Dragon Goat Compatibility in Chinese Zodiac Astrology

Let’s see how the Dragon compatibility with Goat go by the Chinese Zodiac rules.

Dragon Personality

Only mythical creature in the Chinese zodiac, Dragons are leader and charismatic, it has to be grand whatever they do. They are risk takers, they execute the things on instinct. They are considered lucky and fortunate. They are symbol of wealth. They want lime light and being in the center of attention. Highly social, they are party animals and loves frequent social gathering. They are born with leadership qualities and love to lead in any situation. They love and seek attention by being center of the attraction. Click here to know more about Dragon personality.

Chadwick Boseman and Emma Stone are famous Dragon personalities.

Year of the Dragon

Years of the Dragon: 1928, 1940, 1952, 1964, 1976, 1988, 2000, 2012, and 2024.

Goat Personality in Dragon Compatibility with Goat 

We visualize Goats as a soft and tender animal that is liked by most. Goats are gentle, easygoing and creative personality. Goats are sympathetic, honest, and liked by others. They are easy to approach and talk. They avoid conflicts and direct confrontation but are intelligent enough to protect themselves with any kind of possible harm. Goats’ people are slow movers, not very dynamic personality and they are happier in a relaxed environment. They want to live life slow and calm manner without much chaos. However, they find life is uncertain and often feel insecure and anxious. They are not good at taking responsibilities and cannot work under pressure. At the same time these people are very moody and you may never know their unpredictability. They even move from one thing to another without finishing the first one. Goats do not like fix routine. They are multitalented people provided they know how and where to use this talent.

Bill Gates and Steve Jobs are famous Goat personalities.

Year of the Goat

Years of the Goat: 1931, 1943, 1955, 1967, 1979, 1991, 2003, 2015, 2027

Dragon Compatibility with Goat in Chinese Zodiac

  1. At first the old concept of opposite attracts work. Nothing matches between them except mutual attraction of Yang and Yin. Both are attracted to each other due to the missing traits in their own personality which they see in the other one. Dragon sees the romance, tenderness, defenselessness of a partner and ready to protect the Goat. The Goat sees security, adventure and opulence life style of Dragon. But this is it. The story starts after this when it comes to tie the marital knot and start the family responsibility.
  2. The Dragon and the Goat like and love each other, if they balance well they are able to interact in harmony in friendship and love. However, Dragon is a fire-breathing personality which means a continuous momentum, adventurism, dynamism, uncertainty, and unpredictability basically an on the go roller-coaster lifestyle. Goat almost opposite to all this is ready to put up with the unstable character of the Dragon partner, ready to adapt to any situation until it is bearable, Dragon respects the partner, and Goat’s individuality does not suffer.
  3. Dragon is a very sophisticated and modern thinker. They are primarily self-centric and work hard for the benefit of personal well-being. Professional life is more important to them and they work for a successful career which creates many enemy and admirers. Their most favorite is money as it gives them confidence and respect in the society. They know it and they know how to make money in any given situation. The more they earn, more they burn. Their earning and spending power is equal.
  4. Goat clearly lacks this phenomenon and ability. They are equally charmed and influenced by Dragon’s money and opulence. But they don’t know how to make money even for their own need. This may create a rift point between them. Goat will have high dependability on the Dragon in terms of monetary needs. Goat is a creative personality and if given opportunity they can create their own money to fulfill their own requirement. At times, Goat will feel a slave of the Dragon for its existence.
  5. This relation is said to be more workable if male partner is Dragon and female is Goat. Since Goat is more or less assumed to have female or soft characteristics. Here lady can present herself as a loveable, tender, defenseless person to the Dragon who is more than happy to protect her social, physical and mental needs with his dominance. Dragon will also be pleased to have an upper hand, more control, and leadership position is this combination of relation. He will be giving orders and making decisions independently, just in a Dragon way. The opposite union may not be this successful.
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