Dhana Yoga in Astrology: Wealth Houses in Kundli

Everybody wants to be rich. To become rich, only hard work is not sufficient, you need to have the right combination of planetary positions in your natal chart. There are people who earn fortunes by doing nothing or few things because of their planetary positions. Wealth houses in your natal chart decides whether or not you will have good flow of money in your life.

As per vedic astrology, 1st house (self), 2nd house (wealth), 10th house (job), and 11th house (earning) belong to the money matters. Money can be checked with the good condition of lords and lordships of these houses. Such planets will show the results in their dasha and antardasha.

If 1st house lord, 2nd house lord, and 11th house lord is connected with each other in Kendra or Trine (trikone bhava) then it represents good fortune. We also need to see how these lords and houses are aspected from other planets.

2nd house belongs to accumulated wealth; well positioned 2nd house lord (especially in Kendra or Trine) can give you fortune. 10th house is related to our job, if 10th house lord is astrologically connected with 2nd house lord then native earn the wealth from his own actions and karma.

11th house belongs to our earning, if 11th house lord is connected to 1st, 2nd, and 10th house lord, the native will earn well.

All the good results of these housed and lords will be shown in the dasha and antardasha of the related planets.

Gautam Trehan

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