Dragon Personality in Chinese Zodiac

Dragon personality is further divided into five categories further i.e. Wood Dragon, Fire Dragon, Earth Dragon, Metal Dragon, and Water Dragon. However, there is no need to go into such detailing; knowing Dragon personality is more than enough to understand Dragon people and deal with them. Check the Dragon compatibility with other signs for better understanding and dealing with other personalities.

Jonathan Brandis, Stanley Kubrick Adele, Shirley Temple Chadwick Boseman, Emma StoneBruce Lee and Rihanna are famous Dragon personalities.

Years of the Dragon:

The Chinese zodiac Dragon personality people are born in 1928, 1940, 1952, 1964, 1976, 1988, 2000, and 2012.

Each Chinese Zodiac year comes at a regular interval of 12 years. So next year will be 2024 and so on.

21 Dragon Personality Traits:

  1. Dragons are mythical, big and intimidating fire emitting creature in the Chinese zodiac. Dragons are considered the mightiest of the signs probably due to their size, appearance and features. They are symbol of wealth and considered lucky and fortunate. 
  2. Just like their grand appearance everything is grand about them. It is somewhat easy to guess a Dragon with their colorful and loud personality, their energy, their house, life style or appearance. Everything will have a Dragon style.
  3. Dragons are aggressive and extravagant personalities. They believe to live the life in full force and an adventurous way. They have very good risk appetite and do the unexpected things sometimes even without thinking. But it is their style.
  4. They rely on intuition and if they feel that something needs to be done, they do it. And they are lucky so most of the times they are successful; may not be successful all the times. Mostly they have successful career.
  5. They are impulsive and instinctive; take very quick decisions based on their instincts not necessarily wise and logical. But they do not prefer to explain their actions or decisions to anyone even if they are wrong.
  6. On few occasions their confidence and adventurism may just be an excitement. Inside they may be less confident than they actually seem on the outside. However, it will be very hard to convince them that their instinct is not right. 
  7. Dragons are dominating and ambitious which makes them good leader. They love to lead any given situation. They show an authority while giving orders to deal with situation & people.
  8. Dragons can always be trusted as they are honest with their dealings and transactions. But they demand 100 percent of your loyalty too. If you are their partner or friend then take it seriously because they will watch you.
  9. They lack patience and want success at once for anything. If it takes time they will give up half way. They are hothead, arrogant, and not open to criticism which keeps people away from them. If people make mistakes, they criticize them badly.
  10. At the same time, they are kind hearted and gentle; listen to others to understand their problem and how can they help. They try to deal with everyone in a fair manner.
  11. Highly social and adventurous, they are party animals and love frequent social gathering, unplanned outings, adventure trips, going to unknown places. They love lime light and being in the center of attention. 
  12. They have tremendous energy and never feel exhausted. Dragons can make easy money. They are famous for their money making abilities and they know it very well. But their financial management is very poor as they believe in earning and burning.
  13. They are not routine oriented. Office work or routine job is not suitable for them. They love doing the things which excites them. They are good at business as they are not afraid of challenges and risks because of their ambitions, 
  14. Dragons like to dictate the things whether in office or at home. They are easily noticeable in a way they do the things, speak or show off. They believe big is better. Their house decoration can easily tell that this is Dragon house.
  15. They are cheerful and keep the surroundings live with their energetic talking. They are loud, frank and fearless personality. They say what they want to irrespective of the consequences.
  16. Dragon people are mysterious and daydreamer. They are at their best when alone and within their mind generating exiting ideas. However, due to this people sometime consider them arrogant.
  17. Dragons look healthy and don’t usually get sick. But they are too busy to pay attention to their health unless it becomes very serious and heavily affect their mental and physical health. Fatigue and insomnia is quite common for them.
  18. They prefer to make and live by their own rules. They break the rules when they want to. Anything which has freedom, adventure, uncertainty. limelight and creativity will suit them. 
  19. Because of their ambitions they generally do not prefer to go into relationship easily and take a lot of time to settle down in any relationship. They know the problems of relationships and its consequences. It happens very late in life and generally they prefer alone.
  20. But once in the relationship, they can be very possessive, demanding and jealous. They are very sensitive and emotional for those they love the most. They don’t like to be cheated. If they are hurt they hold a grudge and never forgive.
  21. When it comes to love and romance, sex is another adventure for them and here they also like to do experiments. Their sex life will be full of romance, heated passion, and foreplay.

