Dragon Monkey Compatibility in Chinese Zodiac Astrology

Let’s see how the Dragon compatibility with Monkey go by the Chinese Zodiac rules.

Dragon Personality

Dragon is considered an emperor in the Chinese Zodiac and so is their personality. Dragon loves to work independently. They are ambitious, knowledgeable and capable, which makes them good leaders of their chosen field. Rihanna and Emma Stone are all Dragons. They work real hard to realize their dreams. They are quick to take action sometimes without even thinking. This can lead them into the trouble. They badly criticize those who make mistakes. They need a partner who can understand them and correct them wherever required. Click here to know more about Dragon personality.

Francis Crick and Ringo Starr are famous Dragon personalities.

Year of the Dragon

Years of the Dragon: 1928, 1940, 1952, 1964, 1976, 1988, 2000, 2012, and 2024.

Monkey Personality

Monkeys are naughty and mischievous, they dont sit at one place for a long time and keep jumping branches to branches. They are witty, intelligent and curious. They like playing most of the time. They are fast learners and restless and love to be engaged all the times in different activities. Like Dragons they also love to accept challenges. They work very hard in their careers and can adapt well to different working environments. Accounting and banking, science, engineering, stock market trading are some best suited careers for them.

Donald Bradman and Lyndon B. Johnson are famous Monkey personalities.

Year of the Monkey

Years of the Monkey: 1956, 1968, 1980, 1992, 2004, 2016, 2028.

Dragon Compatibility with Monkey in

Chinese Zodiac

  1. The Chinese Zodiac compatibility between the monkey and dragon is excellent as they have a lot in common. They are both driven and focused and this makes them a great couple. Monkey is naughty but Dragon is disciplined and both keep each other engaged with their qualities. They are lively, daring and love to explore, and going out to unexplored places; an outing at an amusement park, or a fun night out on the town. They both are party animals and love excitement in any form.
  2. A good combination. Their compatibility and cooperation in romantic and social life can make this combination a success. They are protective to each other. Monkey is happy to appreciate the Dragon’s personality traits which make him even more fiery.  In exchange Dragon encourages the Monkey with his innovative ideas and  plans.
  3. They are fun-loving social animals and love to do small fun visits to circus, zoo, and park. While the Monkey will sometimes jump quickly to the different ideas as per their nature; Dragon will always fix them. Dragon knows this sign needs a lot of freedom to thrive and survive. Monkey is very resourceful animal. Dragon knows this and takes his or her chances knowing that Monkey will always find a solution to any unforeseen problems.
  4. Both are a constant source of amusement and protection for each other and one keeps the other engaged.  Monkey is always full of new ideas to the Dragon, whereas Dragon shows enthusiasm to these ideas. Sexually, these two are very compatible and will experiment all the positions in sex book and also all the new sexual positions they’ve invented. The Dragon knows how to switch on the Monkey; the Monkey thrills the Dragon with their acrobatic abilities.
  5. Together, they will never keep a grudge to each other for a long time, they will prefer to speak of their differences and move on. They both are very positive and optimistic to make sure their relationship is long-lasting and successful. They will take good care of each other.
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