Guru Chandal Yoga

Jupiter as a Guru and Rahu & Ketu as a Chandal conjunction is known as Guru Chandal Yoga. However, as per astrologers this also happens when these aspect each other.

Jupiter is planet of wisdom, spirituality, growth, knowledge, wealth and religious beliefs. Rahu & Ketu are planets of illusion (moh-maya), detachment, strong materialistic desire, ambition to achieve more but happiness. Rahu & Ketu do not have a nature of its own. It takes on the qualities of the planet it is with or the sign it occupies and gives the results accordingly. However, these may be charismatic planets too.

In this conjunction Rahu Ketu affects the Jupiter higher values and what comes out is quite an explosive personality breaking the social norms and making his own. A person who largely disregards the proven culture, value, rules, and regulations. It promotes immoral and unethical behavior.

Imagine this person in his early age eating very fast in an unpleasant way of leaving half the food, wasting the food; or doing homework incomplete or not doing it, frequent absenteeism from studies, bunking the studies for a movie show, not going back straight to the house from school.

Or a person who does not want to get married formally prefers live-in relationship or some other kind of relationship to avoid any commitment; a person who questions the set conception such as who is God, what is religion, who said to do this, where it is written etc. This kind of mindset generally comes in such conjunction where person tries to break/manipulate/disregard the set culture and creates his own.

Jupiter transits a sign in one year. Similarly Rahu Ketu transits a sign in roughly 1 ½ years. This conjunction will take place every 7- 8 years and will last for around one year which means that all persons born during the year will have Guru Chandala yoga in the transit.

Some Facts:

  • This combination is financially very good.
  • Jupiter is the only planet which can control Rahu.
  • Women may suffer from problems of miscarriages and abortions.
  • Saturn and Mars aspect or conjunction may add more bad impact.
  • This Yoga happens when Jupiter is weak or debilitated in the kundli.
  • 12 signs + 12 houses alone can create 144 types of Guru Chandal yoga variations.
  • The good or bad results will depend on whether Jupiter is a benefic / malefic in the birth chart.
  • It will give results based on which house, which sign the yoga occurs. Planets associated with or aspecting this combination also modify the results.
  • This yoga can produce good results too if Jupiter and Rahu are benefic or getting a benefic aspect of one or more planets.
  • Guru Chandal yoga may show the past bad deeds committed by the earlier generations. There is often a certain repetitive pattern showing that the destinies are interlinked.
  • Jupiter & Rahu both aspect the 5th, 7th, & 9th houses, so these houses and planets sitting there will get very strong drishti from these two heavy planets and results of these houses can significantly change.
  • The combination of Jupiter with Rahu or Ketu may be positive and it may produce some of the most wonderful people in this world.

There can be more explanation of Rahu Jupiter conjunction in each house, however, those will be very generic without knowing the malefic benefic nature of Rahu Jupiter, their aspect on other houses, the planet on those houses, and finally benefic malefic aspect received by this conjunction.

There can be more explanation of Rahu Jupiter conjunction in each house, however, those will be very generic without knowing the malefic benefic nature of Rahu Jupiter, their aspect on other houses, the planet on those houses, and finally benefic malefic aspect received by this conjunction.

Rahu Jupiter in 1st House:

Native will be very ambitious with a desire to succeed in the material world (Rahu) anyhow. It makes him lucky in money matters. At the same time he will be selfish with lack of gratitude towards others, may not have any regard for moral or spiritual values, will always look other in suspicious. The person will be self-centered, there will be a desire to live in solitude. However, more of this depends upon the strength of the Jupiter, benefic and strong Jupiter will make native wise and decent and makes the native learned and respected.

From here conjunction will also aspect 5, 7, 9 houses.

Rahu Jupiter in 2nd House:

If Jupiter is benefic, individual will be wealthy with extravagant lifestyle. If Jupiter is malefic, there may be financial loss, family problems, mental stress, harm to the vision etc. Native may even go bankrupt.
From here conjunction will also aspect 6, 8, 10 houses.

Rahu Jupiter in 3rd House:

3rd house is your courage house. If Jupiter is benefic it will add to the courage, confidence, action, communication of the native. If it has some malefic effect confidence may convert to over-confidence, wrong communication, this may also trouble to siblings.

