Dream Facts: How, Why, What!

According to ‘Drake Baer’ in ‘nymag.com’ “The earliest recorded dream is from the Sumerian king Dumuzi of Uruk, who ruled just before Gilgamesh, sometime around 2500 BC. “An eagle seizes a lamb from the sheepfold,” a translation reads. “A falcon catches a sparrow on the reed fence … The cup lies on its side; Dumuzi lives no more. The sheepfold is given to the winds.” The king was freaked out about his dream, and occasioned the first recorded dream interpretation, care of his sister, who was evidently a professional at these things. Sister’s advice: Some bad shit is about to go down, so you’d do well to hide.”

Here are some possible logical explanations: Dreams are pragmatic prophecies, Dreams foretell us, Dreams are communications from the unconscious mind, Dreams are collection of your memories. Read this enlightening article of ‘THE SCIENCE OF DREAMS’


Dream Facts


Do you know an average human being spends 6 whole years of his/her life dreaming; blind people can also dream; there is not one person who doesn’t dream; such 23 interesting facts about dreams that will surely send you in dizzy. Read here.

Dream Facts

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