Gemstone of Mercury-Emerald (Panna)

Emerald, also called ‘Panna’, is the ancient green stone of the planet Mercury. It is said that original natural emerald is more valuable than diamond. Name emerald is believed to be originated from an ancient Persian word. In ancient Greek, emerald was used as an eye-healing powder. It is also said that the ‘Mughal Empire’ was very fond of these stones. In the Vedic system, it is closely connected to goddess ‘Maa Saraswati’ as both represent the wisdom and intellect for the human being. The Madurai Minakshiamman temple in India has the goddess Minakshi idol made of single emerald stone. An Emerald usually comes in the different shades of green color with little yellow and blue effects. Being a cold color (green) stone, it acts as a tranquilizer for the mind. The Spring is the most effective time for the powers of the emerald. Emerald is especially beneficial to the Gemini and Virgo zodiacs.

How to wear Emerald

Never wear it without consultation with your astrologer. It should be worn as a ring for astrological benefits. Emeralds is set in gold or silver and worn on the little or the middle finger of the right hand on Wednesday. The proper rituals should be performed before putting on as per the advice of your astrologer.[pullquote-right]’Cat’s Eye Emerald’ and ‘Trapiche or Star Emerald’ are most rare to find.[/pullquote-right]

Benefits of Wearing Emerald

Emerald is worn to take care of the problems like fear, amnesia, epilepsy, diarrhea, asthma, cardiac problems, insomnia, and problems related to memory and speech (stammering). It is beneficial to the people working in the field of IT, medical, law, music, literature, politics, education, spirituality, or speakers, government officers, and business people.

If tied around the waist, it is believed to reduce the labor pain of a pregnant woman. It is also believed to reduce the possibilities of snakebite. It is a cold stone and reduces mental stress keeping blood circulation normal and regular. It also protects from black magic and evil spirit.

Natural Emerald

Emeralds are delicate gemstones and most of the emeralds are cracked. They also get scratched while cutting and finishing. These scratches are filled with chemicals and brightness is also enhanced artificially. So it is not easy to identify such gemstones.

Emerald is identified through its color only. Natural emerald is green, transparent like water, and emits bright rays. It is said that if real emerald is put in a glass of water, it will radiate green light, or, a drop of water on a real emerald retains its shape and does not spread. Besides, get your gemstone checked in government certified gem laboratory.

natural emerald

Natural Emerald

Malicious or Inauspicious Emerald

It should not be cracked and scratched. Gemstone with brittleness, dullness, unevenness of color, black or yellow spots are not worth from astrological point of view. Also, beware of the duplicate emeralds.

More About Emerald

Emerald means “the green of growing things.” Its chemical name is a beryllium aluminum silicate. Emeralds are mineral and, interestingly, even being so fragile, it is found in the coal mines and that is why it has a lot of cracks.[pullquote-left]Colombia is the largest producer of emeralds contributing 50–95% of the world’s production.[/pullquote-left] Zambia is the second largest producer of emeralds. It is also mined in South America, Madagascar, South America, Brazil, Pakistan, Russia, India and Eastern Europe. However, the best of emeralds come from Colombia, Zambia and Brazil. The green color of the emerald is due to the presence of chromium compounds in its crystal structure. Emerald is valued by its color. Emeralds naturally have a lot of cracks and it is not easy to cut and finish this stone. Emeralds have accepted flaws.

It is said that emerald changes its color when false friends are around.

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