Kundli Analysis 1

Let’s try to understand the concepts of astrology through this kundli analysis.

DOB: 1.9.1978
TOB: 00.45 AM
POB: Gorakhpur

This person is born in Gemini lagna. Gemini is the only lagna where no other planets other than Rahu & Ketu (Natural Malefic) is functional malefic.

Venus is the weakest planet at 0 degree and debilitated too. Mercury, Rahu, and Ketu is weak at their respective degrees. Saturn, Sun is very close to the MEP of the ascendant and strong too.

Let’s have a look at the Mooltrikona signs of the planets:

Sun is sitting in the 3rd house in its own house along with Saturn, both are very strong and functional benefic planets too, hence his 3rd house features will be highly benefitted. He will have good siblings, will have good courage to take initiatives, he will have entrepreneurial nature very good communication skills, he will enjoy a lot of short trips around. He will be inclined towards writing profession too.

3rd house is Upachaya house and malefic planets produce good results here, he will have his share of good gains as time will pass by.

Saturn is also lord of 8th and 9th houses aspecting 9th house too and Sun is aspecting 9th house too. This is good for his fortune as 3rd house is 8th house from 8th and strong 3rd house means good life span. He will have good stamina and physical strength.

It also works as 1st house lord in the first house which means he will be self-made man. Malefic planets in 3rd house signifies that his communication style will be critical and harsh.

Mooltrikona sign of Moon is in 12th house, and Moon is in self house in 2nd house, it may not be a good combination and indicates frequent financial setbacks, 12th house is loss, 2nd house is wealth, family, continuance of married life, native will suffer financial losses due to his family members, he may also have problem in his married life due to this combination. 12th house is hospitalization so native will have to spend on the hospitalization of his family members, 2nd house is marak house so this combination will also add to marak effects. Since 12th lord is in good position with favorable planets the effects of bad occurrence will reduce upto some extent.

Mooltrikona sign of Mars is in 11th house and 11th Lord is sitting in the family house in Kendra. 11th house represents gain so 4th house features will get benefitted here, however, Mars is in the old age and Rahu is also sitting in the same house along with debilitated Venus so overall strength of the 4th house is on lesser side.

Mars is sitting in the 4th house along with malefic Rahu and debilitated Venus, his family life may be troubled with frequent arguments since Mars is a planet of fight & action, 4th house is probably not very suitable place for him. He may not have peace in his family life due to many reasons. Also debilitated Venus as a planet of wife will give challenging married life. Having Mars in the family house makes him dominating person in the family.

Mooltrikona sign of Mercury is in 4th house and L4 is sitting in the 2nd house along with Moon and Jupiter. Although it is a good combination as L4 is sitting in the 11th house (Upachaya), however Mercury is very weak in the chart and can’t do much about the L4 features. This placement suggests that native may be very overcautious in spending money on luxuries and conveniences etc. Also, he will have very limited support from his family in terms of finance.

Mooltrikona sign of Jupiter is in 7th house and L7 is sitting in the 2nd house strongly. However, it is a prabal marak as Lord of 7th house and sitting in 2nd house, both are Marak. Hence, Jupiter is prabal marak in his kundli and will show its marak effects in its dasha-antardasha.

Jupiter is very auspicious planet, it is aspecting the 8th house, 6th house as well as 10th house with its own sign, which means that person will stay healthy and young in his life, he will not have much health related issues and may have long life.

However, karak planet of 7th house is Venus which is very weak in kundli at 0 degree. So he may not have marital bliss in his life, and since this is pure marak placement, marriage may cost him a lot mentally, physically and financially. L7 placement is good which gives him good friends, good food, good face, good speech, good luck, he will be prominent figure in his family, he will have male kid since Jupiter is exalted, he will have strong sex drive.

Mooltrikona sign of Venus is in the 5th house, L5 is placed in the 4th house and debilitated. We have already discussed some of the ill effect above, 5th house significations will not fructify as its lord is very weak and debilitated. However, some feature will be saved by strong Jupiter, Sun, and Saturn.

Mooltrikona sign of Saturn is in the 9th house, L9 is sitting in the 3rd house and strong. Saturn is also lord of 8th house, this gives him inclination towards mystical sciences such as astrology, gives him good life span. Karak planet of 8th house is Saturn. Saturn is the most natural planet for death and longevity. The healthy Saturn will enhance the features of 8th house such as religion, hopes, career growth, easy gains, inheritance etc.

9th house represents father, and L9 in 3rd house will give a good and healthy life age to father. Saturn being the lord of 9th house may give good results of fortune in the later stage of life.

Gautam Trehan

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