4th House Lord in Different Astrology Houses

4th House Lord in 1st house:

It is also considered as 1st house lord in 10th house. So 4th is happiness, mother, vehicle, property, land, servant, mind house, and its lord is placed in 1st which is self. It means if placement is good, native will have all life related comfort and luxuries through his own effort, he will own vehicles, will have servant. He will also invest/buy lands to increase his property. Native will be sharp minded. He will have special attachment to his mother. 4th is education house so native will be highly educated or inclined towards education.

Since it also works as 1st-10th house relation so native will use his education and intelligence in his professional growth. In case 1st lord is also with 4th lord in 1st house then it is a very good placement which makes native rich with all materialistic happiness, gives him good friends too. He will be healthy person with stable mindset. This placement can also tell you about the financial status of the family where native is born as 1st is birth house, 4th is wealth & happiness; so if placement is good native would have born in a rich family with all sorts of comforts. If it is afflicted then financial status of the family might be average to poor depending upon the placement.

4th House Lord in 2nd House:

Read it also like 1st house lord in 11th house. This is also one of the fortunate combinations if placement is good. 2nd being 11th from 4th also works as upachaya house so it 4th lord in 2nd will increase the energy of the 2nd house. Both house belongs to money or money matters so native will be fortunate enough in the money related matters such as property, vehicles, servants, comforts, luxuries etc. native will spend money to accumulate these things in life. 4th is education house and 2nd is primary education, so native will have very good education and he will use this education to earn money.

2nd is speech also, so native is educated and use intelligent communication to impress others, he has got word power. 4th house is 3rd from 2nd which is house of courage so native is brave, courageous, and upfront in his communication. 2nd house is wealth, and 4th is mother house so his mother will be rich, and he may also get the property from her. If placement is not good, his mother may have health problems. If placement is good, native will earn good money and spend it on the family, conveniences etc.

4th House Lord in 3rd House:

It may also seen as 1st house lord in 12th house. 12th house is energy, money absorbing house so this placement may not be so good. It may give ill health, death, or separation from mother if placement is not so good. It will also create problems, hurdles in the educational life of the native. 3rd house gives short journeys and 4th lord placed here means native will keep away from the home most of the times because of these journeys for education, professions or other matters, he may also go to foreign lands. 4th house gives mental peace, its lord placed in 3rd house will give some confusion or restless mind to the native, and he may not be at peace in the mind.

4th house belongs to happiness; this placement may not give good results in terms of happiness from family, life; he may not be lucky in terms of convenience and luxuries etc. Native will have to do his own efforts to gain happiness in life. 3rd house is stamina, 4th house lord in 3rd may create weak stamina or give some disease due to which native will have weak stamina. 4th house is second from 3rd which is communication house and 2nd is speech so native may be good in communicating abilities, character, and his nature to others. If 3rd house lord is sitting in the 4th house with 4th house lord, native may be fond of travelling, earn money through travelling, he will have good fortune after marriage, will be spiritual; if placement is not so good then it will create lack of happiness, trouble for mother etc.

4th House Lord in 4th House:

It can also be taken as 1st house lord in the first house. This placement is generally considered good as same house lord is sitting in his own house giving full strength to the significations of the house. Moreover, 4th house is the Kendra house and one of the four strong pillars of the chart. So native will have all the comfort and conveniences in his life. He will be very educated, rich, own vehicle, land, property, servant etc.

He will be very close to his mother. His mind will be stable and cheerful. He will be kind hearted, religious, good natured person. However, one version of the study also suggests that although native has everything within his reach, but he may not be able to cherish these accumulations.

4th House Lord in 5th House:

Also read it like 1st house lord placed in 2nd house. This placement is considered very auspicious if planets are in good position. 4th house belongs to mind and 5th house is intelligence so native is naturally intelligent. 4th house is mother and 2nd is wealth so mother may be from a wealthy background and native may get property from his maternal side. 4th house is general education and 5th is higher education so native will be highly qualified and use his qualification for his success. 5th house belongs to the deeds of previous life, 4th house lord placed here means native will be lucky in finances and will get the success through little effort due to his past punya.

4th house is moksha house and 5th is very strong religious house so native will be very religious and spiritual in behavior. He may use his knowledge for the spiritual upliftment. 4th house lord in the 5th house with 5th house lord is considered very auspicious and can make a person head of a religious organization, or give ministerial post etc.

4th House Lord in 6th House:

Also consider it as 1st house lord in the 3rd house. 6th house is dushsthan, 4th house is happiness, which means native will have trouble to get happiness in his life. He may have enemies creating trouble for him and giving fear in his mind which may give him restless mind as 6th house belong to fear and enemies. However, on the other hand if placement is good then it will make native mentally strong as 6th house belong to mental power.

4th is mother house, its lord in the dushsthan is not considered good for mother’s health or her life. If house is aspected by benefic planet or karak planet is strong then evil effects may reduce. 6th house gives legal trouble and 4th house is property so there could be some legal fight over the properties. Native may have some trouble from the vehicle as 4th is vehicle house, if planets are bad then it may cause accident also. 4th is comfort house, 6th is loan house so native will fulfill his desires by taking loans from others. He may also have trouble in his educational life. He may be interested in the study of law or medical as 6th house belongs to legal and disease. He could also have immoral nature. In this combination 6th is also 3rd house from 4th and both the houses are dushsthan so most of the significations of 4th house may go wrong unless placement is good.

