Dragon Pig Compatibility in Chinese Zodiac Astrology

Let’s see how the Dragon compatibility with Pig go by the Chinese Zodiac rules.

Dragon Personality

Dragons are the most revered animal in Chinese culture. They call themselves the descendants of the dragon. Dragons are lucky and they live prosperous life of reputation and fame. They are talented and strategic generally successful at what they do. Dragons are very social, they love to surround themselves with people and love get together. These are kindhearted but fearless people but do not provoke anybody unnecessarily. They may be very blunt at times with criticism without realizing how much it can hurt the person. Their finances are very strong as they know every money making technique in the given situation. They have very good risk appetite and love adventurous lifestyle. They hate routines and may be unpredictable with routine. Click here to know more about Dragon personality.

Barry Bonds and John Gotti are famous Dragon personalities.

Year of the Dragon

Years of the Dragon: 1928, 1940, 1952, 1964, 1976, 1988, 2000, 2012, and 2024.

Pig Personality in Dragon Compatibility with Pig

If you look at the pig animal first thing you will notice is chubby and friendly appearance. You may be surprised to know that Pigs are among the smartest of all domesticated animals and are even smarter than dogs. Pig people might not stand out in a crowd. But they are very realistic. They believe in action rather than talking. Contrary to the perception, they love hygiene. These are intelligent and energetic people. You can even give them the most boring job and they will happily do it. These people have excellent memory and they are sharp listener. Small things are enough for them to enjoy the life just like Pig as animal rolling in the mud. They’re a bit lazy but give full focus once at work. They are considered fortunate also. They are not good with money matters i.e. budgeting and saving.

Julian Assange and Ronald Reagan are famous Pig personalities.

Year of the Pig

1947, 1959, 1971, 1983, 1995, 2007, 2019, and 2031.

Dragon Compatibility with Pig in Chinese Zodiac

  1. This is favorable relationship. Mutual and natural attraction brings them close the moment they meet. Pig personality seems very interesting and relaxed to Dragon. These People are comfortable together. There will be discrepancies in views and habits. Dragon is dynamic and Pig is homely in nature. Dragon is blunt and straight, Pig hides their resentment. Their disagreements will neutralize very easily mostly due to Pig’s sense of humor.
  2. They both respect each other’s freedom. They try not to upset the other one and let them indulge their own lifestyle. Pigs always try to create a humorous environment around so that Dragon can feel relaxed at home. Pigs are wise enough to sense the situation of conflict and avoid them. They know Dragon is dynamic in nature and expect action all the time. A balanced Pig tactfully restrains an impulsive companion, helps to calm down, see hidden prospects.
  3. The sexual compatibility of both partners is very good and considered ideal. Dragon is passionate, romantic and experimental whereas Pig is sensual and affectionate. Both strive to please each other. Intimate harmony and sex compatibility let them enjoy each other in a way which further help to strengthen their domestic life. Because of their sex life they have good married life too.
  4. As a business partners they will flourish. Both will take the tasks and assignment according to their nature and interests. Dragon will do the leadership, taking care of competition, meetings and project execution work whereas Pig will look into the small but critical matters such as admin, legal etc. The Dragon and the Pig are hardworking and distinguished by their ability to achieve their goals.
  5. The Pig seems as a reliable companion and a loyal partner to Dragon. Pig sees safety and happiness in Dragon’s leadership character and affluent lifestyle. In this relationship Pig is mostly ready to give Dragon a leadership role for a harmonious marital bliss. If both of them can fill the missing parts of each other and show appreciation; their union will mostly bring luck, benefits and satisfaction to each other. The favorable compatibility of the Dragon and the Pig in friendship is due to their mutual interest in each other.
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