As per S.N. Rao “Native is poisonous in his speech. He will never think twice to betray others and climb the ladder of opportunity. Native spreads a lot of hatred around him.” From here conjunction will aspect the 7th, 9th, and 11th houses.

Rahu Jupiter in 4th House:

4th house is the home, peace, sukh sthana and very soft house. Only benefic Jupiter Rahu will amplify these features to the person having multiple properties, good education, and peace of mind. Malefic effect may destroy the family life, loss of wealth, education etc. Native will be deceitful and cunning. He will have good ability in convincing others.

Conjunction will also aspect the 8th, 10th, and 12th house affecting the affairs of these houses.

Rahu Jupiter in 5th House:

5th house is putrasthana. This placement may give a mix of children – biological & adopted with a variety of fathers. Bad placement may give trouble having children or through children. Jupiter rahu conjunction during the time of pregnancy or conception can create dosha in pregnancy, it can cause unexpected abortions or miscarriage and even show abnormal growth of the child, there can be birth defects in such children and some may die early. A very strong Jupiter is wanted here.

From here conjunction will aspect the 9th, 11th and 1st house.

Rahu Jupiter in 6th House:

Independent Rahu is good in the 6th house. With Jupiter this combination will give success, a lot of wealth to the native. However the health of the native will always be at stake. The native is likely to suffer from diseases not easily detected. These natives are very critical of their religion and may change their religious beliefs during their life time. Native may get into trouble due to enmity or legal issues. Any aspect from malefic planet will add into more trouble.

If benefic, from here these will aspect the 10th, 12th, & 2nd houses amplifying the success & wealth qualities of 2nd and 10th houses using the features of 6th house such as service. Native may be or do well as a leader (10th house).

Rahu Jupiter in 7th House:

This combination in the 7th house will bring trouble in the married life. There will be extra marital affair by either of the partners. The partner may not be trustworthy.

To avoid this Jupiter has to be strong and other powerful beneficial yoga should be present in the horoscope. If Jupiter is benefic and receives benefic aspects then the life of the native is inclined to spirituality and religious activities.

Rahu Jupiter in 8th House:

Accidents, injuries, destruction, even end of life is possible in this placement especially if Jupiter is malefic. Strong Jupiter and other benefic aspects will give mysterious and occult knowledge.

From here it will aspect 12th, 2nd and 4th house affecting home and family too.

Rahu Jupiter in 9th House:

9th house is wisdom & religion house. So this conjunction will make the native critical to his religion and he may break the set norms, principles, religious beliefs. The native will achieve success through any means. 9th house is related to father, so father figure will have bad aspect.

However, strong Jupiter and other benefic aspects can help and make the native learned, pious and respected for his knowledge. This placement is said to be critical as from here it will aspect 1st, 3rd, and 5th house affecting all the trikona houses.

Rahu Jupiter in 10th House:

This placement will make the person successful and wealthy career wise and successful in achieving whatever he desires. However, in order to achieve success person will adopt any manner evil or immoral and his means and methods will be highly questionable.

From here it will aspect 2nd, 4th, and 6th house affecting family and home environment.

Rahu Jupiter in 11th House:

This conjunction is good from money perspective, there will be influx of money, and native will own a lot of property, he will enjoy a luxurious life. Though the money may come through wrong channels. This kind of yoga may be considered best among all kinds of Guru Chandal Yoga.

From here this conjunction will aspect 3rd, 5th, and 7th house affecting the pregnancy and partnership equations.

Rahu Jupiter in 12th House:

In 12th house this conjunction will affect the spiritual aspirations of native to the wrong channels. He may have an awkward approach to think about various things which may not be right for which he may be disrespected by others. He may opt for secluded life.

Any malefic aspect will make the person extremely critical of his own religion, caste or family. However, if Jupiter is strong in the chart the ill effects are minimized. If aspected by benefic planets, then native will be very active in religious activities and can even work at religious places.

From there this conjunction will also aspect the 4th, 6th, and 8th house and may affect home environment.

Overall, selfish with lack of gratitude & initiatives, support from others without any appreciation, not able to think straight and often surprising with their decisions are common feature of this conjunction.

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