Education in Astrology

Education and career are two highly intriguing aspect for any parent. How will be he in studies, will he get good education, what he will become, which stream will suit him, where are his interests, etc. are many questions which always trouble parents. Every parent wants his child to have a great future which is marked by good education and then good employment. Sometimes even students are confused as which subject to opt, which stream to opt, which career to opt, in such cases astrological help could be very handy. Astrological guidance can assist parents with their queries related to child’s primary education, middle education, and higher education. Using astrological insights one may know how planets affect education and career in astrology.

Educational accomplishments is seen through 2nd, 4th, 5th, 9th, and 10th houses. Strength of Mercury for education, Jupiter for intelligence, and Moon is must for educational accomplishments. 10th house tells the area of vocations i.e. whether it is medicine, engineering, general administration, analytical, a routine job, etc. Planetary periods in operation between the ages of 16 years to the 24th year of life affect the education & career.

  • Jupiter is the karaka planet for education.
  • Jupiter in Kendra or Trikona suggests good education for child.
  • Mercury is the planet for intelligence and a good placement of Mercury suggests sharp mind and analytical powers.
  • 2nd house is the indicator of primary education for the child.
  • It is 5th house which clearly talks about higher learning or professional education. If lord of the fifth house is placed in ascendant, native could be brilliant in academics.
  • If lord of the fifth house is placed in the tenth house, it can give the professions of teaching, finance, legal, management, engineering, banking etc.
  • If 2nd or 5th house is in bad shape then person’s education may be affected.
  • Higher education is looked into 9th house which is governed by Jupiter.

In case more than one planet is strong, then child could be multitalented or multi professional.
Strong placement of planets will also decide the future of the child. Like combination of Sun, Venus, and Mercury can create Buddhaditya Yoga or Saraswati Yoga if well placed. Venus makes the person artistic, Mars makes him doctor or engineer, Ketu can give him career in electronic media, Saturn represents earthy material such as mining, petroleum, minerals etc.

Planets and Their Career

Sun: organization, leadership, administration, management, physician etc.
Moon: hospitality, public relations, and soothing career.
Mars: hard work, project management etc.
Mercury: analytical things, mathematics, engineering skills.
Jupiter: teaching, law, finance, astrology and religious studies.
Venus: teaching, medicine, finance, art, creativity, writing, marketing and fashion.
Saturn: industries, work force, workers.

Based on the strong talents in the kundli, child’s education and profession can be discussed and decided.

Gautam Trehan

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