Kundli Analysis 2

Let’s try to understand the concepts of astrology through this kundli analysis.

DOB: 22.06.1966
TOB: 09.00 AM
POB: New Delhi

Let’s start with the Cancer lagna, two long duration planets Jupiter and Saturn along with Rahu and Ketu is functional malefic for Cancer ascendant. As per the degree of the planets – Mercury, Venus, Rahu and Ketu are very weak; Jupiter and Saturn is strong but functional malefic.

Moon is sitting in the ascendant very close to the MEP, this kundli belongs to the female and she must be beautiful, she will have good self-confidence. At the same time laganesh in lagan makes the person egoistic and native will not listen to others. She will be a self-made person, popular in the society, and very active with good personality.

Sun is L2 sitting in the 12th house which is a bad placement for 2nd lord. 2nd house belongs to eyes, so this lady may have weak eyesight or sleeping disorder. She may be indulging in smoking and drinking. It also informs us about the relationships of an individual with his family members and siblings, she will not have good relations with her family members.

She will have a luxury lifestyle and she will be a spendthrift person expending more than she earns. This placement also suggests that person may be indulging in the immortal activities for sensual pleasures. 2nd house is marak house and L2 sitting in the 12th a dusshsthana is not good. She may experience life threatening health issues.

Lord of the third house Mercury is at 0 degree. 3rd house is related to the initiatives, courage, communication, intelligence etc. She will not have good talking relations with her closed ones, and she will be responsible to take wrong decisions in her life.

Lord of 4th house Venus, although placed good, is weak and afflicted by Rahu and Ketu. Hence, it will not be able to promote the features of 4th house such as peach in family life.

Lord of health department Jupiter is sitting in 12th house which a bad placement for any 6th Lord, Jupiter is also combust by Sun, it will give her many health issues and may also lead to hospitalization. Although in astrology one dushsthana lord sitting in other dushsthana may sometime create beneficial results. However since Jupiter in this case is combust so may not yield much benefit to the native.

Mooltrikona sign of Saturn is in the 8th house and 8th Lord is sitting in the 9th house which is not a good placement for father point of view. As 9th house belongs to father and 12th from 9th house is 8th house. Father may have life span problems, he may be physically weak or having health problems. It may also cause unnatural death of father. Native will not have good relations with his father and native will be living separated from her father.

She may not be very religious or may have her own ideology about religion. 9th is fortune, 8th lord in 9th house can be a trouble maker in her fortune and she may experience unexpected life events in her life which may cause sudden downfall in native life.

8th house commands immoral activities; 8th house lord in 9th may suggest native involvement in the other ways of acquire the wealth through other means. It may be due to her lavish lifestyle that she needs money.

If 9th lord would be strong then above considerations may have changed, however, in this kundli, 9th lord is weak due to bad placement.

Overall, it is very obvious that all the prime detriment or marriage; lord of 2nd house & 4th house, significator of husband Jupiter is in very bad shape. Lady was divorced from her first marriage and later got re-married in the antar dasha of Saturn.

Lord of profession Mars is in the 11th house along with Venus and Rahu. 11th house is one of the upachaya houses and malefic planets in upachaya houses are considered good. So this combination will work well for her and she must be professionally settled very well and earning well.

Gautam Trehan

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