How Do Gemstones Work

‘How gemstones work’ makes us always curious as they are so mysterious, colorful, vibrant, and pricey that sometimes people think if these really work, and if yes then how? Let’s dig it more. Gemstones have ancient existence, and throughout the history, they have been used prominently as jewelry to decorate the crowns, clothes and body. In the Vedic astrology, gemstones have been categorized according to the ascendants (lagna) and constellations (nakshatras).

However, which gemstone will suit you largely depends on your astrological chart. Gemstones can be placed on the 7 main energy centers of the body, can be worn, or even can be taken as liquid in the form of elixirs.

History of Gemstones

From very ancient time, people were fully aware about these gemstones and their in built mysterious power. Be it diamond (heera), emerald (panna), or pearl (moti), people were always attracted to these precious stones and due to its beneficial results. In the ancient times, emperor, empress, prince, and princess used to decorate them with rare gems and jewels. Even their crowns and thrones were made of these stones and jewels. There were many invasions and battles among the rulers for these treasures. Whether it is Greek, Roman, or Moghuls, everyone was aware of the value of these gemstones. Bible, Ved, Purana, and many available old scriptures have discussed these stones as well.

What Are Gemstones

Majority of gemstones is mineral, some of them are organic such as pearl and coral (Moonga). Gemstones basically are crystal structure of a composition of chemical compounds found in the rocks. Organic gemstones are found in the plant and animals primarily in the sea-water. Gemstones are identified through their hardness, crystal, and optical properties, however, it is not possible to judge them without advance examination techniques. It is a gift of nature and that is why it has mysterious natural powers within. However, such natural gemstones are very scarce & rare and it is almost impossible for a common man to procure a pure natural gemstone as it costs a lot.

Types of Gemstones

There are two types of gemstones available: natural (original) and synthetic. Synthetic gemstones are man made and prepared in the laboratories or factories. These stones look almost similar to natural ones with the same chemical composition, crystal structure, optical and physical properties. However, these gemstones do not produce the same results as natural ones.

Gemstones and Social Belief

Communities and cultures, across the world, have their different faith in these stones as these are said to take care of the evil spirits or ghosts, cure the chronic diseases, keep the infants safe, help with the different problems in the lives. Whatever be the reason, gems have a very special place in human life from old time.

Do Gemstones Really Work?

If these colorful stones really help, the answer is yes, they definitely do. If you will carefully observe the colors of gemstones and their corresponding planets, you will have the answer. For example, blue sapphire & Saturn are Blue, emerald & Mercury are Green, yellow sapphire & Jupiter are yellow, red coral & Mars are red, pearl & Moon are white and so on. If you put a prism in front of the Sun, it reflects seven color spectrum along with two invisible infra-red & ultra-violet, which make it nine colors of the nine planets and present you the cosmic matrix of the energy system. These gemstones receive their correspondent radiation from the corresponding planet and allows a particular type of energy to pass through your body, through which you feel the self improvement.

Here is one very simple yet elaborative image representation from regarding how colors can affect our body and soul:

As they have written:

Colors are not only a delight for the eyes and soul, used skillfully they have the  powers of an unseenwitchIt is proven that our body can be affected in specific ways by surrounding colors.

Stones absorb the cosmic energy from celestial bodies and use it on your body to provide the relevant help. Gems receive the cosmic energies of the planets in the form of color-coded frequencies through our solar system and infuse it into our body through a ring or pendant.[pullquote-right]Most of the stones are worn as a ring on the finger, and stone should touch your finger beneath the ring, this works as an entry point for the cosmic energy into your body.[/pullquote-right]If you are wearing a wrong gemstone, you will start feeling trouble within you and your life as it will be absorbing wrong energy into your body. However, planets show their real effect with genuine and natural stones only, which could be a challenge, as most of the gemstones in the market is synthetic or man-made.

Gemstones Prescription:

People wear these gemstones according to their ascendants, constellation, or even the first letter of their name. However, these methods are not appropriate. The best way is a recommendation from a learned astrologer after carefully analyzing your astrological chart or ‘Kundali’.

Always buy these stones from a certified trader and obtain a copy of gemstone certification.

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