4th House Lord in 7th House:

Also considered as 1st house lord in 4th house. However, most important aspect of this combination is that 4th lord is placed in the 4th house from 4th house so rule of bhavat bhavam applies here. This gives this combination a power if planets are in good shape. 7th is marriage house so it is possible that native will get lucky or wealth after marriage. 4th is mother house so mother will have good background, good education and good personality. 4th is mother land, and 7th gives foreign trip far away from land so native will be away from home most of the time due to any reason.

4th is property, vehicle house and its lord is placed in 7th house so it is possible that native will get the property or vehicle in his marriage or after marriage. It anyway gives property and vehicle to the native. Native will have good and loving wife. If lord is afflicted then it may cause accident from vehicle. 4th is education placed in 7th (4th) so native will have good education. 7th house is partnership house which is 10th house from 10th house (bhavat bhavam) so native will be involved in some partnership venture to earn profit (wealth).

4th House Lord in 8th House:

Also considered as 1st house lord in 5th house. 4th is happiness house, 8th is end of life or death house. In other words, this placement will create problems for the significance of 4th house unless placement is good. It may cause ill health to mother, or death or death like situation. Native may have loss of property or vehicle, or he may have accident from the vehicle. 8th house belongs to black magic so it may give native fear from black magic. Native will not be very successful in his own efforts as 8th house placement will not let him take risk. 8th house is sex power so native may lose interest in the sex. 4th house is 8th house from 9th house, 9th is father house so this placement could cause death of father. 8th house gives misfortune in the happiness of life.

On the positive side, 4th is education placed in 5th house which gives good education. Native may involve in some research study as 8th is research house. 4th and 8th house is moksha sthan so native may be religious and spiritual in his life, in other words hardships of life will make him religious. It also creates 5th-9th relationship, if 4th lord is well placed or aspected by benefic planets then native will have good happiness in his life, he will be religious, spiritual, and will involve in some research related activities.

4th House Lord in 9th House:

Also acts as a 1st house lord in 6th house. 4th house is Kendra house, and 9th is very auspicious trine house so 4th house lord gets more power placed in here so native will be lucky in finance, comforts, conveniences, luxuries etc. 4th is education, and 9th is higher education so native will be highly educated and he will earn through his education. He may also go far away from home due to this purpose as 9th house gives long distance travel. 4th is property house and 9th is fortune, so native will be lucky in property matters. Since 9th house belongs to father so native will have paternal property. Native’s father may be rich, religious, and spiritual person, native will have good and respectful father.

4th is moksha house, and 9th is dharma house, so native will be very religious and feel happy to do religious activities such as serving in temple, making temple or others. 4th also belongs to mind, so native mind will be very religious and moral but also being 6th house it could also create confusion or frustration in the native’s mind. 9th is 6th from 4th so it could give health problems to mother. It is said that if 4th and 9th house lords are sitting in 9th house then it will give rajyoga.

4th House Lord in 10th House:

It also works as 1st house lord in 7th house. 4th and 10th is seven from each other so 4th lord placed in 10th gives good professional life and native will earn good money through his profession, at the same time it will also give obstacles in his life and nothing will be easily achievable as 7th house also works as marak house. 4th house is education house so native will have good education related to his profession or education may be his profession. This placement can give bad health to mother or relation with mother will not be good.

4th house belongs to politics also, so native may have political career, or he could be a minister or leader. 4th house lord in 10th house also makes the native famous in the society as 10th house belongs to social status.

4th House Lord in 11th House:

As 1st house lord in 8th house. 11th house gives desires and 4th house gives material pleasures so native will be very inclined towards the materialistic pleasures. 4th house is education house so its lord placed in 11th won’t let the native enjoy a good education as native will be always thinking of making money rather than focus on study.

4th house is friends and 11th house is friend circle so native will have many friends and big friends circle. 11th house also decides health, and 4th being 6th from 11 and 11 being 8th house from 4th indicates health problem or disease to native possibly related to mind such as depression. 4th house belongs to property and vehicles so possibly native will earn through property or from vehicle, however, if afflicted then it may also cause accidents as 11th being 8th. If 4th lord is placed in 11th house with 11th lord then it is considered very well and will fulfill the materialistic desires of native.

4th House Lord in 12th House:

It is considered as 1st house lord placed in 9th house. It also creates 9th-5th house relationship which is good but 12th house is also one of the dushsthan so it will also affect the significances of 4th house. 4th house is mother house with lord placed in 12th so it will give health trouble to mother, if badly afflicted then it may also cause early death of mother, if well placed then mother will be fortunate, also need to consider the karak of mother moon. 4th house is education and property house, 12th is travel and foreign land house, so native may go to foreign land due to education purpose or he may also get settled there. 12th house belongs to bed pleasure so native will enjoy sleeping long hours.

4th house is mind and 12th is stress so native may be restless in mind having continuous flow of thoughts which will also cause sleeping habits. However, this placement also makes him good philosopher, religious, spiritual if planets are good. 4th house is vehicle and property, 12th is obstacles which will create problems to native in vehicle and property matters or loss of the same. However, 12th is also 9th from 4th so native will be fortunate in property matters. Overall, 4th is happiness from different walk of life and its lord placed in dusshsthan is not considered good for happiness related matters specially if both the house lords are sitting in the 12th house.

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