Dragon Ox Compatibility in Chinese Zodiac Astrology

Let’s see how the Dragon compatibility with Ox go by the Chinese Zodiac rules.

Dragon Personality

Dragons are considered lucky. They love to live the life at its fullest. They are generally famous, talented and strategic. Dragons are very social, they love to surround themselves with people and love get together. They are fearless and have great risk appetite. They just do the things without much planning or thinking. But surprisingly, most of the time it works because of their lucky charm. Dragons love unpredictability and they are always ready for it. They are not routine oriented. You can always expect the unexpected from them. They are famous for their money making capabilities. That is why being a Dragon means having luxurious lifestyle, a good home, nice car, handsome job or business. It is said that money brings friends, so they have a lot of friends around. Click here to know more about Dragon personality.

Al Pacino and Vladimir Putin are famous Dragon Personalities.

Year of the Dragon

Years of the Dragon: 1928, 1940, 1952, 1964, 1976, 1988, 2000, 2012, and 2024.

Ox Personality in Dragon Compatibility with Ox

Napoleon was Ox personality. Ox is strong, calm, and patient. They are slow to act and it takes a great deal to put them into action. They are cautious and careful with what they do and take long time to finalize the things. Once in action, they are persistent with their efforts but known to be stubborn. They hate to fail or be challenged. They are not afraid of any difficulties. They are moody and quick tempered. They can become explosive and impulsive if provoked. They are quiet and not very sociable. They love to be on their own and become lazy. Ox people have a great deal of common sense. Their built is strong, they have good stamina and power as well. They are conservative and traditional by nature. They are very stable with the flow of life and hardly affected by the professional or personal changes around them. They are independent creatures and want their space. They are family lovers and trust everyone equally.

Barack Obama and George Clooney are famous Ox personalities.

Year of the Ox

Years of the Ox: 1901, 1913, 1925, 1937, 1949, 1961, 1973, 1985, 1997, 2009, 2021

Dragon Compatibility with Ox in Chinese Zodiac

  1. The Dragon and the Ox is a difficult combination. Both are independent sign. Both have different temperaments and head-on nature. Ox is patient with subjects and moves thoughtfully. Also, Ox moves slowly. Dragon is opposite of patience, loves a roller coaster ride and taking risks. Both have confrontational nature. Like Ox, Dragons do not like to be conservative and traditional. Restless Dragon gets irritated with calm and relaxed attitude of Ox, according to Dragon a person should always be on the move.
  2. Dragons are highly social; has a magnetic personality and loves parties, events and entertainments. They act on intuition and instincts. They dominate their surroundings and want to be heard by all. The Oxen prefer orderly, controlled, and more matured version of life. They have a plan to achieve the desired goal.
  3. Oxen are very much family oriented. They give utmost importance to family and family members. They can even sacrifice their professional life and compromise personal life for it. Dragons are very late to get married and start a family. In fact Dragons never want to start family (kids) because of shared responsibilities. They want to enjoy life at fullest and consider the extension of family a hurdle. Even if they start a family, there will be frequent altercations between them regarding family issues which will finally make the Dragons fly-away!
  4. As other zodiacs of sign they also have different life values. However, in some cases these values work very well such as Rat, Rooster and Monkey. In some cases, these values are workable with some efforts such as Pig and Dragon. However, in this case it is comparatively tough. Dragons are enthusiastic and adventurous personalities. They don’t like routines and always break away to unknown places, do sudden things and give surprise to other.
  5. Oxen are practical, hardworking and more stable. They stick to routines and expect a mature behavior of logical explanation. Their family value prevails over other life priorities. They like the routine, arranged and comfortable life without making a chaos. Dragons will surely find it very boring and against their natural instincts.
  6. In business, both sign strive for leadership. Their competitive nature and struggle for power may affect the productivity. However, since both are ambitious in a different way – Dragons like to be in the center of events, Oxen prefer recognition for their hard work – success can be guaranteed if they work together. As a friend, these two sign can go along well as they do not have any commitment to each other. Their contradictory personality traits will fill the gaps of each other lives.
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