Foods to Eat Before Yoga Practice

Foods to eat before practising yoga

Eat or not to eat before yoga classes has been quite a curiosity and a topic of discussion among yoga lovers. If you go by old yogic scriptures where it is mentioned that a person should wake up early, drink a glass of plain water or lime water, empty his bowls and then practice yoga. There should be interval of 3 hours between your last meal and yoga practice.

Eating before yoga is OK

Numerous research content available on the internet suggest otherwise also. Yoga is a physical and mental exercise to keep your mind and body healthy. Some of these practices are really challenging which require stamina. Hence, before doing yogasanas, you yourself need to feel healthy, cheerful, energetic, and in good mood. You’ve got to first fuel and hydrate your body, else you will feel sluggish and not achieve the real purpose of doing yoga. Sometimes, taking small amount of food is also required to keep your blood sugar levels in control and create energy required to perform asanas. Moreover, empty stomach can slow down your metabolism.

According to researches lime juice, fruits, a cup of coffee or half a glass of milk will make you feel better in case you feel hungry. Basically it depends how long food takes to digest, water in 15-20 minutes, fruits in 30-40 minutes, light meals may take 2 hours, and heavy meal may take three or more hours to get digested. Eat right food at the right time, in right quantity. Your best bet is fruits.
According to Alexa Nehter, author of THE CLEAN YOGI, with her background in biological and exercise science, in one of her articles in “If it’s been too long since my last meal, I make sure that I charge up with a nutrient-dense and easy-to-digest food that picks me up without feeling bloated or heavy. An hour before class usually works well for me.”

Suggested Pre-Yoga Foods

Banana: contains fibre and potassium, friendly to the stomach, and provides instant energy through your practice.

Oatmeal: contains high level fibre and magnesium to maintain energy levels. It also helps to prevent muscle cramps.

Apples: contain fibre, hydrate, and a great source of vitamin C.

Almonds: contain vitamin E, potassium, and magnesium, which provide you plenty of stamina.

Pears: contain high fibre with low acidity level.

Raisins: great source of natural sugar and energy.

Prunes: potassium packed.

Dried Apricots: contain natural sugars.

Melon: water-rich fruit, keeps you hydrated.

Finally, food with enough fibre, carbohydrate, protein and healthy fat which is nutritious, light, and eaten an hour before will be great to hit your mat.

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