Gemstone of Moon – Pearl Amazing Facts You Didn’t Know!

When we talk about pearl as a gemstone or whatever; common man does not have slightest idea how pearl comes into existence and how it is almost impossible to procure a natural pearl as a gemstone or for any other reason. Why? Here are some mind blowing facts about pearl:

  • The first Pearls to be held by human hands were likely discovered on the shores of India.

  • It is the only gemstone produced by creatures called oysters and mollusks. However, it takes many years for these creatures to produce a single pearl.

    Natural Pearl Oysters

  • Pearls are made when a small parasite finds its way inside an oyster and bothers the mollusk, which then slowly secretes nacre to protect itself. This nacre later becomes pearl but after many years.

  • Generally wild Pearls take at least seven years to form.

  • Natural pearls are so rare that it takes hundreds of oysters to be opened to find one wild pearl.

  • It has been said that to make a Pearl necklace of entirely natural Pearls would require over 100,000 oysters to be retrieved.

  • A perfectly round Pearl is extremely rare, making it the most valuable.

  • No two Pearls are identical in shape or size, it takes a skilled jeweler hours and hours to select matching Pearls when stringing them together for necklaces.

  • Black pearl is very rare.

  • Over 99% of Pearls sold today worldwide are Cultured Pearls (hand made). [media-credit name=”” align=”none” width=”500″]pearl farming[/media-credit]

  • Pearl is very sensitive to acids, humidity and dryness; it easily gets discolored and broken.

  • Pearl is a composition of calcium carbonate and easily dissolved in the vinegar. [media-credit name=”” align=”alignnone” width=”300″]pearl vinegar test[/media-credit]

  • Pearl is used in the Ayurveda as powder to treat digestion and mental ailments, and also in the cosmetics and paint industry.

  • A great way to test the pearl is to rub them on your teeth. If the Pearl feels slightly grainy rather than smooth, it’s a real pearl. [media-credit name=”” align=”none” width=”300″][/media-credit]

Now, if you are curious enough to know more about pearl, use this link.

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Gemstone of Moon – Pearl Amazing Facts You Didn’t Know!

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