How to do Hanumanasana Yoga (Monkey Pose)

It is said that hanumanasana, or monkey pose, derives its name from the giant leap made by Lord Hanuman to the Lanka in the epic Ramayana. This is a complex and advanced asana, not recommended for beginners. In this asana, you have to stretch your legs at 180 degree, parallel to the ground, in the opposite direction. However, initially, it is really difficult to stretch the legs completely for anyone, it will take some time to flexi your muscles to split the legs completely.

In this pose maximum pressure is put on the legs, knee, ankle, heel, and groin area. Hence, before doing this asana, your body should be well-aligned, and you need to do some warm up exercises such as ‘ankle, toe, and knee exercises, ‘neck and shoulder movements‘ and basic leg stretching exercises.

Steps to do Hanumanasana

Use blanket under your legs to slip comfortably. Kneel on the floor with knees a little apart, hold the floor with your fingertips, place your right foot forward in such a way that outer heel touches the floor. Slowly, move your left knee backwards, touch the ground with your knees, Simultaneously slide your right leg forward till it touches the floor completely. Now, slide your left foot backward and right foot forward as much as you can comfortably. Keep holding the ground with your fingertips.

You can also use a bolster or a firm blanket under your pelvis, if it doesn’t reach the floor.

In the final position, the toes of the right foot should be pointing towards sky and the front of the left foot should be touching the ground. Once you are in the final pose, gently raise your arms and join your palms, arch your back a little, and focus on maintaining the balance.

Hold this position as long as you can, you can count the breaths, numbers, or watch the time. To release, bring your arms back down on the ground, shift the weight of the body on the hands again by pressing them on the floor. Slide your feet back to the initial position.

Repeat the asana with the left leg in front and right leg behind.

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  1. Stretches and strengthens muscles in the hamstrings, thighs and groin area.
  2. Stimulates the abdominal organs
  3. Legs and Hips become more supple and flexible
  4. Prevents Sciatica
  5. This pose improves the blood flow and digestion.
  6. Helps to insomnia patient and improves sleeping patterns.


  1. You should not try this asana if you have any kind of injury.
  2. Do not over stretch the legs as it might hurt your groin area.
  3. Be in your limits, stretch comfortably, and focus on maintaining the balance.

[highlight]It is advisable to perform any asana in the supervision of a qualified yoga instructor.[/highlight]

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