How a Glass of Water can remove negative energies at Home!

How to remove negative energies at home. Your house is very prone to generate negative energy due to many reasons. It could be your washroom, old or damaged piled stuffs, any direction defect, your kitchen, any vastu dosh, unnecessary or wrong selection of pictures, any broken stuff and many other things. Negative energy is created due to clash of many environmental things at our home and you can feel it in your daily life at home. Suddenly there will be burst of anger, or depression, or quarrel among members, lack of sound sleep, no peace of mind and other things.

Whatever transpires in your environment is absorbed into the walls, furniture, carpet, ceiling, and objects. Frequently, these negative energies accumulate in the corners and tucked away places.Once they enter your home, negative energies impact your whole life. There are so many techniques that can help you detect and remove negative energy at home. Read this complete article by ‘Mamun Singh’ on ‘Speaking Tree’……………

Remove Negative Energies

Gautam Trehan

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