Dragon Personality in Chinese Zodiac


The Chinese zodiac Dragon personality people are born in 1928, 1940, 1952, 1964, 1976, 1988, 2000, and 2012. If you will notice Dragon year comes at a regular interval of 12 years. So next year will be 2024 and so on.

Dragon personality is further divided into five categories further i.e. Wood Dragon, Fire Dragon, Earth Dragon, Metal Dragon, and Water Dragon. However, there is no need to go into such detailing; knowing Dragon personality is more than enough to understand Dragon people and deal with them.

10 Dragon Personality Traits

  1. They are party animals. They love to be in the lime-lights. They break the rules when it is required. 
  2. It is said that dragon people have good luck charm which help them to build their career successfully.
  3. Dragon is dominating and ambitious which makes them good leader. They love to give orders to others.
  4. People born in the Year of the Dragon can make easy money. But they are poor at financial management. 
  5. Office work is not suitable for them, they are good at business. Forget a routine job.  They love uncommon which excites them. 
  6. They are not patient and want success immediately for any work they start and if success does not come easily they will give up half way.
  7. Dragon is hothead, arrogant, and not open to criticism which keeps people away from them. If people make mistakes, they criticize them badly.
  8. Everything the Dragon does is on a grand scale. They believe big is better. Their house surroundings and decoration usually tells that this Dragon house.
  9. Dragon people are mysterious and daydreamer. They are full of energy, devoted and never feel exhausted. Because of their ambitions, they are not afraid of challenges and risks.
  10. Dragon can always be trusted as they are honest with dealing and transactions. Dragon natives demand 100 percent of your loyalty. If you are their partner or friend then take it seriously because they will watch you.

Dragon Personality Love and Relationships

  1. People can win their heart with praise.
  2. Late marriage is quite common for them.
  3. Dragon seek perfection in everything including relationships. 
  4. They will be attracted by people who are elegant, intelligent, and understanding. 

Health and Lifestyle

  1. Fatigue and insomnia is quite common for them.
  2. Dragons have a healthy appearance but it’s illusive.
  3. They are too busy with work to pay attention to their health.
  4. They don’t usually get sick, but when they do, it becomes very serious. 
  5. Disturbances in social and family relations will heavily affect their mental health.

Career for Dragons:

Any job which has freedom, adventure, uncertainty. limelight and creativity will suit them. Suitable jobs include: architect, politician, economist, doctor, cafe owner, athlete, writer, artist, actor, or fashion designer.

Zodiac Compatibility:

Rat, Monkey and Rooster are their perfect matches. Ox and Sheep are worst.



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