragon and the Dragon in a relationship is based on the mutual desire for freedom and independence. They know that marriage comes at the cost of obligations and restrictions to the personal freedom and independence. Sexually, the compatibility of lovers is the higher as we know Dragons are aggressive, passionate and adventurous on the bed. They like experiments and have good energy level too. The harmony of sexual life helps in personal relationship in the routine life outside the bedroom.
  4. As a business partner they may not be a match to each other. The things and features which will work for them in the personal relationship will create a hindrance in their professional goals. The business cooperation will not be fruitful for these people. The sole reason could be a mutual desire for leadership and dominance. Everyone wants to be in the spotlight. There will be frequent problems, conflicts, disappointments, and resentments in their professional dealing in any project or idea.
  5. Think of this combination as two Sun in the sky where both will try to shine better than each other. Their personal ambition, mutual competition, same features may create a problem in long run. The relationship of people of the same sign is either very good or bad and it is up to their mutual desire to build relationships. They both have fire power either they can club this into one power or they can shoot each other.
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