Dragon Personality Strengths:

Ambitious & Energetic, Born Leadership Quality, Authoritative & Powerful, Charismatic & Impressive Personality, Capable Dreamer, Very Adventurous, High Risk Appetite, Generally Successful, Influential Speaker, Endless Energy, Never Feel Exhausted, Great Luck Factor, Kind & Gentle, Generally Good Health.

Dragon Personality Weaknesses:

Arrogant & Impatient, Over- Confident & Unrealistic, Badly Criticize but can’t take Criticism, Impatient with Results, Depend too much on Good Luck, Easily Frustrated by Setbacks, Over Possessive in Relationships, Low IQ, Lack Logical Thinking, Lone Wolf, Dazed, Moody & Temperamental.

Dragon Men Personality

Physically, he’s attractive, tall, has broad shoulders and lean muscles. You assume Dragon as a fire emitting creature, big and intimidating. So the Dragon men are. Dragon man gives himself a lot of importance and respect, and expects the same from others. This makes him somewhat arrogant.

He is dominating and wants to control everything happening around. He behaves and acts by his instinct only. Sometimes, it will be very hard to convince him that his instinct is not right. He won’t admit when being wrong. He does not like to be criticized or contradicted. But he criticizes others badly if his ego is not fed.

In relationship, he can be very possessive, bit unfair, too demanding and jealous. It’s normal for him to hold a grudge and to never forgive. He’s very sensitive and has strong emotions for those he loves the most so he hates being cheated at any time. He can go out of control. 

However, just like Dragon creature after emitting the fire there is only smoke around. They are adventurous and always look for something exiting be it professional or personal life. They have good risk appetite in terms of starting any new venture or project, or initiate something big based on their instinct.

The confidence and adventurism shown by them will be merely an excitement sometimes without any logic or ground. Inside he’s less confident than he actually seems on the outside.

Dragon Women Personality

Dragon woman is charming and easily noticeable. She prefers to dream big and to do things in a Dragon style; may not be successful all the times. Dragon lady is free soul, very independent and any zodiac which comes between her and her independence will not survive long. You have to accept and appreciate her freedom.

She is sharp mind and knows how to try success using different resources, people and method. At the same time she is kind hearted and sympathetic; protective and supportive nature person if anybody around her needs the attention, she will not hesitate.

In terms of relationship, because of her aspirations, goals and visions, she generally does not prefer to go into relationship easily. It will take her a lot of time to settle down on such decisions and it will be usually late. She knows the problems of relationships and its consequences. She will prefer alone.

If she falls in love, the man will have to live up to her high demands. She would not like to be limited, criticized or interfered. However, she always takes care of the people around and it feels good to be around her.

Dragon Compatibility Matches:

Best Compatibility:

  1. Rat : They are independent, smart, and together can take on anything and make smart decisions in life.
  2. Rooster : A great partnership and truly made for each other relationship that will go forever.
  3. Monkey : They both are great fun together be it friends or lovers; their similar traits make them ideal in relationship.

Acceptable Compatibility:

  1. Rabbit : This is good combination based on loyalty and honesty. Very much workable avoiding gaps of each other.
  2. Horse : A friendly and romantic relationship which has a great potential to be successful with small compromises.

Complementary Compatibility:

  1. Tiger : A strong and daring relationship. Both respect each other territory.
  2. Snake : They can easily sort out their differences by discussing them and will strive for mutual harmony.

Intimate Compatibility:

  1. Dragon : Now both are dragons so they will understand each other well and can dance together.
  2. Pig : They are lazy and innocent just opposite to the Dragon but opposite attracts.

Bad Compatibility:

  1. Goat : They have a tendency to continuous complaint and ask for protection which will irritate Dragon.
  2. Dog : Not good since both have different temperaments.
  3. Ox : Very different nature and habits. They will not tolerate each other.
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